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20 hours ago

Hey everyone, it’s me @kaptain.kenny. Here I am standing with @boyanoo behind a hjallur, which is a drying shed for Faroese mutton called Skerpikjøt. I think this little spot has to be one of my absolute favourites in the whole country. The village of Mikladalur looks like something out of a children’s picture book #faroeislands # visitfaroeislands

1 day ago

Hi friends – it’s @kaptain.kenny and my friend @boyanoo here. I think this has to be one of my favourite photos from the trip. I simply cannot believe how a change in sunlight can totally change the mood, vibe and feel of a place. I came to the Faroe Islands last year in summer and it was fantastic to come in autumn, especially to compare the change in colours. #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

2 days ago

Hello friends – it’s me @kaptain.kenny and my friend @boyanoo here. We recently did a seven-day driving holiday through the Faroe Islands. It was my second trip to this beautiful country and this time I was sure I wanted to visit Eiði as I had missed it last summer. I loved this spot very much! Down there they have everything you could need – maybe except a nice café/bakery…. I didn’t see one of those in Eiði. But don’t worry – Boyan and I packed sandwiches and we ate them down by the ocean while listening to Einaudi. We won’t forget that scene any time soon. That’s part of the magic of the Faroe Islands – no one will ever disturb your picnic. #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

2 days ago

Hey everyone, it’s me @kaptain.kenny here! My friend @boyanoo and I decided to drive the Faroe Islands in one particular way – instead of going from spot to spot, we drove EVERY single road possible. The majority of the islands are connected by bridges and undersea tunnels and by doing our ‘driving holiday’ this way, it meant we missed nothing. Like this picturesque overview shot of Funningur. Look at that gaggle of geese, the incoming rain and the light being cast on the left of the village. So dreamy! #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

3 days ago

Hey everyone, it’s me @kaptain.kenny here with my best travel buddy @boyanoo. Quite surprisingly, I found the island of Kalsoy to be my trip highlight this time. I came to the Faroe Islands last year in summer and never quite made it over here and now I’m wondering why not. The island is the epitome of ‘total peace and quiet’ and it’d be rare to encounter locals, let alone fellow tourists. A hiker’s paradise! #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

4 days ago

I was driving ( @kaptain.kenny ) with my friend @boyanoo when we noticed a group of curious sheep hanging around a small waterfall on the island of Borðoy. There was quite a lot of parking space for our car so we jumped out and Boyan started filming them for his video. I got my camera and zoomed in on this beautiful sheep. I’ll tell you one thing – the Faroe Islands must be a small place because after I put this photo on my stories that day, a lovely Faroese girl replied and said ‘that’s my father’s sheep!’ Clearly astonished, I asked how on earth she could recognise that from one picture. I think it’s fair to say we both made each other’s day. #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

5 days ago

Hi everyone it’s Phoebe from @kaptain.kenny here. One of the reasons my travel buddy @boyanoo and I love the Faroe Islands is that you can virtually have the place to yourself. Quiet moments like this one down on the banks of Funningur are totally possible, at any time of the day. #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands

6 days ago

Hey folks! @lichterfang here on my last day for this week's takeover. This this image I’d like to show you something quite unknown from the Faroe Islands. These amazing cliffs are located on the southernmost island Suðuroy. It was great to explore something „new“ (check out the stories to see some bts and timelapse from this place) #VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands

6 days ago

Hello there! @lichterfang here with another photo for this week's takeover. On the Faroe Islands we learned that long car rides aren’t boring when you can drive on roads like this. #FaroeIslands #VisitFaroeislands

1 week ago

Good evening folks! @lichterfang here with another photo for this week's takeover. This time with an image from the place Klakkur which offers an amazing and endless view to the islands of Kalsoy and Kunoy. (Check out stories to see some bts and a timelapse of this place) #VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands