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1 day ago

The only part that’s wireless is from your device to the antennas. Everything else is wired. Our 5G Ultra Wideband network uses 100% fiber-optic cables to bring you a network that’s not only fast, but also reliable. #5GFacts #FirstOn5G #5G #Verizon

4 days ago

At the #SnapdragonSummit we showcased the capabilities of our 5G Ultra Wideband network with things like 4K video streaming, 360 VR experiences and a Motorola smartphone with the 5G mod. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

6 days ago

We’re building our 5G Ultra Wideband network using millimeter wave technology, which gives us more room for more devices operating at ultra-fast speeds. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

1 week ago

Our 5G Robotics Challenge is aiming to disrupt and transform the manufacturing and industrial business with robot tech. Are you up for the challenge? For more info, check the link in our bio. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

1 week ago

This week we saw the first 5G video call in the United States between two 5G smartphones. This collaboration with @samsungmobileusa will put the power of our 5G Ultra Wideband Network at the palm of your hand. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

2 weeks ago

We were the first to 3G, 4G and now to 5G Ultra Wideband. Being first means we keep pushing the industry forward, creating a more connected world. #FirstOn5G #Verizon5G #5G

2 weeks ago

The Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge is a nationwide, open call to find innovative cutting-edge education technologies that will transform middle school education. Check out our EdTech challenge. Registration closes tonight - link in bio. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

2 weeks ago

With speeds 20x faster than 4G and 100x more capacity – our 5G Ultra Wideband network will change your digital reality. #FirstOn5G #Verizon5G #5G

3 weeks ago

With speeds 20 times faster than 4G and super low latency, our 5G Ultra Wideband network will take home entertainment places it’s never been. Take it from Peter Richter, a recent visitor to our 5G Experience Lab. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

3 weeks ago

At our 5G Experience Lab, we invited people into our “living room” to get hands-on with our 5G Ultra Wideband network. With things like fully immersive VR gaming and 4K streaming, #5G will revolutionize home entertainment. #FirstOn5G #Verizon

3 weeks ago

The VR demo “5G First Man’’ lets you walk in the boots of the astronaut who made this historic trip. Our 5G Ultra Wideband network will revolutionize home entertainment with fully immersive, four-dimensional experiences – all delivered wirelessly. #FirstOn5G #Verizon #5G

3 weeks ago

At our #5G Labs, sports fans tested their skills with our basketball demo. Wearing VR blackout headsets, the live streaming power of our 5G Ultra Wideband let them shoot hoops without seeing it. And with our super low latency, every shot feels near real-time. #FirstOn5G #Verizon