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Congratulations to School of Design staff members Associate Professors Andrea Quagliola ( @andreaquagliola ) and Emiliano Roia as well as all of the team at MORQ ( @morqarchitecture ). MORQ’s project ‘Cloister House’ has been shortlisted for the AR House awards 2019. AR House recognises innovation and excellence in the design of dwellings. Over 200 entries were received from around the globe and considered by the judges, who were looking for ingenious and pioneering houses that seek to push the type forward. The winner and commended projects will be announced online in early July and published in the July/August issue of The Architectural Review ( @thearchitecturalreview ). . Photograph: Giulio Aristide ( @giulioaristide ) . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #architecture #uwadesignstaff #staffprojects #MORQ #morqarchitecture #cloisterhouse #perth #rome #residentialarchitecture #rammedconcrete #hiddengarden #ARHouseAwards2019 #thearchitecturealreview

20 hours ago

There are still places available in our ages 15+ School Holiday Pop-up workshops beginning July 9, including Experimental Drawing with Andy Quilty ( @andyquilty ), Independent Comic Art with Christopher Markle and the Ecological Walk and Create workshop with Maria Ignatieva. . To register your place follow link in bio. . . Image: Andy Quilty, ‘Reserve #12 ’, graphite on Arches paper, 2019. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #schoolholidays #popup #workshops #art #architecture #landscapesrchitecture #comicart #experimentaldrawing @uwafinearts.and.historyofart

2 days ago

LACH1020 THE CULTURE OF NATURE SEMESTER 2, 2019 . In 2009 a Working group was proposed by the International Commission of Stratigraphy to investigate the formal recognition of a unique geological age indicative of lasting and probably irreversible human-caused change on the Earth, its ecosystems, and climate. By 2016 the results of the investigation showed that the Anthropocene was “significant and ‘geologically’ real.” The world, it seems, has become “human, all too human.” . LACH1020, a broadening unit, thinks through the different ways humans “cultivate” nature and their relations to it over time. Drawing on notable examples of landscapes, particularly designed landscapes, lectures broach topical, often controversial, themes with an eco-critical edge. What are the consequences of “building waste” for our inhabitation? If you are interested please contact School of Design Unit Coordinator Joely-Kim Sobott ( @joelykym ): joely-kym.sobott @uwa.edu.au. . Image: Matthew Darly, “The Flower Garden,” [Satire of the Coiffure Iphigénie designed by Léonard Autié - Marie Antoinette’s hairdresser], May 1, 1777, Etching and engraving with watercolour, The Met. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #landscapearchitecture #uwadesignstudents #semester2 #broadeningunit #thecultureofnature #LACH1020

3 days ago

Lovely to see so many students, staff, family, friends and alumni at our mid year exhibition on Friday night. The exhibition looked fabulous and is a testament to the hard work of our amazing students and academic staff! Many thanks to School of Design Lecturer, Sarah Douglas for curating the Cullity Gallery and Professor Simon Anderson for curating the HUB, also to Fine Arts Technician Nick Mahony ( @nick.mahony ), our Design School Team, Technical Services, IT Services, Academic Services and Student Experience Teams who along with all the staff and students worked so hard to get the exhibition ready. A wonderful celebration to mark the end of semester! The exhibition, featuring work from across the programs in the school at all year levels and executed in a range of modes, spans the ground and first floor of the ALVA building and the HUB and is on display until 2nd of August 2019. . Photos: Alicia Brown. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #architecture #landscapearchitecture #urbandesign #finearts #historyofarts #uwadesignstudents #exhibition #openingnight @uwafinearts.and.historyofart

1 week ago

If you have not already enrolled it is time to enrol for semester two! Please update your enrolment as soon as possible (to assist us in planning and preparation for semester two). If you need any course or enrolment advice please contact the Design and Education Student Office. Image: Process Model by Lucy Mayne Dennis ( @ludennis ) for her Master’s project ‘Archaeological Museum of Cyprus’. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #architecture #landscapearchitecture #urbandesign #finearts #historyofarts #uwadesignstudents #semestertwo @uwafinearts.and.historyofart

1 week ago

Interested in doing a summer studio in 2020? Come along to an information session on Friday 14 June 2019 at 4pm in the ALVA HUB to find out more about our Summer Studio offerings: LISBON SUMMER STUDIO Partner studio in Lisbon: Aurora Arquitectos ( @auroraarquitectos ) UWA School of Design coordinator: Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov 6 January - 14 February 2020 Six weeks in Lisbon, Portugal Open to third, fourth and fifth year architecture students ALBANY SUMMER STUDIO UWA School of Design coordinators: Craig McCormack ( @craigwmccormack ) and Mark Jecks ( @markjecks ) 5 January - 13 February 2020 We will be in Albany from 5 January until 18 January. Open to third, fourth and fifth year architecture students. Images (1): Selection of projects by Aurora Arquitectos. Image (2): Albany from Mt. Melville. Photo: Mark Jecks. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #architecture #uwadesignstaff #uwadesignstudents #summerstudio #lisbon #portugal #albany #australia #auroraarquitectos

2 weeks ago

School of Design’s Senior Lecturer and Landscape Architecture Programme Director, Dr Maria Ignatieva, will be involved in several events during the month of June. Maria is one of the keynote speakers at the ICON-LA 2019 Conference on the 7th June in St Petersburg, Russia. This international scientific conference in landscape architecture is devoted to the urban water landscapes in the time of globalisation. The questions which will be discussed range from the influence of densification and related urban problems to water landscapes, consequences of climate change on coastal urban ecosystems, design of sustainable waterfronts, restoration and conservation of urban rivers, lakes, streams and marine ecosystems. Maria will then be in Berlin as an invited guest researcher to Humbolt University Berlin, Department of Geography. Maria will be involved in a number of activities including as an invited lecturer for ‘Landscape Ecology’ students and PhD-researchers and as a member of the Advisory board (expert) and Senior Lecturer for the Berlin summer school on ‘ An interdisciplinary perspective on ecosystem services and human wellbeing’. . Finally, Maria will be speaking at the Nature City Seminar in Perth on Thursday, 27th June where she will be joined by School of Design Landscape Architecture PhD candidates Fahimeh Mofrad ( @fahiii_m ) and Yuki Yang ( @yqyeungz ). . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstaff #uwadesignstudents #landscapearchitecture #ICON -LA #stpetersburg #russia #berlin #germany #humboltuniversity #naturecityseminar #ecology #nature #biophilic #mariaignatieva

3 weeks ago

Please join us on Friday, 14th June at 6pm to celebrate the School of Design Mid-Year Exhibition presenting highlights of student work from across all disciplines. There will be an expansive display on show capturing the high-quality dedication of our creative students. Following the opening reception on Friday, 14th June the exhibition will remain on view until 2nd August, 2019. All welcome! . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstudents #uwastudents #architecture #landscapearchitecture #urbandesign #finearts #historyofarts #undergraduate #postgraduate #masters #finalfolio #exhibition #audrc #savethedate @uwafineartsandhistoryofarts

3 weeks ago

SymbioticA Friday Seminar Series featuring a talk by our staff member Senior Lecturer Santiago R. Pérez. @srperez01 #repost @symbiotica.lab Public seminar: POSTDIGITAL MATTER(s) Speaker: Santiago R. Perez, The University of Western Australia Location: SymbioticA 31 May 2019 3pm The era of the “PostDigital,” is characterized by the collapse of distinctions between the “newness” of the digital (now banal and ubiquitous) and the nostalgia of the analog. It is also characterized by the opportunistic mining of both domains, towards new hybrid (physical / digital) material practices. PostDigital technologies and practices challenge designers to critically examine the changing conceptions of matter / material, transcending the physical / digital oppositions of an earlier generation. Within this context, the rise of AI, Robotics and related technologies, create both new, speculative opportunities for design, and at the same time, posit the immanent “Loss of Control” of the designer, over Line, Form and Material, and ultimately, Spatiality. This informal lecture will consider the speculative possibilities of new material practices, and the implications of material production in a “PostDigital” era, with selected work including robotic fabrication, material assemblages influenced by bio-structures, and full scale built work. The lecture is presented as a continuation of topics introduced in the “BAY ONE” exhibit at the UWA School of Design, to establish a discourse interrogating the Post Digital. . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #schoolofdesign #architecture #roboticfabrication #uwadesignstaff #art #symbiotica

3 weeks ago

Countdown to folio! Take a look at these wax model tests in the making by Masters student Rosie McCutcheon ( @rose_ieee ) for her masters studio Plastic Fantastic led by School of Design Lecturer Lara Camilla Pinho ( @laracamillapinho ). Students are focusing on the potential of design-research methods to add value to recycled plastics by using recycled synthetic plastics in the design and development of architectural products to be applied to low-cost, sustainable, and culturally appropriate buildings on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, where the plastic waste situation has gained increasing attention in global media in recent years. Images: @rose_ieee . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstudents #uwastudents #architecture #masters #finalfolio #plasticfantastic #pink #waxmodel #testing #recycledplastic #sumbawa #indonesia #milleniumkids #UWAindustrialdesignresearchlab

3 weeks ago

Needing some inspiration for final folio? Take a look at these images by Joseph Bean ( @crkd_yth ) for his Masters Level project “Geriatrifying Neopolis”. The project was part of the 2017 Athens studio led by Adjunct Professor Kalliope Kontozoglou and Associate Professor Nigel Westbrook. “The Neopolis elderly may age, but they refuse to rot. They remain revolutionaries, hurling pot plants off balconies to continue the anarchy. A rejection of walled 'lifestyle villages' on the fringes, Geriatrifying Neopolis designs the ageing Greek population into urban action, mobilising them to spur economic growth. The energetic oldies revitalise holes left in the crumbling urban fabric and housing stock - ageing disobediently." . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstudents #uwastudents #architecture #crkd_yth #athens #greece #summerstudio #masters #geriatrification #urbanaction

4 weeks ago

UWA School of Design staff members Associate Professor Fernando Jerez and Teaching Associate Belen Perez de Juan will be giving a lecture at The Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University ( @asa.bond ) on the 30th May at 6pm as part of the school’s Architecture Lecture Series. Fernando and Belen are also co-directors of award winning SMAR Architecture Studio ( @smar_architects ) based in Perth and Madrid. Among their accomplishments they have recently won the international Science Island competition with their proposal for the National Science and Innovation Centre in Kaunas, Lithuania. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstaff #architecture #lecture #SMAR #smar_architects #perth #madrid #awardwinning #asa.bond #bonduniversity

4 weeks ago

The exhibition show casing School of Design New Staff is currently on display in Bay One of the Cullity Gallery here at the School of Design. Come down and take a look at work by:
 Vladimir Todorovic (Senior Lecturer, Fine Arts/Film) Ionat Zurr (Chair of the Fine Arts Discipline) @symbiotica.lab Maria Ignatieva (Senior Lecturer, Landscape Architecture Program Director)
Santiago R. Perez (Senior Lecturer, Architecture) @srperez01 
Rosangela Tenorio - (Associate Professor, Architecture) Images/Videos: (1) Vladimir Todorovic, The Snail on the Slope. (2) Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr & Robert Foster, (for art is a living organism)…Better Dead than Dying, 2014. (3) Maria Ignatieva, Restoration of Pavlovsky Park (flora and vegetation). “The Big Star” Area of Pavlovsky Park, January 2019. (4) Santiago R. Perez, POST DIGITAL MATTER(s), Postdigital Pigment Series Gradient, 2019. (5) Rosangela Tenorio, Bio Based Materials Workshop in Indonesia. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstaff #architecture #landscapearchitecture #uwafineartsandhistoryofarts #finearts #film #bayone #cullitygallery #showcase @uwafinearts.and.historyofart

1 month ago

Congratulations to all of our students that received an award at the recent Design Prize Ceremony. We are very proud to celebrate the achievements of our fabulous students! The ceremony was attended by the prize recipients along with their friends and families, as well as the generous prize donors, sponsors and our dedicated staff. The exhibition, curated by School of Design Lecturer Sarah Douglas, is currently on display in the Cullity Gallery. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #architecture #landscapearchitecture #urbandesign #uwafineartsandhistoryofarts #designprize #congratulations

1 month ago

Join a two week collaboration between students from the Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL London and The UWA School of Design. This two week intensive workshop will run under unit code ARCT5590 during the winter semester break of 2019 from July 8th to 19th at the UWA Campus in Perth. Expressions of interest and applications are open to Masters students at UWA School of Design, The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL and other invited schools from Europe and Australia. The workshop will be run by Senior Teaching Fellow Sabine Storp and Senior Lecturer Patrick Weber ( @storpweber ) from the Bartlett UCL and UWA School of Design’s Adjunct Research Fellow Patrick Beale ( @firefly552 ) and Associate Professor Bill Busfield. Please note that this is a ‘live’ project with real world application in the Northern most reaches of the Perth Metro area. For more information contact: patrick.beale @uwa.edu.au An information session for the winter workshop will be taking place on Tuesday 21st May at 5.30pm in G.22. If you are interested in applying come along on Tuesday and find out more. . . . . #UWA #schoolofdesign #uwadesign #UCL #bartlett_ucl #architecture #winterworkshop #perth #london #mastersstudents #uwastudents #bartlettstudents #negociatedcity