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2 hours ago

BROOKLYN—Two Bass Hit!! I’m fortunate to share the stage this Saturday with Buster Williams and Reggie Workman featuring Lenny White. 3 bonafide legends. Sista’s Place - Nostrand and Jefferson.

2 days ago

On February 12th my mother would have been 70. She passed some 14 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. Seeing James Baldwin with his mother messed me up at @davidzwirner gallery. I can only imagine what she would be like now and how much more I had to learn from her. And my brothers and I would have thrown my mom a kick ass 70th bday party. Mary Lou Moran forever.

6 days ago

Going to perform with saxophonist/playwright/activist ARCHIE SHEPP at @kennedycenter on Sunday. Fascinating article by @laurendugraf in @washingtonpost . Setting course. Photo by @jatiphoto #archieshepp

1 week ago

I AM A MAN - in the front row are firebrands Arlene Holt Baker trade union leader and former exec. VP of @aflcio , William Lucy trade union leader that helped organize the Memphis sanitation workers strike in 1968, creating the phrase I AM A MAN for the movement, and current @afscme President Lee Saunders. In the back row are the musicians Ron Miles gathered to perform music responding to the movement: Brian Blade , @billfrisellsmusic , Ron Miles, @thejasonmoran and @scottcolleymusic . This evening reminds me that the music must stay tied to movements, of which there are many. This is beyond aesthetic, this is life and it is a struggle. The sounds we have historically made have been about the pulling of the form, the tension and strain best represented in the countless improvisations. Gathering at the @kennedycenter is the intersection. Join. Photo by @jatiphoto #IAMAMAN

3 weeks ago

Dynamic duo @ari_marcopoulos_official and @kara_walker_official , serious Officials. Ari’s exhibition in Tokyo and New York are both up at @fergusmccaffrey gallery. Each features photographs and 3 videos. One video The Park is a 59 minute shot of a Ft. Greene Park basketball court and I play along to the multiple games solo piano. Lifestyles.

3 weeks ago

Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Courtesy of “Billy” in 2017 at @projectrowhouses via @tierneymalone . The Jazz Church of Houston. I had @steinwayandsons bring a piano to the row houses and Billy heard it being tuned. He walked through the door, sat down and proceeded to sang and play his ass off!!

3 weeks ago

A birthday. 44. 4+4 is 8 infinity. On the 88s 🎹 , double infinity to triple. 1.21. Aquarian space. Tomorrow my first gift to myself is THERAPY. Today Jonas is helping relieve the tension to prepare for the the physically, mentally and psychologically challenging work to confront. #mlkday

4 weeks ago

Friday—- Playing trio with drummer/mc @kassaoverall and bassist @evflorybarnes at @thejazzgallery . 7:30 & 9:30.. You see how KASSA sampled the kid blabbing his mouth. Boom. Kassa’s new recording is called Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz. 🍦 🎶

4 weeks ago

Leontyne Price and Cab Calloway. May 1954.

1 month ago

Love to Arthur Jafa @anamibia for opening the folder on APEX. Back in December we celebrated AJ’s show at @juliastoschekcollection by gathering around the tempo of Apex with Robert Hood’s MINUS. Always find a way for the piano.

1 month ago

Loved working with @ari_marcopoulos_official and @fergusmccaffrey in Tokyo on THE PARK. Shows in Tokyo in a few days and then in NYC later this month. This is based on the story that Thelonious Monk would pull a piano out to the basketball court to accompany the game. #Evidence

1 month ago

50th wedding anniversary of the two coolest in-laws CAROLE & IRA HALL - “The secret to a 50 year relationship is to keep some secrets!!” says Carole. This was after Ira performed a love song he composed for his 7th grade doo-wop band, The Checkers. Carole had never heard it, until today . 🖤🖤🖤🖤

1 month ago

🔊“We just wanna the birds in the treeeeees in harmony with the air” @georgia.muldrow loud and clear. 2019 studio?? Muldrow meets Mingus. Thx @kennedycenter for commissioning this. Photos by @jatiphoto

1 month ago

Tokyo 2 - Brooms (again) , @hassanrahim intervention at @avalonetokyo , amazing photos show , GHOST NOTES by @bpleasel at @16shibuya , this lovely image of the best improviser ever BOBBY HUTCHERSON (Aquarian) sitting among chopped wood, @thalma joins the convo as her and Brian enjoy the work and their time in Japan, and seeing the tree trimmer in the park I am reminded of something very difficult to do : You can only trim one tree at a time. Focus in 2019. Focus. #tokyo