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2 hours ago

No Pain. Just easing my way back into it. 390 for a double definitely made me feel good, but I still had to Hit that mental stop button after this set. This bar blows, but I can’t physically back squat yet 🤦🏻‍♂️

1 day ago

@killrobbailey it’s fucking 🔥 • Easy on the deads tonight. Keeping the form right and everything controlled. No stress and no pain. Managed 265 for 4 or 5 sets of 8. Felt amazing 🤘🏼

4 days ago

Yo 12.5 weeks post op and this is my second time front squatting. Managed to put a little bit of weight on, but still kept it relatively light and tried not putting too much stress on the shoulder. Working that #DadBod2k19

4 days ago

Dad Stappppp embarrasses me

1 week ago

1st jump back in the sky pimpin world 🤘🏼

2 weeks ago

Collectively a great New Years. Spent it with some of my favorite animals and people @xtreme_exotics dis is chomper and he loves ear nibbles and sitting on your head #Bobcat

3 weeks ago

🇺🇸 For The Kiddos

1 month ago

The key take away here is “moderation”. Fuck it. Need dis.

1 month ago

Soooo Much Fun. I’m ok. This Is Ok. It’s fine. I’m fine. Yup fun💀 #RememberToBreathBitch

1 month ago

Here’s a boring as video for you. After smashing hamstrings I went and just tried to rehab the fuck outta myself. Slow and smooth. Day 1 of week 8 starts tomorrow. Just trying to get full ROM back