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1 hour ago

A moment we had each waited to find since first picking up free diving. We found a beach somewhere in South Kona and started swimming looking for shells. We found a monster spiral cone thing but it had a lil dude living inside so we put him back. Then APPARENTLY Rowan saw this really clean miter shell first, but I was the one that picked it up. I couldn’t resist her puppy dog eyes when she told me it was her favorite kind and I let her keep it. We might have also tried to drown each other fighting over it. We agreed to look for more and I would keep the next dope one, but instead we came across this massive bait ball, one that neither of us had ever seen this big but always had dreamed of swimming with. We spent an hour interacting with it. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in the water and I felt even more lucky to get to share it with one of my closest friends.

2 days ago

Yesterday was world turtle day (who comes up w these? 🤷🏼‍♀️) so I spent my morning peacefully observing them in the ocean. It’s important to keep some distance and definitely don’t touch them. The oil on our skin can be damaging to the protective layer that they have on their shell, so even if u think u are gently petting it, you’re actually hurting them! Finally if u want to know where in Hawaii u can find them, literally ANYWHERE in the ocean. Im not even joking. Idk how they’re endangered cuz i see like 10 every time i dive or surf 😳

4 days ago

(Swipe left for a smood dive video) Happy sunrise times on one of the many black sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I usually have bad luck with weather when I’m here, but two mornings in a row we scored this typically cloudy and windy spot with full sun and absolutely no wind! The water texture was so glassy none of us wanted to leave for hours even tho it was small kine small. Uhhh ok that’s it cya tomorrow.

5 days ago

I get asked alllll the time what camera I use so I wanted to make an example of how it really doesn’t matter which camera you have, as long as you know how to use it. The biggest factor will always be lighting. If it’s cloudy out or past sunset or middle of the day, it’s going to be very challenging to get the same photo as was shot during golden hour. I took this photo with a GoPro and wanted to show you the before and after of editing. I would say it looks 90% close to what I could have shot with my dslr, but the GoPro is less than 1/10 the cost of the professional camera and water housing. Composition is the second most important thing. It’s hard to make an example of a bad comp and a good comp. In most cases it’s good to follow the rule of thirds, but it’s also always good to break rules when practicing photography or any other art form. Finally, I find the edit to be very important, which is part of why I wanted to show a before and after. This was shot with the gopros default settings. I forgot to change it because I never usually use it for photos but my luggage didn’t make it to Hawaii with me so I had no choice. You can always make the best of any situation, you just have to give it a good effort and if you’re lucky you can make some magic ☺️🔮

1 week ago

More of this and a few other things coming soon ☺️

1 week ago

Fake likes fake comments fake followers fake photos fake work fake lives fake people. I just heard there’s a company that will photoshop u into a popular vacation destination photo so that u can pretend u went on vacation. It trips me out how people care so much about social media. But here I am, also caring. I get mad when I see other people on trips that I think I should be on. I have to remind myself that in a lot of cases they did one of 3 things to get there; kissed ass, scammed, or their parents paid for it. If ur one of those and that’s what u wanna do, go ahead, but I don’t see the point in flexing shit that u didn’t earn from real work. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ok I’m done ranting look at how happy and beautiful my life is haha goals everything is great ✨✨🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

1 week ago

Mermaid kisses 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ say something nice ✨

2 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day to dis mom and my mom and all da other moms out there 💕

2 weeks ago

I really didn’t think I would be back to Dubai so soon. This week has been an absolute blur and I can’t wait to share what we got. Now I’m headed back to Cali to spend a week editing and visit my family for the first time in a few months. Life is good ☺️

3 weeks ago

I could never spend enough time here 🌊 but a wetsuit might be a good idea lol 🥶