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@serannajenna See full size profile   Love abounding, mercy found me 📍YYC @makeupbyseranna

16 hours ago

Outfit never complete without hair tie around wrist

1 week ago

Please someone tell @phenixwarren that Jesus was not a vegan 🥓

2 weeks ago

A front row seat to the baby ducks and a lukewarm lacroix 📸 @melissabell_

1 month ago

I’ll share a room w u 4ever 🌟

1 month ago

Ate the best bacon of our lives today

1 month ago

Kimmy k 🌟

1 month ago

Muddy spring hikes in white vans 🌤and one of my favourite days w/ @ashleymerta

1 month ago

On one of my first Sunday’s at C3 a little over 2 1/2 years ago, I didn’t know anyone and this cute lil’ blonde lady came right up to me in the foyer and asked if I wanted to go for coffee. Since then she’s become one of the most important people in my life! B - I love the way you invest into people’s lives, the way you champion others and their dreams and always being vulnerable with the people around you along the way with what YOU’RE going through too. By just being around you people feel like they can be themselves - I’ve many times had people come up up me after meeting you and say, “that’s the pastors wife? Wow.. she’s so nice.” Their shoulders drop and they take a deep breath and suddenly they’re at ease in church - a place where people can often feel anxious, judged, left out. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and one of my most favourite things about you. Thanks for being a superstar pastor, leader, big sis & friend to me. Celebrating you and all the adventures ahead! Happy 28th, love you always! ✨

1 month ago

My lil’ mountain man. I love his big adventurous heart.

1 month ago

Forced to take a pic with me. CONGRATS @northface.plug 👨‍🎓💙

2 months ago

Ok ready to go back now 💭

2 months ago

An hour at most spent apart in the last 2 weeks, happy to report we still like each other 😝

2 months ago

Until next time 💙

2 months ago

Not a bad place to celebrate a birthday ☀️ I’m SO grateful for experiences and ‘things’ and all the fun that comes along with it - but my life is FULL because of Jesus and the peace & joy I have everyday because of Him - the rest is just a bonus. Thanks for all the bday love y’all, I have some seriously incredible people in my life. Bring on 24!! ✨

2 months ago

white&blue 🇬🇷

2 months ago

You are peace to a restless soul Peace when my thoughts wage war Peace to the anxious heart That's who You are

2 months ago

The most magical place I have ever been thus far in my life. Here to STAY☀️