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Brazil design and build 2018, kitchenette addition in the community of Salvador- a wonderful collaboration with Newcastle University

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This year in December the PSA Foundation returns to Brazil for the completion of the kindergarten restoration. It has been a yearly venture and collaboration between the PSA Foundation and the University of Newcastle for the past three years with all work carried out voluntarily. Our goal this year is to raise $5k to keep the project alive. All the funds raised will cover the cost of construction materials. At the end of the work we will prepare a promotional video of the workshop. In the last 2 years we built a 25m2 room to serve as a library, an entry terrace and a dental hygiene station with grey water treatment and re-use. We have also implemented a rainwater collection system to serve the daycare/school and the immediate neighbourhood. This year we are expanding the existing kitchen to improve hygiene and enhance the ability to prepare more nutritious food. All projects are centred around health and water quality. Our intent is to implement simple solutions that can be reproduced throughout the neighbourhood. We are working in partnership with Brazilian health practitioners with ongoing presence in the community. They have started to collect measurable data to help us understand how well the initiative is doing. Below is the link to the campaign for the Brazil project. If you see the possibility of assisting this project through financial means, any contribution is most welcome. To express our gratitude, we will add your logo into our promotional video which will be displayed on social media and the PSA website, and will also be accessible to you for your own means. Should you wish to assist in any other way, please be in touch. Thank you for your consideration. @psa_foundation @peterstutchburyarchitecture

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the whale skin

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spring canvas

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Backdune pivots

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the basin

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We are filled with gratitude to recently have been awarded ‘House of the Year’ and ‘New House over 200 M2’ for Cabbage Tree House at the annual Houses Awards for 2018. We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to everyone involved in transforming the initial sketch into a live member of the hillside. Our warmest congratulations to all other Award and Commendation recipients #housesawards2018. 📷 @micnic_pics

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open roof

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The Joynton Avenue Creative Precinct - Awarded the NSW Architecture Medallion, the Award for Public Architecture, the Greenway Award for Heritage and the Award for Sustainable Architecture. We are again so thankful for such appreciation and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with The City of Sydney and such a wonderful team. Beautifully delineated by the jury ‘ (it)... successfully provides reference and further understanding of the historical and environmental conditions of the site... the conversion of a cellular heritage building into a Community Centre has been skilfully achieved, yet still acknowledges what had existed previously by the purposeful detailing of old and new. The centre is an inspiring backdrop for the Green Square Project and the community that will use it’. #nswarchitectureawards2018 📷 @micnic_pics

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We are so excited and deeply moved by the wonderful news that Cabbage Tree House has received the Wilkinson Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (New) as well as a Commendation for Sustainable Architecture at the New South Wales Architecture Awards for 2018. Our greatest thank you goes out to the collaboration and hard work of everyone involved and a huge congratulations to all other award recipients. We would like to share an excerpt from the inspiring brief as presented by our amazing clients, Jan and Graeme Page during the early stages of design - “We find the place magical. We love the seclusion and privacy, the way when you come down the driveway it’s like you enter another world. We love the way the sunlight streams in through the trees. We love that it is teeming with life. We love the dark, mossy creek bed and sense of wilderness that lies beyond. Overall, we want a house to live together in peace and love for the rest of our days. We want this house to amplify the joy we feel whenever we visit this place. We want a house that will enable us to know this place deeply, to get lulled into the rhythm of its changes and patterns, to become ourselves a part of this world”. #nswarchitectureawards2018 📷 @micnic_pics

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Night Sky House featured in the latest issue of GA Houses’ unbuilt publication - Project 2018 - is now officially under construction

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first light

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what’s next

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