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2 months ago

Doterra Essential Oils. It is difficult to put into words just how different my life is today than it was 5 years ago when I started. My journey with essential oils has been one of continuing education and lifestyle change. As we all know, lifestyle change is hard. I was a bit hesitant to purchase my kit initially...and I started with the smallest kit available...but once I realized how amazing the oils are and how empowered I felt to tackle some issues with natural remedies, I was all in and we purchased a Diamond Kit! Now THAT was an investment but it was worth every penny and I have never looked back! That was 5 years ago and I probably still have some oils from that kit that have not expired and are still ready for me to use when and if I need them. When you really think about it, the cost per drop of oil IS pennies! Are you tired of running to the corner pharmacy every time you or someone in your family is sick to replace the old expired meds in your medicine cabinet? If you want to feel better, you must take steps and make changes- essential oils can be a huge part of that! It can teach you a different way to look at health and wellness. It opens your eyes. Because why would I be concerned about the safety of medications and want to use natural solutions but not feed my body good food and exercise my body to be strong? All of the pieces fit together and dōTERRA can be the gel that makes it all stick! I would love to help you get started on this journey! I love walking beside people who smell like high quality plant based essential oils! 😍💜🌿 #doterraessentialoils #plantbased #healthyliving #bebetter #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

2 months ago

I have a dog. A dog I love dearly. Also a mischievous little rat who likes to “spray”. He will spray any item left on the floor. A toy. A shoe. A pillow. If said item is on the carpet...well there is a little “overspray” on the carpet. All I can say is it’s exhausting and it is a true test of patience, love, and resilience. Sooooo, here is how I get the odor out of my carpets. Completely saturate areas with a vinegar spray like the one I shared the other day and then cover carpets with this DIYcarpet fresh. In this 12oz bottle of Baking Soda, I use 20-30 drops of each OnGuard, Lemon, and Purify. And sometimes I will add peppermint because I like it! #doterraessentialoils #naturalcleaning #baddog #sometimestakestwoorthreetreatments #onguard #lemon #purify

2 months ago

Making counter top sprays and room spray! My kitchen smells soooo good right now! Do you clean naturally? What is your favorite countertop spray? If you are still using traditional cleansers, comment below and I would love to send you a link explaining the different toxins that are present in traditional cleansers and what they do to our bodies. #doterraessentialoils #greencleaning #reducetoxicload #nosyntheticfragrance #vinegarisgreatforcleaning #norwexhelpstoo #onguardcleanerconcentrate #importantstepintheroadtogoodhealth #cleanupthewayyouclean

4 months ago

For my little’s Spook and FUN at School, we shared a Zombie-Away Spray and a Valiant Blend for Bravery! It was so much fun! I told the story of the amazing adventurer Clary Sage Jones and her fear of monsters and zombies at night...she just sprays her bedspread and her pjs with Zombie -Away spray and the monsters flee and with a little bit of her Valiant blend rubbed on her feet and over her heart she is brave enough to face any monsters that might try to get into her room! I just love sharing essential oils with little ones! Of course, we all know that the monsters and zombies stay away from our homes because Jesus is our protector and has an army of angels surrounding us at all times!! Happy Halloween, friends! #doterraessentialoils #clarysagejones #zombieawayspray #valiantblendforbravery #never scared #jesusistherealprotector #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

5 months ago

DIY Time! I’ve been dealing with a nasty cough. *sigh* *cough* *cough* Actually, my whole family has. But... because I am an oil momma and I only use the best essential oils known to mankind... I have all the tools I need to fight this thing!!! Well, actually, I did NOT have ALL the tools I needed. I had to order beeswax and Vit E oil and it came in 2 days and now I’m ready to go with all the tools I need!! Lol! *cough* *cough* *choke* So here goes!! I will keep you posted with how it turns out! By the way, the recipe is from The Essential Life 2nd Edition. Great reference book if you are looking for one! What do you use for coughs? If you want to know how to use essential oils... message me! I can help! #doterraessentialoils #diy #coughbusterrub #getbetterfast #naturalsolutions #onedropatatimewithjanet #anoilineveryhome #rubsomeoilsonit #coughremedy

5 months ago

Ok. So I’m not supposed to say words like “Cold and Flu” when I’m talking about essential oils because it’s “non-compliant”. We can’t make any claims about our oils and any specific diseases or conditions sooooo...this is the unfortunate season when throats become dry and environmental threats are prevalent.👾. And sometimes these nasty bugs can knock us on our a@$es! 😷 Did you know this season can start as early as October and can run into May??? What???!! Let doTERRA On Guard® products keep you and your family protected! doTERRA On Guard® is safe for the whole family and provides immune supporting benefits.* It totally does! (And there are studies that support this.) Equally important is to focus on the foods you are putting into your body and make sure you are eating superfoods that are immune boosting!! 🥑🍋🥦🍇🥕🍠Kale, sweet potatoes, almonds, name a few. Remember, we have been given all the tools we need. Which ones will we use? What will we have in our arsenal? If you do not use essential oils and you need to know more about On Guard, send me a a message and let me help you get started. *.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. #goodfoodgoodoils #tistheseason #onguard #protectiveblend #immunebooster #killgerms #handsanitizingmististhebomb #cleanerconcentraterocksthismommasworld #usewhenyourewelltostaywell #usethecrapoutofitwhenyouresick #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

5 months ago

October is just such a snuggly month. I feel so hugged by Doterra this month. Check out the amazing promotion they are sharing with us this month! When you place a 200 PV order (basically a 200$ order), you get 3 amazing oils that are not normally available for purchase and a car diffuser! Oh, imagine a beautiful October road trip with this beautiful Autumn blend in your car: 3 drops CitrusBliss 3 drops Douglas Fir 2 drops Cinnamon❤️ If you place your Loyalty Rewards order before the 15th, you will also get a Lemon Oil 🍋! Lemon oil is a great cleansing oil and gentle detoxifier. Also, Terrazyme is 10% off. These food enzymes are used to break down food into components that are more readily absorbed by the body to maximize nutrition. Everyone should be using food enzymes! Get some this month!!! Eeeeek! I’m just so excited about this offer!!! Do you even use oils? If not, I want to help. Let’s get you started this month and you too could get all of this amazingness! #doterraessentialoils #hellooctober #drivehappy #cardiffuser #cantgettheseoils #kumquat #redmandarin #clementine #lemonoil #terrazyme #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

5 months ago

New products! Just released at Dōterra’s Global Convention last week. This is the new KIDS line! Formulated specifically for children 3 and up! That means it a good for the big kids too (US!)! Made for children to carry on backpacks or overnight bags (comes with caribiners)! They ALL smell so amazing! Maddie already LOVES “her oils”! Her faves are THINKER (theeenker) and CALMER! My faves are STEADY and RESCUER! The packaging is so cute and really helps these little stake ownership of “their” oils! I absolutely LOVE that I am raising an oily baby girl! Excited that she will go out into the world and teach her friends about oils someday! #leavealegacy #teachthemearly #raisingoilykids #allsheknows #oilsbeforemeds #oilsforkids #mindbodyspirit #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

6 months ago

Good morning friends! As another crazy week comes to an end I am wondering how we did this week? How did we do at managing the madness? How did we deal with the negativity? What kind of thoughts did we feed ourselves with? Did we trust? Did we breathe? Did we use our oils? Balance is always a lifesaver for me. This was the first oil I fell in love with. This is a must have for every crazy busy mom boss out there! #doterraessentialoils #balance #whenthecrazycomes #fightback #dontleavehomewithoutit #takeawhiff #anoilineveryhome #onedropatatimewithjanet

6 months ago

Alright ladies!!! If you’re anything like me, you just want to be skinny and pretty and rich! Well, I don’t have the answers but I do know of a pretty amazing essential oils for all things skin. If you want a natural way to deal with fine lines and wrinkles, then the Immortelle essential oil blend was created for you. Immortelle can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when applied to the neck, face, and décolletage. I used Immortelle daily throughout my pregnancy and am happy to say I was left with zero stretch marks! I use daily with my moisturizer for fine lines! And when anything pops up -like curling iron burns on my arm (see previous posts- I use Immortelle to help with scarring. So many uses! This oils is not cheap but then again how many facial products that are actually any good are cheap? You deserve some of this gold in a bottle! #doterraessentialoils #lovetheskinyourein #skinnyprettyrich #iwish #threewishes #immortelle #onedropatatimewithjanet

6 months ago

This is just too good!!! Guys, have any of you been on the fence about starting to use essential oils? Have any of you been thinking about it but just haven’t taken the first step? Maybe you just don’t know enough about them? Ma bye it has been the cost that is a concern? Maybe this could be life changing for you? Maybe this could be the solution you’ve been looking for? Guys, when I started using essential oils six years ago, my mblood nd was blown at how great the oils worked. My very first experience was with an earache at 1:00am on a Friday night! I awoke with the most fierce pain! I had no options- but then I remembered the oils I had just bought! I went to my reference book and looked up earaches and used the oil recommended and applied exactly how the book said to and within 15 minutes the pain was gone and I was back in bed. #toolegittoquit After that, I wanted to know so much more about how else I could use oils in my home and I immersed myself in learning more. Today, there is literally nothing I don’t use oils for! If you are thinking you don’t know enough, let me help! The biggest part of what I do is to help educate people about oils and how to use them. If you are thinking about the cost, look at the September promo!!! 20% off select enrollment kits! In addition to the 25% you already save off of retail prices! This is the time! You will not regret bringing oils into your home! Message me and I would love to help you get started. #doterraessentialoils #septemberpromo #startnow #getoffthefence #everyamazingchangestartswithaleapoffaith #onedropatatimewithjanet #anoilineveryhome #whatsinyourmedicinecabinet

6 months ago

Just finished my work out. *sigh* Can I just say that the older I get, the more I am starting to notice the changes in my body and how my body responds to hard physical work and how my body recovers from hard physical work. I will tell you that yoga and Pilates have been an absolute LIFESAVER for me! 7 or 8 years ago when I first started Pilates, I could not even bend over the sink to brush my teeth without my lower back locking up on me! Mind you I worked out a lot and lifted alot of weights so that could have been part of the problem but nonetheless I was experiencing debilitating back pain and loss of flexibility. Despite being strong, my body was suffering in other ways and Pilates and yoga have been the game changers for me! But did I mention I’m getting a little older? Well, so there’s that too! Ugh! Anyway, my body definitely needs a little extra love and attention after my workouts and that’s OK with me! Formulated to soothe and cool, doTERRA Deep Blue® is an enriched blend of oils perfect for a massage after a long day or after an intense workout. Deep Blue comes in a 5 ml bottle, a 10 ml roller bottle, a rub, and also a pre-diluted version known as Deep Blue Touch. My gym, FlexFit Gym 24-7, keeps 1 liter bottles readily available for all members (they are the best!) This amazing oil can (and should) be used before a workout, after a workout, for any type of muscle ache or soreness, and many other uses! Let me know if you would like to try Deep Blue! Your body will thank you! #doterraessentialoils #workoutblues #pilates #yoga #deepblue #recovery #FlexFitGym24 /7 #onedropataatimewithjanet #anoilineveryhome

6 months ago

As the day comes to an end, most of you are probably about as exhausted as I am. Work, my daughter, meetings, my daughter ...didn’t even make time to get my yoga practice in today. As I get her into bed tonight I am so ready to fall in right beside her... oh but wait... I still have dishes and housework to do and I gotta get myself bathed and shaved. So when I do finally fall into bed tonight I will be so ready for a good, hard....slumber! (I know what you were thinking...🤣) Did you know that essential oils can help with sleep? Not only falling asleep but staying asleep. Tonight, I think I will choose Serenity (Restful Blend) and Sandalwood. Each of these oils can have a calming or relaxing effect. Have you tried one, or all of them? Which is your favorite? If you haven’t tried them, let me tell you how to add some peace and calm to the end of your crazy days- the natural way! #doterraessentialoils #oilsforsleep #fallasleepstayasleep #goodnightsleeptight #onedropatatimewithjanet #anoilineveryhome #godgrantmetheserenity #serenity #romanchamomile #lavender #cedarwood #sandalwood #vetiver

6 months ago

Stress. We all deal with it. Did you know that every time we experience a stressful event our bodies are flooded with stress hormones that cause our bodies to react physically. Over time, high amounts of stress can lead to so many physical ailments. But there is something you can do! Essential oils! Intervene on your own behalf!!! This diffuser blend is called Stress Less. If that sounds like something you need, add 6 drops Clary Sage, 4 drops Lavender, and 2 drops of Lemon to your favorite diffuser. #doterraessentialoils #stresscanmakeyousick #oilupbuttercup #dontletstresswin #soeasyyetsopowerful #onedropatatimewithjanet #anoilineveryhome