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4 days ago

I’m a human. I grew up without borders but with boundaries. I was born in Gdańsk Poland. I do speak 3 languages and I would survive at 2 additional ones. I hate mushy food. I love to move. I’m mostly straight forward (working on it). I’m really bad at making big decision quick. I feel like I’m sometimes my older brother’s older brother. I’m always down for a chat, but please leave me alone with smalltalk. I’m just like you, trying to live my life on this planet that is orbiting around another one, within a space of a size no human brain can imagine. #portrait #fujixt20 #ithappensoutside

1 week ago

how often does it happen that u meet somebody and you end up talking real things just some hours into seeing each other for the first time. Thanks for the easygoing hangs u handsome @sliceofmatt. We had a couple of minutes left to squeeze a tiny portrait session in. Hope I could capture his outgoing, young but serious and open minded character at least a little! #london #fujixt20 #ithappensoutside

2 weeks ago

I had to dust of my shoulders a little before doing those though. It’s been a minute since I captured a concert. @Jeremyloops and the whole band are great artists, human beings and spreading massive positivity everywhere they go. I never shied away writing an email or asking a question for something that I like or feel is right. Thanks again for granting me this opportunity to take images and for making the selection for this post so hard haha. #jeremyloops #fujixt20 #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

Last set of Marrakech 🇲🇦 images. An early morning stroll through the Medina - all with one lens and a small XT20. We planned to get out for sunrise but it turned out we started 1h early 🤦‍♂️ still managed to finally feel the city’s quiet side where people went to Mosques for their morning prayer & lots of #catcontent possibilities. #marrakech #fujixt20 #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

Have a look at the Atlas Mountains ⛰ in the back and whoever feels like it: count the 📡 satellite dishes! Hope u enjoy this massive swipeable panorama shot with my Fuji XT20 and the bonus #catcontent at the end. #marrakech #fuji #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

This Bahia Palace is in nearly every article about Marrakech. Like yeah it’s tiles and colors and gazillion of people watching tiles and colors. I’m falling behind posting a little - bear with me. Living life and doing this social thing here isn’t as easy as u might think! Hats off to all the hard working daily delivery guys. #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

SWIPE RIGHT >>> until I have figured out how to do all this again I want to share as much as I can here. To keep the blood flowing. Anybody wants to hop on a geeky Instagram Skype call in near future? Let’s hang out! What I’ve learned yesterday is that u obey the post-time if u want to reach people. I mean this is an important thing to know haha. #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

I might be the worst person to choose an image to upload. Who else got the same issue? Is there a fix for that? I like this real and brief moment. Scooters are everywhere in Marrakech. A mum and her sun at the front, a package in the back, helmet available but optional, passing by - all blurry already. #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

Mobile Photography still has my heart, even though I sense a big camera inflation. There is this special thing I love about leaving the house just with my phone and maybe a @moment lens, editing and sharing all on one device. To me - that’s what made @Instagram to what it is today. Remember the times where people got mad at each other for not going “mobile only” all the way? haha #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

I‘m slowly coming back together. Posting, planning, dreaming, doing, living, feeling, working, being free, having a purpose. I‘ve been hiding behind my own curtain of insecurities but hey, here I am posting a picture because I really like how pure it is and not because it could be working - and not giving a single damn about the perfect time to post it. 19yrs in media and it finally starts to make sense again. #🇲🇦 #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

Thanks @moment for making those fine lenses for ur phone so that u can capture more, less or something completely different. They‘ll have their annual discounts 26.11 - so u might want to set an alarm to not miss a good deal or five. Shot this one with the Wide Angle Lens with the iPhone X, had to get close and be calm so that Mr Donkey would hold still - a 🥕 for modeling! #morocco #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

U may get lucky, u may earn some mad looks or somebody will come towards you and ask u to delete the picture I’ve just taken. I had it all in Marrakech! Swipe left for a little behind the scenes shot with my new @gopro7 to see the curious guards looking at what I’m actually doing when holding my phone upside down close to a puddle and then approving the results - it’s always better to ask for forgiveness then permission! #skrwt #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

It’s those moments that a I live for. Mediocrity is something I’ll always fight. Islamic Prayer Times: Marrakesh November 19, 2018 - Fajr 6:35 AM; Sunrise 8:04 AM; Dhuhr 1:17 PM; Asr 4:10 PM; Maghrib 6:31 PM; Ishma 7:51 PM #skrwt #vsco #ithappensoutside

2 months ago

The mist u can see in both pictures is not any kind of moisture/fog, it’s exhaust gas. Scooters are moving through Medina’s narrow alleys all day long, making it a harsh place for ur lungs! #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside

3 months ago

Don‘t blink, because u might miss 10 photo worthy moments. It‘s not easy to get into the picture taking flow here but it really gets me excited to come back with more time! #marrakech #vsco #ithappensoutside