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That moment when you swing by for fries and catch a real cutie out front. 🐶 ❤️ (📸: @dukelivesthelife )

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Este año, #billboards2019 nos enseñó que todos somos fanáticos de la música.🔥Check out some of our favorite moments.

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Make getting out of bed worthwhile. ⏰ Wake up breakfast with a freshly prepared Egg McMuffin with a fresh cracked 🥚 and sizzling Canadian Bacon.

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Is it wrong to love the Filet-O-Fish so much? Asking for a friend.

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Meet #ShakeSauce — a sweet new way to dip.

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Shamrock Shake fans, WYA? Show off your minty love using the hashtag #ShamrockShakeSZN , and your pic might get featured.

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The minty moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: the Shamrock Shake is back! Find one near you on our App. #ShamrockShakeSZN 🙌☘ Only at part. McDonald’s for a limited time.

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We have post-game rituals in common: Josiah, Robert, & Caden. A basketball player, an attorney, and a baseball player with more in common than we think. • Josiah, 10 After basketball practice, I love when my dad takes me to McDonald's. Basketball and McDonald's is our bonding time. We both love basketball season, and we always get McDonald's on Saturdays. • Robert, 37 When I was a kid my dad worked from 3-11 at night, so my mom was in charge of dinner during the week. I played soccer and baseball, so on nights when practice ran late, my mom would take us to McDonald's on the way home. My brother and I couldn’t have grown up more different, but we still get together at McDonald's and laugh at all the stories and good times we had growing up. • Caden, 9 My mom and dad take us to McDonald's after basketball and baseball games because we are so hungry from playing! My favorite parts are eating a Happy Meal with chicken nuggets and apple slices, playing with the toys with my brother and sister, and spending time with my family.

4 months ago

We have taste for adventure in common: Christine & Jared. A wildlife educator and a travel consultant with more in common than we think. • Christine, 29 For about three years, I traveled extensively around the world, immersing myself in foreign places, cultures, and foods. As a traveler, it was always nice to see McDonald’s, a familiar sight, when everything else was new to me. Seeing McDonald’s would bring me back to my childhood days of birthday parties at the McDonald’s PlayPlace and getting Happy Meals after school. McDonald’s always reminded me of home even when I was thousands of miles away. • Jared, 35 As a traveler, McDonald’s has always been a dependable place for me. I can rely on the comforts of this familiar place in foreign cities around the world, and it’s usually open late. It’s a place of comfort to relax and recollect my sanity before setting out on the tasks to come. And it provides a satisfying meal on a backpacker’s budget. No matter where I am, it’s a reminder of home.

5 months ago

We have singing in the drive-thru in common: Michael & Jon. A drag queen and an aspiring musician with more in common than we think. • Michael, 28 When you are a drag queen on the go, there isn’t always time to sit and enjoy a meal. Thank goodness that the McDonald's drive-thru is always readily available, whether it’s before or after a late-night gig. I have many great memories of driving through McDonald's with a car full of drag queens after a show. One time, I remember singing with the guy who was working the McDonald's drive-thru! I am very grateful to McDonald's for keeping drag queens fed all over the world! • Jon, 21 Anytime I’m in the car, especially while on my way to McDonald’s, I’m always playing music on the radio. It’s what helps me enjoy the ride. One time, I went through the drive-thru and I had my music on full blast and one of the workers started singing along with me. It was an awesome moment that I’ll always remember.

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It’s more of an art form than a formula. Step away from those notes, and enjoy a mental vacay with a delicious favorite.