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2 days ago

I plan everything... 'cause planning gets you results. I can photograph a party if there's hardly anyone there... Or if it's a sausage fest... Or if no one is dancing. Because I'm not dependent on the party. I'm dependent on my plan. The only way to pierce through this noisy world is to treat "making art" like you're an athlete. Structure your days, plan your meals, schedule your rest... You should even conserve your chi energy and abstain from sex every once in a while. I plan everything when I go out. Since day 1 in NYC, I've always had a shot-list waiting in my back pocket (or sometimes written on my left arm). So if the night sucks... it doesn't suck for me. But if the night is great... I drop all those former plans I had and go with the new plans that God has given me. It’s easier to live in the moment when you plan. Some call it "putting out an intention". I'm just practical. I call it being smart. Abandon the polarities you've been brainwashed to believe about yourself. You CAN be a planner AND an improviser at the same time! Use whatever the occasion calls for. That's what being in the moment is all about. Whenever you're staring at a blank page or a bad party and you don't know what to do... there is always someone else that could walk in there and make art out of it. Not because they have more ideas than you. Only because they have a different perspective. When you plan your art in advance... Like bringing some poetry notebooks or chord progressions to the writing session or whatever... It's like front-loading your brain with "perspectives". It gives you the confidence to stay in the moment no matter what happens. If you want to make your life “like a movie” EVERYDAY-- then you have to be creative like a director AND have the discipline of a producer. Don't let anyone tell you you can't be both.

1 week ago

It's important as an artist to dare yourself to keep entering new worlds. And the easiest way to do that is by meeting strangers. When’s the last time you approached someone new just for the fuck of it?

2 weeks ago

There's two roads you can take these days if you wanna maximize your overall artistic output. #1... What most people do... You hop on YouTube and watch some tutorials... and learn a bunch of things that end up making your art look like everyone else's. #2... Or you can take the second path... Less traveled... The one that almost no-one ever talks about. It's the way that I learned: You treat art like it's a sport. You get out of bed every day and you push yourself right out of your comfort zone. This new course I've created helps you do that. (haha... this is not the kind of online 'course' your parents took) lastnightsparty TV (LNPTV) is about EXPONENTIAL creative growth. I'm breaking down and systemizing all the secrets that I've learned along this ridiculous journey: • My ninja-like discipline routines. • How to conquer your fear of rejection. • How to render the cycle of procrastination powerless against you. • Tracking your progress like an athlete to become a creative 'beast'. • Using 'dares' to make your "life a movie". All the artists I know that are successful... They don't talk about passion. They talk about obsession. Believe me, you can figure out all that other technical stuff along the way. MINDSET is way more important! I've designed lastnightsparty TV so that you can ignore what everyone else is doing, and put a laser focus on developing your own unique style. I'm trying to give you inspiration in the closest way possible... to a pill form. This is boot camp, for your procrastinating mind. Enroll now.

3 weeks ago

Party photography is "wildlife photography", "nude photography" and "still-life photography" all rolled into one. It’s the best training ground for anyone just getting started with a camera. If you want to learn how to take better pictures... Get LNPTV. link in bio.

3 weeks ago

The world is chicken-shit. And that's why Instagram looks the way it does. But there's a small percentage of people that want to push themselves... even if only for a day. I applaud them. That’s why I thought the dare I sent my friends and followers last week was too easy... until I saw the panic in my inbox. "I have the best idea, but I have no one to help me shoot it!" Um... So get a new idea? "I'm at work!" (By far the most common) I get it. You want it to be perfect. But that quest for perfection isn’t really about perfection, is it? It’s about the fear of being judged... and compared. No wonder Instagram looks the way it does. Why not use that awkward/unique/bad situation you find yourself in... to make art that no-one else can make in that very moment in time? If you have the flu... use it. If you're at work... use it. If you're stuck with your mom all day... use it. (shout out: @bronwynbradley and !) Don't let the weather stop you. Or lack of money. Or your emotions. You're alive. You're creative. So. Be. Creative.

3 weeks ago

Alcohol can be a great teacher. Learn more.

3 weeks ago

Stop using your creativity to find excuses and use it to be creative.

3 weeks ago

Women who run with wolves...

1 month ago

What’s the right amount of alcohol to drink during a photoshoot? Bianca and I go through all the stages... (yes, that’s a fresh bruise on her knee) Watch “SHOULD WE BE DRINKING?” exclusively on LNPTV. link in bio.