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2 days ago

The best creativity is creating yourself. @bronques

5 days ago

When a girl is beautiful... Everyone will look at her. Girls and boys alike. It’s instinctual. But the moment you find out that she’s also smart... you’ll never look at her the same way again. Even when people say oh that girl is so pretty... You’ll be quick to say yeah but she’s also so smart. Once intelligence is part of the equation you can’t shake it off. A few girls that I know like this are @rexadams_ and @heidireinsmith @soph_said @colbykline @missrosamercury @esmedyson @sophiaventrone_ and if I can be honest most of the girls I hang out with... I FORGET that they’re beautiful. For real! I’m just so wrapped up in how their brains work that I just get distracted. Don’t get me wrong. Beauty is awesome. I need it to feel alive. But the “most beautiful thing” of the moment only holds onto the title until the next “most beautiful thing” comes along. But brains? Depth? Vibe? Timeless. These qualities add this protective layer to a woman where she never has to worry about wrinkles or putting on some weight because she will always “have it”. An unfair advantage. Well, my fellow content creators... It’s the same with creating video. You can knock yourself out and make pretty videos all you like. You can go crazy with your drone shots and your slow motion b-roll. And I have no doubt that your impressive visuals may even rack up a few views. But the amateur who makes an IPHONE video with a story or a message... will always eat your lunch. Stories and message never get old. That’s why all those annoying you tubers keep beating you at the thing you learned in school. They have a message (even if you hate it). They use the power of story. They know their audience. But you? You know f-stops and “optimal shutter speeds” and fancy words like bokeh. And that... my photographer friends turned hobbyists... is exactly how I beat you when I started my career. I knew nothing about photography. I was a one trick pony who learned on the job. But I knew “story” like the back of my hand. And I had the one thing that you don’t have.... a message: Let’s create an inclusive and sexually liberated version of nightlife ONLINE. What’s YOUR message? @bronques #contentcreator

5 days ago

There is no FOMO when you’re making the best of wherever you are. @bronques

6 days ago

Party photography is like the second movement of a classical symphony: it’s the same thing repeated with just little changes here and there, enough to keep you interested. @bronques

1 week ago

@valattina is uncensored and uncut in the new FEMINISM FOR BOYS exclusively on

1 week ago

People have this one dimensional view of nightlife. But do you blame them? All they ever get to see is the glitz and the glamour. The problem with only showing crazy club footage all the time is that after a while it gets old. It doesn't register anymore. Besides. There's other aspects to a night! Let's get creative. I wanna hear conversations, see real people, in real situations. Like, tell stories. ButI'm not talking about that hero's journey stuff that brands like to talk about in marketing meetings. I'm talking about emotional moments, sometimes insignificant... and making a big deal out of those. That's what the best photography is: "Making a big deal out of an insignificant moment that otherwise would have been lost." Putting it in the spotlight by freezing time. I do the same thing when I shoot videos. I figure if that resonates with me... It'll probably resonate with my psychographic. I'm not trying to appeal to everyone. My goal is actually to REPEL anyone who's easily offended, or judgmental. Especially the people who think that all nudity is pornography. Those are the worst. Anyways, the harder the haters hate, the more my fans will march towards me. Someone has to stand for something around here... Are you down? @bronques

2 weeks ago

New Series: ‘WALK IN THESE HEELS’ about the girls that make nightlife amazing.... COMING SOON! EP1 Feat. @breekilla @ginagasparre

2 weeks ago

There are two types of people in the world. There are the RENEGADES... and there are the PRETENDERS. The Renegades are easy to spot. They are the people who inspire us. The ones who go down their own path. We don't know what made them transform, but we love what they now stand for. They give us clues about what's possible. Renegades come up with the quotes that other people put on their Instagram. Maybe they experienced pain at some point but now they've found an antidote. An antidote other people call "mindset". An antidote that THEY call "world view". Renegades are ready to jump over the rules to get where they gotta go. They take pleasure in not being a part of the mainstream because the mainstream looks so lame to them. They have so much clarity about why the other way is wrong that they'll gladly pay the small price of not fitting in. But the Pretenders... They look almost identical to the renegades... On the outside. Pretenders are those people who 'steal' the inspiring quotes that renegades come up with and share them as their own. Pretenders will show off an exterior of strength but really they're crumbling inside. Pretenders will say "I don't give a fuck," not realizing that if they REALLY didn't give a fuck they wouldn't even be thinking about it. Pretenders will say things like "maybe it wasn't meant to be" because they want the easy way out. Pretender's "acts of courage" are always tales of nostalgia. They always "already did that". They always "already went there" But when you look closely... they're just living off the fumes. They live their cosy little lives now... and judge the hell out of YOU for doing what they wished they could. Pretenders secretly hate you for being amazing because it reminds them that they aren't. Pretenders are the people who "ghost" other people. Pretenders will justify their failures. They will take the easy way out while making it seem like strength. And they'll sell you "the dream" in the most poetic way. They talk so loud they sometimes fool you into thinking they're renegades. They muddy up the water. They play games with mirrors. Expose the pretenders. Call them out. @bronques #makeartnotcontent

3 weeks ago

if you give a camera to a child, you’ll notice that the pictures are often impressive. it’s not because the child is a prodigy. it’s because children have a different vantage point then we do. eye level is where most people always shoot. because it’s comfortable. but it’s boring. watch russ meyer movies. watch wes anderson movies. these are artists channeling their inner child. children are not afraid to get too close to their subjects like we are. by the time we reach adulthood most of us respect personal space. respecting personal space is the #1 enemy of great photography. great photos are intimate. get in there. get below there. get above there. get beside there. and behind there. and underneath there. and around there. here’s the secret. sometimes you see someone and you think they look beautiful. but for some reason when you photograph them they don’t look as good. it’s not because they’re not photogenic (that just doesn’t exist). it's because YOU suck. you haven’t found their angle yet. everyone has an angle. a 2 dimensional image can’t compensate for what your eye sees in real life. so that’s why photographers create illusions with angles. direct your model to get into the right position. hunger for the right angle even if you look stupid getting into place. your reward will be good pictures and a career. much better than instilling lifelong trauma in a model because you made her look bad. there is no “rule of thirds” when alcohol is being served. throw out the script and find a new angle. good composition is when it looks like the person who took the photograph was drunk. looking through the viewfinder isn’t needed. don’t keep looking through your photos. pretend it's film and move on. believe in luck. life's a party. why are you so serious? have a couple of shots of tequila. your job is to find the person that you will explore all the angles with tonight. @bronques #photography #makeartnotcontent #contentcreator

3 weeks ago