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21 hours ago

The sister of battle is ready for C2E2 championship of cosplay! I'm so happy with all the adjustments I managed to make over the last few days. I can't wait to wear this costume again! Waiting to board my flight to chicago now. I'll keep you guys updated on the trip! A few people have been asking if I'm doing a Meetup or anything and at the moment I can't really say for sure xD all I know is I will be at the competition on Saturday so if you wanna say hi that's where I'm gonna be at so you can catch me just before are after. I'm not gonna be cosplaying the rest of the weekend.just for the competition but I'll be hanging around as a normal civilian maybe during the other days for a bit :3 Don't forget the sister of battle will be this months rewards on patreon! You'll see how all the new updates get made as well as print, wallpapers and fansigns! #c2e2 #c2e2cosplaychampionship #cosplay #cosplayarmor #sisterofbattlecosplay #sistersofbattle #cosplayofinstagram #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammercosplay

1 day ago

I've spent the last 2 days making this bad boy for my sister of battle!! A GIANT FLAMER! I based it on the new flamers they came out with for the new sister figures! I'm super proud that I managed to pump this out in just over 24 hours. Tonight I'm gonna be priming and painting it!! This is pretty much all EVA foam with a tiny bit of worbla for the pipe sections. The sister of battle tutorial book will be available on patreon this month showing how this got made :D #evafoam #foamsmith #cosplay #cosplayprop #cosplaywip #sisterofbattlecosplay #sistersofbattle #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammercosplay #adeptasororitas #flamer #c2e2

2 days ago

I've been working super hard on the sister of battle making upgrades for C2E2! I leave on Wednesday 😱 I've been adding a cape, fur collar, Halo, new skirts, hand stamping a pattern onto my fabric and making a new flamer for the costume!! I can't wait to wear this again with all the new pieces!! This costume is going to be part of my patreon rewards for this month! So be sure to sign up to get the new and upgraded sister of battle tutorial book for app the updates I'm making as well as prints wallpapers and Polaroids! :3 #sisterofbattlecosplay #sistersofbattle #cosplay #cosplayarmor #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammercosplay #c2e2 #c2e2cosplaychampionship

3 days ago

Some More Maya from Borderlands! Have you seen the teasers they've been dropping lately???😏 I did this makeup for our new makeup book which is now available and shows how to create this look step by step! These techniques will also work for any other borderlands cosplays! :D The book is only $6 and is over 100 pages filled with tons of cool tips and tricks for cosplay makeup! Photo by Eric <3 #maya #borderlandscosplay #borderlands #cosplay #cosplaymakeup #cosplaymakeuptutorial #makeup #makeuptutorial #mayacosplay

4 days ago

OUR MAKEUP BOOK IS OUT! <3 It is 105 pages packed FULL of makeup tips and tricks for all your cosplay needs! Including basic makeup application for your standard makeup looks and also going into more fun things like body painting tips, making your own fake tattoos, covering tattoos, covering and changing the colour of your brows, scar makeup ALL THAT GOOD STUFF! We also then included 7 full step by step character makeups all showing different styles to suit a wide range of your own characters! Including glam makeup, anime makeup, borderlands makeup, natural makeup and face and body painting. I learnt so much from creating this book and experimenting with makeup and I hope it will be helpful to you too! :3 <3 The book is available at #makeup #makeuptutorial #cosplay #cosplaymakeuptutorial #cosplaymakeup #cosplaytutorial #tutorial #cosplaybook

5 days ago

Tonight we will be releasing our makeup book!! I'm putting the final touches on and adding in a last few things! It will be up on our website and I'll make an announcement once it's available :D Here are some of the makeups I did for this book to demonstrate a range of styles and techniques that can be used for Cosplay! Including glamour makeup, bodypaint, anime makeup, more natural makeup and even borderlands style makeup!!! Step by step tutorials for ahri,. Sylvanas, she-ra, shego, uraraka, ciri and Maya are all going to be in the book! Along with a lot of other makeup basics! The book is over 100 pages long so far xD Which is your favourite?? Maya is my personal favorite from the bunch which is so funny because she was a last minute edition and I never planned to add her originally! #cosplay #cosplaymakeup #cosplaymakeuptutorial #cosplayersofinstagram #kinpatsucosplay #makeup #borderlandscosplay #thewitchercosplay #kimpossiblecosplay #sheracosplay #kdaahri #ahricosplay #sylvanascosplay

6 days ago

Uraraka Ochako from My hero Academia <3 It was so fun to be able to do some new photos of this costume! I think I managed to make some small improvements to the wig and makeup! :3 Its very subtle but I tried to make it look more like ochako and less like my standard makeup style XD PARTICULARLY THE EYEBROWS. And I can safely say if I ever need to cover my eyebrows in glue again for a costume I will rather shave them off XD Anyone who can perfect this technique I have so much respect for cause its SO HARD TO DO. Photo by Eric <3 Uraraka cosplay tutorial and boot pattern available on our store! #myheroacademiacosplay #myheroacademia #cosplay #uraraka #urarakaochako #urarakacosplay #cosplaymakeup #bokunoheroacademia

1 week ago

My Nergigante Armor that I made last year! This was one of the biggest and most complicated costumes I had made to date 😱 but it was so fun to make and learn new techniques! I'm going to be working on big armor projects again this week fixing my sister of battle and starting mordred and I'm so excited to get into fill armor building mode again!!! I can't wait to share the progress with you all :D #nergigante #nergigantecosplay #monsterhunter #monsterhunterworld #monsterhuntercosplay #cosplay #cosplayarmor #evafoam #armor #