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10 hours ago

I finished constructing my armor for Raphtalia today 💜I'm doing her armor design from the novel because it's a bit more detailed! I've used mostly EVA foam for the arms and knees are sintra and the breastplate is reinforced inside with worbla :3 Tomorrow I'm hoping to build the sword and start priming everything! Getting close to being done 😁✨ I will be sending this breastplate pattern out on patreon this month! #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #risingoftheshieldhero #cosplay #cosplaywip #cosplayarmor #Evafoam #foamsmith #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia

2 days ago

All my sewing for raphtalia is now complete!! Tonight I tried on all the pieces of the costume I have so far 😁❤️🦝 I'm really excited about how it's coming together and I'm also excited to finally work on the armor pieces!!! Back to my comfort zone 😂 The tutorial for Raphtalia will be on patreon this month! I'll show how to make this entire costume from start to finish and I'm also making a video tutorial for these super cute ears! #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #cosplay #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #cosplaywip #tatenoyuusha #tatenoyuushacosplay

3 days ago

My boots for Raphtalia are almost complete! I just have to add the fur trim to the top :3 I'm so close to being able to start the armor now!! YUS! But I'm actually really excited about how the sewing is turning out. Normally sewing for me is very unpleasant and frustrating but I've been enjoying this so much and trying to be careful and take my time and I think this will be the neatest costume I've ever sewn 😱 These boots are made from stretch suede and stretch pleather with eyelets and leather cord for the lacing The full tutorial for how I made the boots will be on patreon this month :3 #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #cosplay #cosplaywip #cosplayshoes #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #risingoftheshieldhero #tatenoyuushacosplay

5 days ago

I finished making my ears for Raphtalia today! These are made with worbla and fake fur. I've filled the entire process and will be making a video tutorial for it :3 I had a lot of fun making these! Tomorrow I will finish dying her tail and make her boots! This video tutorial will be on patreon this month as well as the tutorial book for the costume and a pattern for these ears :3 #cosplay #cosplaywip #animalears #cosplayears #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #risingoftheshieldhero #tatenoyuusha #tatenoyuushacosplay

6 days ago

I styled my wig for Raphtalia tonight! I cut my bangs and tried to make the poofy sides she has! Im so happy with the colour I chose for the wig. It's a warm light brown Venus from arda. Now that the base of my wig is styled tomorrow I can't finally make her fluffy ears so they're in proportion with everything else!! Honestly the ears are the part of the costume I'm most excited about! #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #cosplay #wig #wigstyling #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #arda

1 week ago

My dress for Raphtalia is done!!! ❤️🦝 I'm so happy with how it turned out, it has been absolute hell to make 😂, 3 solid days of work and 3 trips to the fabric store later it is now complete!! This is all made from cream, black and red scuba fabric with gold pleather edging. So it's nice and stretchy and fits super snugly! Now the next step will be her ears and boots 😁 The Raphtalia cosplay tutorial book is going to be on patreon this month along with Raphtalia prints and fansigns! :3 #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #cosplay #cosplaywip #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #risingoftheshieldhero #tatenoyuusha #tatenoyuushacosplay #cosplayprogress #sewing

1 week ago

More Raphtalia progress. It has been veeeery slow going. Good lord I hate sewing 😭 today I sewed the base for the tail, finished the edging on the under dress and started the red and black dress which is what I spent most of the day doing but was unable to finish. I'm just like praying it works out cause if I need to do it again I will be very sad 😂 so not huge amounts of progress to show for the day but progress none the less #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #risingoftheshieldhero #cosplay #cosplaywip

1 week ago

I have finally got some progress to show for Raphtalia!! I have been working on her dress at the moment. Yesterday I patterened all the pieces and today I started sewing. I couldn't find a ribbed fabric like hers and I also couldn't get a pintuck foot to fit my machine so I had to sew all the panels....myself...individually... One by one 😂 it has been hell ahaha but it looks cool and I'm super happy with how it's turning out so far. I managed to get most of the pieces together today and should be able to finish it tomorrow along with the red and black sections :3 Raphtalia will be this months patreon rewards! I'll be doing a full tutorial book for her costume, armor and of course her ears and tail! #risingoftheshieldhero #risingoftheshieldherocosplay #raphtaliacosplay #raphtalia #cosplay #cosplaywip #tatenoyuusha

1 week ago

I fixed my poor ugly mannequin 😂 this thing has been through hell and is covered in paint and burn marks. It really has been put through hell haha. So I finally decided to try give it a makeover so I can take nicer progress photos! To do this I basically just sewed a big sock yo pull over it! I pinned two halves of the fabric around it to get the shape right, then took it off and stitched them together and now I have a cool stretchy cover to hide the mess underneath. So it hasn't been permanently altered and I can easily pull it on and off! This is also a cool way to make different colours for your mannequin too or protect a mannequin if it's not already ruined like mine! #sewing #mannequin #cosplaytips #crafting #crafts