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1 day ago

Oh hey!! more cringy tiktok videos from me 💜💜💜 sorry xD you'll have to bear with me cause it's kinda fun hahaha 😂 I got some shit planned for when I do she-ra next 😜 I'm still working hard on the ahri and Akali tutorial books!! I'm kinda hoping I can have them done tonight :3 just a little longer!! If you'd like to get the tutorials, wallpapers and early access to the ahri tail video be sure to sign up to patreon this month :3 #kda #kdaahri #kdaahricosplay #ahri #ahricosplay #leagueoflegendscosplay #tiktok #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram

2 days ago

We are busy gearing up to compete in our local World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries here in South Africa in April! WCS finally came to SA last year and @maoukami.cos and @jinxkittiecosplay represented our country! This year @kombokatjie and I will be teaming up to try and compete at the preliminaries alongside some other amazing SA teams to see if we have what it takes! We have something very cool planned and will be starting work on our costumes in Feb :D So be sure to keep an eye out!! <3 In the meantime please go give my wonderful teammate some love! Because we live in completely different cities its going to be tough to work around the logistics of our performance, Kombo will need to travel up to Joburg in order for us to practice and for the event itself so if you would like to support our team and her journey it would mean the world to both of us <3 I've linked to her ko-fi account in my story! we're super excited to start working and we are gonna try our best! WISH US LUCK <3 Kombokitten photos by Nazeem Ryklief and M WEST Photography & Digital Training #wcs2019prelim #wcs #wcssouthafrica #southafrica #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #kinpatsucosplay #kombokatjie

3 days ago

KDA ahri from League of Legends This costume was a lot of fun to make! :D I got to try out some fun new techniques like working with holographic vinyl and building a tail out of foam XP Eric made the tail pattern for me in pepakura and even though it took a while to put together it was worth it! For this photo we basically just photographed it 9 times and put it together ;D I also improved my ear making skills and I think this is one of the neater costumes I've had to sew! The only thing I didn't make was the shorts and the corset base but I did heavily alter it to remove a zipper and make it fit me better :3 If you'd like to see all the steps of how this costume was made I'll be putting it all into a tutorial book this month as well as a full tutorial for akali too :D sign up to patreon to get the tutorials, patterns and more :3 Photo by Eric <3 #kda #kdaahri #kdaahricosplay #ahri #ahricosplay #cosplay #popstar #leagueoflegendscosplay #leagueoflegends #fox #cosplayersofinstagram

1 week ago

I have been procrastinating and still haven't done photos of the KDA girls yet XD so here is some midnight instead!!! Midnight's wig was one of the wigs I used in our wig book to show how to make spikes and also how to add volume to a wig! If you want to learn more about wig styling from the basics all the way to more complicated styles like ponytails and sidecuts be sure to check it out on our site! #midnight #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #bokunoheroacademia #bokunoheroacademiacosplay #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #nemurikayama #midnightcosplay

1 week ago

We are discontinuing some of our prints at the end of January! :D We want to make space for newer, better stuff this coming year! :3 So don't miss out! This will be the last time these are available and all discontinued prints will be 20%off on our websire! #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #prints #sale

1 week ago

💜🦊✨ KDA Ahri is complete <3 I was so excited to put the whole costume on today :D Its such a nice feeling when you see the whole costume together for the first time! I had a lot of fun making this. Eric patterened the tail for me and then I made it with eva foam and holographic vinyl :3 I also sewed my top and stockings, made all the little gold details from sintra and worbla and made my ears from some more worbla and fake fur which I airbrushed to be the right colour! All of this is going to be explained step by step in the KDA tutorial book i am making for ahri and akali :3 The tutorials and the tail pattern will be on patreon this month Wig from @wigisfashion #ahricosplay #ahri #cosplay #kdaahri #kda #kdaahricosplay #kdacosplay #leagueoflegendscosplay #leagueoflegends #cosplayersofinstagram