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@kieselle   Freelance social media manager from Hamburg, Germany. Always looking for picturesque old towns and alleys. Travel blog ⬇️

3 weeks ago

#allthealleys of Lübeck. The gray weather makes me so tired and grumpy, what about you? Just got myself a daylight lamp to soak up some artificial sun. I wonder if it works. Do you miss the sun, too? ☀️

4 weeks ago

Oh, Hamburg! ♥️ Have been living in my favorite town for almost 6 years now. Have you been there yet? My second favorite city in Germany is Leipzig, where I spent 3 years. ♥️

1 month ago

What’s your biggest inspiration? For me it’s traveling, reading, listening to Podcasts and talking to people that work in the same business. Are there a few more social media managers among you? I am curious. #whpinspiredby

1 month ago

Breaking the feed with this cotton candy sunset from last night, that came very unexpected, so we ran to the river.On of my favorite moments this weekend, as well as the annual birthday dance with my husband. #whpunexpected

1 month ago

How do you feel about NYE? All the fireworks annoy me. I don’t understand how people can waste their money, support an industry that exploits their workers and pollutes the air and in the next morning not even pick up their trash. 🤷‍♀️

1 month ago

„Buy less, choose well, make it last.“ Vivienne Westwood. My resolutions for 2019. What are yours? #whpresolutions2019

1 month ago

Hope you enjoyed the holidays ❄️ Feeling like a dumpling.

1 month ago

One day until Christmas 🎄 hope you are spending a wonderful time with your loved ones, which is more precious than all the gifts in the world. Happy holidays! #whpmagical

1 month ago

Doesn’t get more magical than this🎄 #whpmagical ❄️ Yesterday I watched love actually, stuffed myself with kale and will continue with “the holiday” today. Do you also watch movies a couple of times? I admit that after a few years I forget the plot and to me it’s like watching a new film- haha.

2 months ago

Have been struggling with Instagram lately. Feels like I have to say so much more, but end up telling nothing, because I can’t find the right words and the right photos where those words fit. Have edited this caption 3 times. Might make some changes to my account next year. But first: cookies, hot chocolate and videos with mini golden doodles and alpacas.🦙