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@kieselle  Freelance filmmaker & social media manager from Hamburg, Germany.

2 days ago

Slowly getting into the Christmas mood - thanks to mulled wine and my first home baked cookies🍪(that turned out to be as hard as stone, so they need to go with loads of mulled wine or coffee, but hey who doesn’t love coffee?)

1 week ago

Much needed sunshine to refuel after cold and grey weather in Hamburg. This was probably my last trip this year. No plans for the upcoming months, what about you? Always looking for new travel ideas. #sleeplesswanderers

1 week ago

Good morning cats of Mallorca! Spending the weekend just a few steps away from our favorite alley in Valldemossa. #sleeplesswanderers

2 weeks ago

An autumnal latergram, while kicking off the holiday season with „Home Alone“. What are your favorite Christmas movies ? Mine are „Christmas Vacation“ 🙈 and „The Holiday“ #amsterdamworld #amsterdam 🇳🇱 #hollandphotos

1 month ago

Oh Amsterdam you pretty thing! 🍁 #whpseasonal

1 month ago

This is not Amsterdam, but Zwolle. Found this photo in my camera roll while writing a little blog entry about our trip to the Hanseatic cities in Holland. #sleeplesswanderers #holland

1 month ago

Our third trip to the Netherlands this fall. We spent a day in Amsterdam and walked along the canals in the morning. There were no tourists, just this swan saying good morning.

1 month ago

All the leaves are brown🍁🍂 dreaming of California. What about you?