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@kieselle See full size profile   Freelance social media manager from Hamburg, Germany. Always looking for picturesque old towns and alleys. 🆕 blog post about photo spots in Porto ⬇️

2 weeks ago

A spring day in Utrecht, the little sister of Amsterdam. Very happy that I finally met my Insta friend @mylenecybele after a looong time and she showed @giumag and me her favorite places. It’s the best to explore a city with a local, isn’t it? Will write down a few tips for Amsterdam and Utrecht this week, thanks to the inspiration by Mylene!

3 weeks ago

📷 5 Photo spots in Porto you shouldn’t miss// This seemed to be Porto‘s hottest Instagram spot. 🔥 Some of you asked where we took our photos, so I put our favorite photo locations in Porto together & added with a few tips. #linkinprofile #whpgoingplaces

3 weeks ago

Something that has been on my mind for a while: I follow a few eco bloggers & I realized they get a lot of positive feedback, but also negative comments from people who have more „extreme“ ecological philosophies. I also read & feel that in times of social media there is less discourse- we forget how to listen to other opinions and discuss in a constructive way. Being scared of negative comments and I decided just to give you some tips for sustainable shops, hotels, cafés or restaurants from time to time. Despite reading a lot about sustainability in the past years & I don’t feel ready for discourse yet🤔Today I would like to introduce you to some eco bloggers, who prove that vegan food is tasty, there are many cruelty free cosmetics without microplastics, less waste life hacks can be fun, fair fashion & vintage clothes are pretty. @dariadaria / @gittemary @mehralsgruenzeug / @nicetohavemag / @piakraftfutter / @_wastelandrebel_ thanks for inspiring me every day! I also recommend @greenpeace @petazwei @seashepherd . If you also have similar insta - recommendations leave a comment ♥️ /unbeauftragte Werbung/Unpaid Ad / Werbung wg. Verlinkungen #worldearthday #whpplanetearth

1 month ago

Love the atmosphere at the bridge Ponte Dom Luís at sunset and the view of Ribeira #whpvibes 🌅

1 month ago

Good vibes in Porto. Everyone is enjoying the sunset by the river: on the bridge, on top of a hill, in rooftop bars and on benches at the waterfront. Anyone of you going to Porto this year as well ? Will let you know the nice photo and sunset spots soon! #whpvibes

1 month ago

Colors of Porto 🎨 Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was a tourist in my own town & spend most of the time away from my phone. But I am now catching up with all your pretty photos! 😊 If you have and questions about Porto let me know. I wrote a little blogpost about restaurants, cafés and shops and will publish another post about Photospots in Porto soon. #whpfavoritecolor

1 month ago

Quiet mornings in Porto. Uploaded a short video on Facebook that shows more of our trip and the beautiful spots in the city.

1 month ago

A quick Tetris Game, before the city wakes up. It was worth getting up before six to enjoy this place with nobody around.

1 month ago

In love with the colorful facades of Porto! Sending you sunshine ☀️

2 months ago

Green soul 💚