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2 days ago

Soccer mom life style sup cupid 😂❤️

1 week ago

That’s just a happy boy building sand castles & enjoying the sunshine in AUSTRALIA 👅🤪❤️

1 week ago

Miss my chicken nugget so mucccxh... Hi Australia ❤️

2 weeks ago

Sometimes the world around me feels animated.. 🎭🔬Can you imagine way back some guy decided he wanted to build his tomb in this rock in the middle of the Saudi Arabia desert..? & now days we can order Kale off amazon & we pay way too much in taxes 🤔😂..

2 weeks ago

I’m walking into 2019 with a clear heart and mind, if you owe me don’t worry about it, if you wronged me it’s all good lesson learned. If you’re angry with me you won I’ve let it go. If we aren’t speaking it’s cool I truly wish you well. If you feel I’ve wronged you I apologize - it wasn’t intentional. I’m grateful for every experience that I received life is too short for pent up anger, holding grudges and extra stress or pain. Here’s to 2019! Remember forgiving someone is for you both ..so don’t block your blessings. Be vulnerable and break your ego as much as you can.. You’ll find So much more freedom there... Wish you guys the fucking best ever ✌🏽💙

3 weeks ago

Insane.. Looks like frozen Ice but it’s all Salt!! Volcanic hot springs in the mountains of italy waters 103• 😍😜💦 doing Nat Geo shit!! Italy was a mind opening trip.. Going to DUBAI now! Can’t wait see friends and camels 🐫🥳❤️

3 weeks ago

YOOOOO This sunset wasssss so good.. Here’s a photo of me Geeked as fuck in front of my house in Hawaii being a little dragon 😂... If you know me in real life you know this is the real Jay 🤣💊🐲🌸🍄 Enjoying Christmas eve in Venice, Italy this year! 🇮🇹

3 weeks ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) personal test “Q6” “Society, Time, Free Will, & Past life’s & trauma.” ⏳🔑⤵️ Final question.••••••••••••••••••• What the F/ are we doing Society..? DMT reassured me in some weird sense that everything truly happens as it should.. for whatever reason we experience something it’s exactly as it should be. You are never truly in the wrong place or the right place, ur never really failing or succeeding you are completely as you should be. The universe and reality don’t have an opinion of your self perspective.... 🔺Swipe left to read all.. 🔻Want to hear how you comprehend reality.. How has society made you feel that you’ve later questioned?

3 weeks ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) personal test “Q5. “Religion”💡🙏🏽🕋🕍⛪️🕌🏦⛩ Owww.. This is a hard one to communicate on because everyones ego is attached directly to their religious or nonreligious beliefs. For those of you who are heavily into a one tunnel vision belief of christianity or muslim or one of the other 1000 confident religions - maybe you don’t want to read this. As any other philosophy or belief this is just a opinion on reality no one truly has a factual answer for this..... No matter where DMT takes you.. you always end up back in sober agreeable “reality”. No matter how much your perception changes, the world doesn’t change with you. I understand this is a sensible subjects to some and I understand as one point in my life I believed in a religion very close, one point I believed strictly in science & then in a simulation. But no matter what you decide on the only agreeable fact is that you are here now and you are conscious and perhaps aware of your own consciousness ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Swipe left to read or in the comments.. Want to hear your guys opinion or mindset.. or to why you choose a specific belief for ur comfort and perspective ❤️

4 weeks ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) personal test “Q4. “Love and relationships?“👫👭👬 Guys I know these post are long and whether you like these reads or not thank you for dealing with it ❤️ I have only a couple left to do.. 👌🏽 I’ve read all of your comments an opinions and fuck it’s open my mind even more.. Thank u guys 🤙🏽 And yoo these these photos are from an editorial..probably my favorite ever! Trying to best make images to synchronize with what i’ve written.. The girl she’s a dear friend and the photographer a good homie.. 🔺🔺🔺Swipe left to read and the second part is in the comments or here (Because IG’a faulty uploads it won’t show last 4 photos) ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️They create an illusion that they are in love with this person.. the bitter truth is that we don’t love this person we love how this person makes us feel.. the other person become a vehicle for our gratification ..we as humans I’ve learned are selfish creatures primitively. So this means for us to “truly” love someone else we must first accept ourself as we are • and when we look at each other we must see ourselves in them •. We must sacrifice our ego and be vulnerable to them, we must invest our time into them and give to them without care of return. Because in these moments is when we acknowledge part of ourselves in them and of course we all love ourselves... and now it means there’s part of me in you that I love.. & therefore I love you. From different perspectives and travels and my own upraising I thought I wasn’t designed for love I thought loving one forever was something only done for protection, religion or being naive and ignoring desires. But DMT sheds this light.. it showed me a new perspective and new energy.. It gave my mind and soul hope and for some reason it told me it’s real and it’s there.. A primitive instinct perhaps.. But as anything else there is no for sure answer and always the unexpected ❤️ This is yet only another perspective..

4 weeks ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) personal test “Q3. “Girls and Boys, We VS us, gender & Race.”💡 The irony of all pride or insecurity is that you did not choose it. You didn’t get to design your character, to be a Spanish female, or to be a Estonian man. You didn’t choose to be a short girl or a tall boy.. You never chose to be straight or gay, you never chose to be young or old. You just were given a chance to occupy a body as a conscious being • ..almost as if a predesigned body was assigned to you. Allowing for minimal alterations physically & a long growth pattern mentally. We are like Puzzles to each other! Pretending to be so different with self proclaimed levels of importance.. the beautiful thing is that your consciousness doesn’t have one definite shape or form, no exact gender or sexuality.. This challenges all your insecurities that you have & any opinions that you have are really not relevant of racism, or sexuality or gender. The foolish hate in all of our minds that stems from ego backed opinions of each other based on looks or culture when all along you are just mirror beings of each other. Not like we are sharks and cows we are literally the same fucking species with minor visual differences 🤣. The same emotions and same god damn CONSCIOUSNESS • And If we look a little closer we can learn about ourselves in each other.. With 1000s of years of hate and war between ethnic groups with intense and complex storylines of war involving power and different beliefs I do understand why we are like this in this moment.. We have the technology and money to have every human taken care of on this planet.. enough for us each to eat and be safe. But even with the last 1000+ years of technology and the promising future of science evolving. As long as we occupy our primitive human body our emotions never will evolve. Humans run on emotions not logic.. Jealousy, desire, sadness, excitement, greed.. & every other emotion you felt was also lived by your ancestors, how ever we want to claim to deal with emotions you never truly escape them. Almost every one of my tattoos across my body is inspired by a girl or feminine energy. Swipe left to read more or look in comments 👉

4 weeks ago

Deep Mind Trance (DMT) personal test “Q2. “Our purpose and pathway? 👉🏽🤯 This question brought chills and intense amounts of energy into my body Why are we here? What is our human purpose? What is the reason of Conscious life? Look, primitively by instinct we are here to survive and reproduce.. but we are challenged with the concept of consciousness. We are here to explore the universe.. we are the aliens in this galaxy.. we are the strangest of the strange.. as a species we need to grow and move forward our human evolution and most importantly we are here to explore and understand ourself.. But our consciousness.. we are split across so many bodies and minds. What is your PERSONAL purpose, it’s not only to please your parents or to fit into a crooked society.. This world is in a dire need of help. Society has become run by the most corrupt and selfish groups of people.. over run by power and greed of this small earth we occupy. All this has lead to holding us back dramatically in where we could go as a human race. If you have yet to find a set purpose in this life.. part yourself first from negativity. My personal purpose I find in the bottom of my soul outside my career in entertainment and social media.. and outside my passion for creativity.. is to heal and awaken others. I’ve always connected better with people 1 on 1 I’ve never been good with large groups.. Social media is hard because you only see one side of the coin and even with everything on this platform you’ll probably never really know the real me.. there’s nothing like connecting with someone in body to body, awareness to awareness. What is the reason for consciousness? “for the soul” besides all this other stuff I’ve written. I do feel one thing from my consciousness. When I part away from my body and mind, my consciousness, my “•” doesn’t have an opinion.. It’s not angry or sad it’s not afraid or lost. My consciousness only feels one thing.. Curiosity of itself and curiosity of the universe it’s in. Consciousness starts the moment you are born and has yet to be proven to stop when you die. I challenge you, can you identify the consciousness inside yourself? Swipe Left on photo 4more->