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@jayalvarrez   Angel Boy, Free Spirit •... Oh yeaaahh 💞 On a mission for myself & my generation.. teamjay@mail.com

2 days ago

Longest time i’ve been in hawaii for awhile.. Or maybe i’ve just been in my head.. You spend a long enough time here the days and nights start to blend together like you aren’t even in society anymore... @ignite vibes & taking CBD on the daily. For me CBD helps make the connection to the now. To reduce ur minds looping worries or stress & anxiety.. skip the prescription pills & cigarettes.. work towards a more present now.. I back you & natures abilities 100%.. ✊🏽💚💧

1 week ago

Angel Boy 😜❤️

1 week ago

Yooooo! Glad to announce i’ll be working with @ignite & @danbilzerian this year! Will be focusing a lot on the benefits of CBD & cool projects together! .. If you know me you know i’m all about natural based substance.. CBD is something I stand by 100%! Couldn’t imagine a cooler company to work with ❤️✊🏽✨.. Swipe left if you want to see the most insane collection of glass ever.. 💧💧💧

2 weeks ago

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked... Oh, you can't help said the Cat we're all mad here.... I'm mad. You’re mad. "But.. How do you know I’m mad? said Alice.... You must be, "Said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here!.. “So Have I gone mad..?” said alice. I’m afraid SO You entirely bonkers. But I’ll telI you a secret A’lI the best people are.. ❤️😘🤞🏽.. dedicated to myself and all others who chase the curiosity.. the strange.. and go against the grain.. #omertacortex

2 weeks ago

Migrating through this “human” simulation.. 😜 sometimes I think I’m to sarcastic or playful in this game for some other players.. but then I realize it’s a game 🤔🔫❤️.

2 weeks ago

First time ever being documented.. This statue dated back from 2600 BC and was originally crafted by by the Atlantis lunar people.. One of the only ruins of this civilization that still remains today.. I have no idea what i’m saying but anyway From Milan to the warm Caribbean.. ✨ epic few days lined up before going back to LA & Hawaii.. Working on a interesting video right now 🤔🐭

3 weeks ago

Happy boy out here in Egypt in the amazing Red Sea ✨.. & Happy because the lion hair is almost back.. and so are the famous @suspiciousantwerp skull t’s. Tb to 2017 when I first met the guys. They’ve come such a long way, proud of my boys 💙.. Off to Milan Italy today.. 🤤❤️🤞🏽

1 month ago

How fucking AMAAAAZING is Spain 😻😻😻 Seriously canary islands is one of the most dope places I’ve ever been in my life.. Tomorrow I fly to Ukraine for some crazy days ✊🏽! Привет Украина!! 👀

1 month ago

My only flex ever will be my imagination for life.. all else is temporary & replaceable🤞🏽.. I have a question for you, what’s the biggest thing holding you back from who & what you want to be? & if you have how did you over come it? 👣🧠👀

1 month ago

Never grow up.. 💕

1 month ago

Daaamm it’s that time year again I be missing summer and all the non sense I get into 💗.. Heading soon to Spain canary islands, ukraine, egypt, istanbul and some more.. Anything I should try do in those places? ❤️🚀🐶

1 month ago

Tattoos are my silent expression.. Give me 30 seconds PLEASE.. read You can fucking escape I promise you.. 💗 the more my mind opens and the more I break my ego the more this world becomes exciting again.. I realized that regardless your ethnicity or skin color or country of origin you don’t really have an identity underneath your ego and self perception.. Listen I FUCKING challenge you.. You never have to be who your parents want you to be or your country wants you to be. You can choose your identity and create yourself however you want.. You realize that when you look inside yourself there’s no obvious you.. Just an observation point of consciousness. The same as every other human. Nothing is 100% sure in this life.. Religion is an interesting story but at base is still just faith in a human designed story. Science and Physics explains how things work but still has no idea the origins of why anything is here in the first place.. Nothing is solid for sure in our existence the only one fact is that we are concision of this experience.. Maybe this sounds scary but think about it in a new light.. If nothing is certain it means you are free to craft this world with your own imagination.. Understanding life this way makes life fun again like you have a child’s eyes.. Your only true origins is that you are created from this universe.. Think about that.. why the FUCK did the universe make conscious life (you) just to be aware of its self (universe) ? This isn’t some hippy ass almond lattè drinking yoga LA talk.. Wake the fuck up.. everything in this universe is written in interconnected code.. Nature loves courage.. Go against everything you ever have been taught, Fuck the low frequency system.. It’s impossible that you don’t have purpose.. Doubt, stress, judgment, negativity, hate is all low level conscious.. don’t conform to this weakness.. Escape it. Remember you are •