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12 hours ago

We’re caught somewhere between Reading Rainbow and The Royal Tenenbaums. 📙

1 day ago

Ok, y’all. Let’s talk about school. While some kids head into kindergarten and almost seamlessly find their groove- other kids have a bit of a rough transition from preschool to elementary school. Mine seem to be the latter. Silas is all caught up at this point, but Scout is still having a hard time getting used to the challenging curriculum. Shes a little bit behind, but she’s sounding out words, learning her math, and working really hard. She practices on @abcmouse and @prodigy_math_game a few times a week and has homework sent home every night, as well. It just hasn’t all “clicked” yet. Luckily, she has a teacher who loves her and keeps me updated on what needs focus and improvement. So, I want to hear from you guys: - Do your kids love school? - Did they have a hard time transitioning to elementary school? - When was your child fluently reading? - Have they dealt with bullies yet? *Honestly- I know that as long as my kids are good listeners who are loving and caring- the rest will follow. If I had to choose: I would rather them be the most empathetic, compassionate kids in class, rather than the smartest. But at the same time- no parent wants to see their child struggle.

2 days ago

We had to make a quick @target run last night and, as usual, Scout needed a photo with Bullseye 🎯

4 days ago

Anybody else feelings less than inspired lately? I’m in the middle of a huge creative funk. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s life with an autoimmune disease, maybe it’s stress- or maybe just a culmination of a bunch of little insignificant things. What do YOU do to get back into your groove?

5 days ago

Scout went to her first kindergarten birthday party! 💕 She even broke the piñata!

1 week ago

These faces 😍 How could you ever tell them no?! (Jk, I definitely tell them no all the time 😂)

1 week ago

DIMPLE!😍 Obviously on a serious rainbow kick right now and we aren’t even sorry. 😂🌈

1 week ago

The happiest dress in existence 🌈😍

1 week ago

How is the weekend almost over?! 💔

1 week ago

The weekend is here and we’re ready to party! 🍦 thanks for the ice cream @halotopcreamery !

1 week ago

Happy Friday y’all! 💕 Yesterday was warm and sunny, so we decided to get in our first beach day of the year. The water is still freezing, but it felt nice to run in the sand and collect shells along the shore. ☀️🐚