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@gnashΒ Β my 1st album β€œwe” is out now & i’m on tour 🌻 :): πŸ’œ if we feel together, then we’ll feel better

11 hours ago

GNASHVILLE! i love u πŸ’œ DC is tomorrow! get tix now @ thanks to my @alltimelow homies for coming out & hanging!!

16 hours ago

my debut album #we has officially been out for 1 week! 🌻 insane to think about. have u heard it yet? what’s ur favorite song? i think mine are pajamas, imagine if, & insane rn πŸ’œ i love u! thank for listening & buy it on itunes if it means a lot to u. p.s. vinyl coming march 1st!

1 day ago

ATLANTA thank u πŸ’œ we had fun (g)NASHVILLE tonight! 🎢

1 day ago

which songs on we help u feel better? 🌻 🎢 - insane πŸ™ƒ my debut album #we is out & u can listen everywhere u listen to music! πŸ’œ (link in bio)

2 days ago

ORLANDO was lovely! 🎢 - pajamas NASHVILLE TOMORROW & we just played a sold out show in ATLANTA tonight! (post to come) i love u! πŸ’œ

2 days ago

we album listening party (recap) 🌻 :): πŸ’œ what’s ur favorite song on #we ? watch the full thing on my youtube! πŸ“Ή - @ashleyosborn

2 days ago

EUROPE! πŸ’” i can’t wait to come back & see u! get ur tickets friday @ ✨

3 days ago

hey u. smile. ur awesome. be great. make somebody’s day better. be the best u u can be. take time for yourself. meditate. think positive. love yourself first. listen to we. i love u πŸ’œ

4 days ago

out now 🌻 (link in bio) which one is ur favorite? i might just send it...

4 days ago

HOUSTON ur beautiful πŸ’” FLORIDA tomorrow & then ATLANTA, get ur tix now! p.s. special thanks to @carliehanson for bringing her all to these first 5 shows!

5 days ago

today might be the day i go insane πŸ’œ

6 days ago

DALLAS tonight was beautiful πŸ’” HOUSTON tomorrow! get ur tix @ p.s. i met some lovely new friends at the broken hearts club meeting tonight! to join head to