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@frodotheghost   Hip hop artist from St. Louis MO Check out the new video for “The Raven”

1 week ago

A bit of a throw back. The first 2 photos are from the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2016, photo number 1 by #CherryBombPhotography and photo number 2 by @jm_draven. Photo 3 is a screen shot from a YouTube video with some highlights of the Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 from Sorgatron Media’s YouTube channel. Photo number 4 is a new one for me I google image searched ya at GOTJ2018 and that’s what I found and it’s by @the_beardo_photography all photos taken while performing with @wolfpac I have so much fun every time I step on stage with them and the chaos breaks loose! Much love to the whole crew and much love to those that support us. See you at the Gathering y’all! #Wolfpac #SugarDaddyProductions #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #MusicLife #MusicIsLife

1 week ago

My brother @nuttinxnyce and I holding it down at @popsrocksstl for #theaxeisfamilytour2019 last Wednesday. It was a great night thank you to everyone that came out to witness this phenomenal line up of underground talent much love y’all! And if you haven’t seen this The Axe Is Family tour yet the scope out the dates and check out some real underground talent! Best believe Nyce and I are working on some heat for y’all keep your eyes out #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #PopsRocks #DoYouEvenPopsBro

1 month ago

As an artist I want anyone to come out n see me at any show whether it’s a Juggalo type of gig, hip hop gig or even one of the random rock shows I sometimes end up on. Juggalo or not a Juggalo if you bump my music come out to shows n rep FTI Army I have mad mad mad love for you! All are welcome at my shows don’t let anyone make you think otherwise, come party with me and @nuttinxnyce March 6th at @popsrocksstl hosted by @replicon_radio It will be a fun night hit us up for tickets! #FTITilIDie #DoYouEvenPopsBro #TheAxeIsFamilyTour #MNE #LSP #FTIArmy PS if you’re an FTI Army soldier let us know you rep that shit because we love it!

1 month ago

Tell me... when you feel like everything is hopeless, impossible and completely pointless... what keeps you going, what keeps you getting out of bed what keeps you trying to move improve, better yourself and move forward? For those of you reading this I want to know. Photo by: @ogdrewcifer #MotivateMe #BringMeUp #HeadProblems #MotivationProblems

2 months ago

It’s going down this month! I’m performing at Shaggy 2 Dope’s FTFOMF Tour January 11th at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis Missouri and @nuttinxnyce is performing on Violent J and Esham’s E & J tour at the same location on January 30th! Contact us about purchasing tickets and the deal we have going! #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #Psy #PsychopathicRecords #Hatchetman #Juggalo #FTFOMF #UndergroundHipHop #UndergroundMusic #BlueberryHill #DuckRoom #StLouis #Missouri #MO #STL #STLMO

3 months ago

That game face! Preparing to bring 2018 to a close. I can’t believe it’s already December and this year has been one wild ride. Still one month to get through. Looking forward to carving a better path in 2019. Like I said game face! Getting ready to drop this album called “Crazy But Not Crazy” very soon, as early as I can in 2019 we still have a few things to wrap up and we will be golden. Couple new videos for that album in the works so keep your eyes out for a Ghost right? Hope everyone is having a great day! Photo taken at @popsrocksstl #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #stlundergroundhiphop #hiphop #rap #music #undergroundmusic #undergroundrap #DoYouEvenPopsBro #undergroundhiphop

5 months ago

Yo it’s going down right after #FrightFest in St. Louis! The party starts at @popsrocksstl with @officialtwiztid @miwband @fitforakingtx & @allaxulelu then we move the party over to @fubarstl for the Official Afterparty featuring performances by MMMFD( @scumlsp & @therealinsanepoetry ), @bukshizzle & @iamclaas of UGA, Damien Quinn of Dark Half, @frodotheghost & @nuttinxnyce , and @sawblade636 live in concert! You don’t want to miss these 2 back to back shows this Halloween night St. Louis! #MNE #LSP #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #CultShit #Halloween #HipHop #Underground #UndergroundHipHop

7 months ago

I’m at the point where I’m trying to just work on my wallet and making more music. Times get crazy and I haven’t been the best at keeping up so I’m looking to evolve some more with my sound. With that said what kinda song do you want to hear from me? Leave a comment, who knows you might inspire me. Also who, within reason, are some artists you want to hear collaborate with me? I’ve got a list of guaranteed artists I’ll be making songs with but I like seeing what y’all say on that subject holler at me leave a comment let me know. #RiseNGrind #MusicLife #Underground #FTITilIDie #Rap #HipHop #UndergroundMusic #FTIArmy Photo by: @Jm_Draven

7 months ago

Kinda cool when you go out of town and everything you ordered online is waiting for you right when you get back. Dig these new rings on the fists, the Red Lantern Ring Of Rage and the Black Lantern Ring Of Death crafted by @artista_burke thank you man proud member of the UAB Ring Corps! Photo by: @demona_murder Black Lantern Oath: “The Blackest Night falls from the skies, the darkness grows as the light dies, we crave your hearts and your demise, by my black hand, the dead shall rise!” Red Lantern Oath: “With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we’ll burn you all, that is your fate!” #RedLantern #BlackLantern #UABRingCorps #UnderworldAndBeyond #FTIarmy #FTITilIDie