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1 month ago

Getting it done!

1 month ago

Taste the blood from your knife! Have you seen the “Crazy Not Crazy” music video yet? If you haven’t follow the link in my bio or the link attached to this post when I promote it. Make sure you hit like if you enjoyed it, please share and please show your friends! Much love y’all hope your day has been great! The video was shot by @thefilmlegends #CrazyNotCrazy #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #MusicVideo #TheFilmLegends

1 month ago

Those moments where you think you may lose your mind. The moment you feel your sanity slipping away. That moment when the madness begins to set in. Those moments where you just want to rip your hair out from being bombarded and overwhelmed from your own thoughts and stress. It’s in these moments where we are put to the test, sent through the wringer. These are the moments that build and shape us into who we are. No one is truly sane. #CrazyNotCrazy #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie

2 months ago

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Grandmother Myrna Mercer! Most kind hearted person I know. She taught me how to swim, taught me some of what I know about cooking. She never fails to make me smile. I wish I just took this pic right now but I’m at work, Grandma I’ll see you soon, I love you!

3 months ago

Yea buddy! It’s going down 4/21 Easter Sunday at 6pm I’m being interviewed by the homie @twiztidtat2 on Facebook live for @lspmidwest so for those of you that don’t know about me, think you know about me or actually do know about me come check it out and hang with us for an hour. I welcome everyone, homies, fans, HATERS, ya mom, ya grandma, ya grandpa, ya auntie, ya uncle... everybody TUNE IN! #LSP #LSPMidWest #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #CrazyNotCrazy #CrazyNotCrazyComingSoon #ComeOneComeAll #EvenHatersAreWelcome

4 months ago

A bit of a throw back. The first 2 photos are from the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2016, photo number 1 by #CherryBombPhotography and photo number 2 by @jm_draven. Photo 3 is a screen shot from a YouTube video with some highlights of the Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 from Sorgatron Media’s YouTube channel. Photo number 4 is a new one for me I google image searched ya at GOTJ2018 and that’s what I found and it’s by @the_beardo_photography all photos taken while performing with @wolfpac I have so much fun every time I step on stage with them and the chaos breaks loose! Much love to the whole crew and much love to those that support us. See you at the Gathering y’all! #Wolfpac #SugarDaddyProductions #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #MusicLife #MusicIsLife

4 months ago

My brother @nuttinxnyce and I holding it down at @popsrocksstl for #theaxeisfamilytour2019 last Wednesday. It was a great night thank you to everyone that came out to witness this phenomenal line up of underground talent much love y’all! And if you haven’t seen this The Axe Is Family tour yet the scope out the dates and check out some real underground talent! Best believe Nyce and I are working on some heat for y’all keep your eyes out #FTIArmy #FTITilIDie #PopsRocks #DoYouEvenPopsBro

4 months ago

As an artist I want anyone to come out n see me at any show whether it’s a Juggalo type of gig, hip hop gig or even one of the random rock shows I sometimes end up on. Juggalo or not a Juggalo if you bump my music come out to shows n rep FTI Army I have mad mad mad love for you! All are welcome at my shows don’t let anyone make you think otherwise, come party with me and @nuttinxnyce March 6th at @popsrocksstl hosted by @replicon_radio It will be a fun night hit us up for tickets! #FTITilIDie #DoYouEvenPopsBro #TheAxeIsFamilyTour #MNE #LSP #FTIArmy PS if you’re an FTI Army soldier let us know you rep that shit because we love it!

5 months ago

Tell me... when you feel like everything is hopeless, impossible and completely pointless... what keeps you going, what keeps you getting out of bed what keeps you trying to move improve, better yourself and move forward? For those of you reading this I want to know. Photo by: @ogdrewcifer #MotivateMe #BringMeUp #HeadProblems #MotivationProblems