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5 days ago

12.02.19 | One Great City ___ Winter sunrise are something special. They bring light and color into the gray everyday life. #allthealleys

1 week ago

10.02.19 | Schiffer Haus ___ Can I move in please? This is one of my favorite little house in #bremen

2 weeks ago

29.01.19 | Your Own Story ___ Frome left so many nice memories on my mind. I wonder if a place like this will ever exist near my hometown Hamburg. #allthealleys

3 weeks ago

26.01.19 | Winter Morning ___ Early morning in my second living room: 'Schnoor‘ district in Bremen. I always stop there on my way to work, to refuel for the upcoming day. #allthealleys

3 weeks ago

24.01.19 | Windmill ___ For a very short moment Bremen was painted all white and turned into a fairytale #bremermoment

4 weeks ago

20.01.19 | Quiet Houses ___ Snow white meets pastel. #bremen

4 weeks ago

19.01.19 | Find Your Way ___ Last night the first snowflakes came to visit Bremen. Enjoy your winter weekend, folks! #allthealleys vs. #whpwanderlust

1 month ago

13.01.19 | Streets Of Lübeck ___ The cute city Lübeck is just a 50km drive away from Hamburg with tiny houses and colorful backyards and because of its extensive Brick Gothic architecture, it is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. #allthealleys #whpinspiredby

1 month ago

12.01.19 | Snowy Day ___ A few snowflakes make Monschau look even more fairytale like. #Monschau

1 month ago

06.01.19 | On The River ___ This is definitely my favorite view in Monschau. It looks as if the river was flowing through the houses. #whpunexpected