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2 days ago

09.12.18 | Advent ___ For the holiday season Schnoor district in Bremen turns into a even more magical place. I wish you a nice second advent. #whpnaturallight vs. #allthealleys

1 week ago

04.12.18 | Calm Morning ___ Can you feel the sun through your screen? The warm colors of Mallorca are my favorite ones. #allthealleys

1 week ago

01.12.18 | Green Day ___ Today is a special day for me. Spending it with a bunch of friends on Mallorca. Fingers crossed for sunshine. #allthealleys

1 week ago

28.11.18 | Gold Hill ___ A latergram from our summer vacation in UK, where we spent an afternoon in Shaftesbury. I like to travel back to the time. But the next adventure is already waiting for us. #allthealleys

2 weeks ago

25.11.18 | Autumn Collection ___ The classic in autumn colors. This corner looks wonderful in every season, but autumn is probably the most beautiful. Or winter when it snows... #allthealleys #autumn

2 weeks ago

24.11.18 | String ___ Obviously this is one of my favorite places in Bremen. Especially at sunrise, when the houses have this magical glow. #allthealleys #bremermoment

2 weeks ago

21.11.18 | Golden City ___ Last days of autumn and I have a feeling that snow is around the corner. It’s so freezing cold here. #wonderlustamsterdam #amsterdamlife

3 weeks ago

17.11.18 | Morning Breeze ___ Morning is my favorite time of the day. I like taking pictures when the city awakens. Enjoy the weekend and take care. #allthealleys #autumn

1 month ago

11.11.18 | Sunday Kind Of Love ___ What a wonderful weekend, full of fun, beachwalks and indie rock. Hope you had a great time as well. #whpseasonal #bremen