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1 week ago

😂😂😂 we ain’t spending no mo bread on y’all “Toxic” ass, we keeping our money right T? 💀 #cwoodz

1 month ago

I flew out to London without a case, and shot this movie cause it meant something to me! I appreciate everyone who was apart of it and helped bring this vision to life! It’s finally here! Link in my bio! #London #movie #cwoodz #pleasedont

2 months ago

Lord please cover me in your spirit and keep me away from these demons! Hope my music continues to touch and inspire ppl! It’s time for me to reroute my message. #PleaseDont #London #Blue #offwhite

2 months ago

DONT NOBODY OWE YOU ANYTHING! I stopped expecting things from ppl a long time ago, expectations is a short version of being “let down”! I’m not speaking to 1 person, I’m speaking to “numerous” of ppl! Got me vexed! The people around me know I don’t ask for handouts, I go get it on my own. I’m really selfmade, like when I say I came from nothing, I mean it! It’ll take 2 books and a movie to tell my story. From birth I wasn’t suppose to make it, so don’t come to my face telling me your problems on how you didn’t make it to the next level or you need this. You only transition from one level to the next when you’re tired of the level you’re already on! Right @et Selfish, no work ethic, complacent humans want the most man! Whoever need to hear this, just know you’re the 1% percent!

3 months ago

Shout to @effierosetheos Shout out @saabeah man them twins man, they move like the Mafia! I enjoyed my time in London. I wanna thank y’all for working so hard on my video, the both of you went all out on directing and producing this motion picture, we filmed the whole day literally till 3am next day and neither of you complained or stopped. Most ppl don’t know this but we’ve been planning to shoot this master piece for a year now and we finally got it done! Two of the “best” badass directors based out of London, y’all forever ♾ good cause we fam now! #PleaseDont #Twins #London #Curls #CWoodz

5 months ago

Listening to music at the Mayan Ruins, true devotion on the bluest ocean! #Mayan #Ruins #Mexico

5 months ago

Flew my sister out to Cancun to enjoy life without strife! #Cancun

5 months ago

Thankful for everyone who was involved in making “Born in October” a masterpiece in my eyes, from listening, reposting, streaming and most importantly buying the EP! My career is nothing without true fans like y’all, no artist is! This year is almost over with and the visuals for this project will be crazy, stay tuned and be ready! I’ll be working twice as hard next year! #Pressure #Applied #For #2019 #CWoodz

6 months ago

#Something Video Out Now! Link in Bio! This was one of the funnest videos I shot this year! Caption the first pic, Haha #thanksgiving

7 months ago

#BornInOctober EP Out Now on All Streaming Platforms! “Link In Bio” 🗣Let’s get It.

7 months ago

#Born - 28 Look at my scars, they can tell you that the battle was real, They never know what you been through until you just show em the field They just think all of my culture was born and raised to kill We go to the doctors, they tell us we sick, now we popping them pills Skin Black like Wakanda, might fly to Uganda 🇺🇬 to do my dance in Uganda You know we fuccing up the summer. Today, I was blessed to see 28, thank you God! My new project is out now, link in bio! 🗣 Go Get That! #BornInOctober

7 months ago

Out Right Now, Everywhere! #BornInOctober. I appreciate everyone for following me on this journey and supporting me and my music! It’s only up from here! #Music #October

8 months ago

“Born in October“ October 19th 2018! PREORDER MY EP NOW! (LINK IN MY BIO)🎃 #BornInOctober

8 months ago

I let God control what I can not control! #CarterV got me in!

1 year ago

Made it through everything they said I couldn’t, made amends even when I shouldn’t!