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3 days ago

Happy 1st Birthday to Jackson!! 🐕🎉🍀

1 week ago

Our little family 👫🐕

1 month ago

The road to entrepreneurship can be a difficult one. Not everything is going to work out as planned or go the way you want it to. There will be days of joy and days where you completely pissed off... That's life though, it's not all peaches n cream. The thing to remember is your end goal. Where is it you want to be? For me.. I want to be free! Free to do what I want when I want. No job telling me what to do or controlling me. Simply the ability to make my own way and design my days! Whose with me?

1 month ago

Jackson is a super cool pup ❄🐶

1 month ago

Can't wait for our next adventure!! This world is so beautiful and there is no one on earth I'd rather share each experience with! 🌎👫 Any one guess where we plan to go next? (Hint) We will be in the US

1 month ago

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky" - Rabindranath Tagore . Life is all about perspective. People can view the same thing in completely different ways. . Our goal this year is to embrace every moment. The good and the bad. . Because there is always something good that will come from it or valuable lessons learned. . And always know that bad times will pass by...making you STRONGER and able to appreciate the good times all the more!

1 month ago

Jackson went through a teething stage as all puppies do and we felt good that he hadn't destroyed too much....🐶 . Just when we thought he was done we had an unexpected surprise 😮 . A bald spot missing in the middle of the carpet! . Jackson said it wasn't him but we ain't buying it....smh! . . . #dogmemes #dogshaming #dogchewedit #itwasntme #dogsofinstagram #gsdofinstagram #gsd #gsdlove #gsdpuppy #toocuteforwords #dididothat #dowhatiwant #doghouse #iwasjustplaying #instadog #instagermanshepherd #dogmomlife #chewseverything #dogmemeofinsta #imtheboss #dogboss #lookatthoseeyes #canthelpit #germanshepherdpuppy #redhanded #busted #howcouldyoubemadatthatface #uhoh #mybad #saywhat

1 month ago

This was right before we got HITCHED! 🤵👰 Let me tell you how they day went! Drove from Mount Zion, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada! Arrived approximately 12:30 Stood in line to get our marriage license at the Clark County Courthouse. Booked our wedding with Austin Powers (groovy baby yeah!) Went shopping! Ate lunch- burgers at like 4:30 🍔 Got a hotel at the MGM Grand Shower, shaved, got dressed! Called mom as we were about to head out to the limousine And married around 7:34 😁😍 With our digital marketing friends joining! That's how you do it 😉💥 . Could you plan a wedding in one day? Let us know below 👇

1 month ago

On a cold day like today we are missing Hawaii! 🏝👙 . This was a beautiful day on Maui 💕 . How I wish we were soaking up the sun and listening to the peaceful sound of the waves... 🌊 . Can't wait to go back!

1 month ago

One of our favorite puppy pics! 🐶 . Hard to believe that pinecone was almost the size of him! . Time sure does fly by fast ⏰ . Make sure to make every day count!

2 months ago

Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before 💕

2 months ago

Find the beauty in everything 🍁 Take time to find it in even in the strangest of places. It's all around you, just depends on your perception if you can see it or not.

2 months ago

Jackson's favorite past time... . Chewing things! . At least this time it was his toy 😂

2 months ago

We love to go to the beach in the winter! . Sure it's cold but in a way it's the best time to go! . ....why?? . Because we have the entire beach to ourselves!! . It's absolutely beautiful! 🏖 . And our favorite thing to do is find seashells! 🐚 . There are tons to choose from in all colors and shapes! . Perfect for my art projects! . Have you ever been to the beach in the winter??

2 months ago

Our all time favorite picture we took in Key West! ⛵🌅 . We went for our birthday week 2017 🎉 . Mallory Square is known for it's amazing Sunsets and entertainment leading up to it! . We saw an old man juggle knives on a tight rope! ⚔ . We will definitely be going back one day 😊 . It was the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen! . Can't wait to see so many more around the world 🌎

2 months ago

Like seriously how could you not love this crazy pup?! . He is constantly high energy! . And at times...tbh can be a little annoying but... . I wouldn't trade him for the world 🐶🌎

2 months ago

Ran across a cool quote today. . "Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself" - Mehmet Murat ildan . This really struck humans we typically follow the path that's already been made for us. . Why? Because it's easier, that's what I'm "supposed" to do, or you didn't know there was another way . As an entrepreneur you create your own path just like water! . And sure you will have twists and turns and may even stumble upon a waterfall. . But isn't it worth it to say that it's the path you chose and were able to create?! . I think so 😉

2 months ago

Horseshoe Bend was absolutely amazing! . Our Earth is beyond beautiful! . We recently have started becoming more environmentally friendly. . We recycle, bought bamboo toothbrushes, and are going to start bringing our own bags to the grocery store. . What things do you do to help the environment?