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8 months ago

Mine would be "Don't quit". I don't regret much from my past because I believe everything happens for a reason but there are so many things that I wish I hadn't given up on. It's crazy how much control anxiety has. It's a slow process, but I will keep growing and adding the things I love doing back into my life.

9 months ago

Workouts include fetch or her attacking my legs🤷🏼‍♀️

9 months ago

Wake up and decide, is today going to be awesome or suck? The choice is always yours! You make what you want out of the situations you’re in so how are you going to live your life?

10 months ago

At the end of the day, you are the one that matters! Make yourself happy, accomplish your goals and dreams and do what you want in life! If you’re happy everything else will fall into place

10 months ago

I love supporting small businesses and finding unique things so tag your favorite small business below 👇 If you own a small business don't be afraid to tag yourself 💜 @activewithzyia

11 months ago

What foods have you learned to love? Or tolerate? I haven't liked bussels sprouts for 19 years but I added a little chipotle seasoning and now they're one of my favorite snacks! Being healthy is hard when you're picky but try new things, new seasonings, mix different foods together and you might just find your new favorite food:)

1 year ago

Sundays = goal setting.🙌🏼 Believe in yourself, believe in your goals, & don’t spend the rest of your life wondering IF you can do it. You CAN do it👊🏼

1 year ago

Loving the new workout gear from @activewithzyia ! I decided to become a rep because I practically live in these joggers and I wanted a discount on the others🙌 Check out my shop link in the bio so we can wear cute joggers together!<3

1 year ago

I want to know what makes you happy? Do you do something everyday that makes you happy? <3

1 year ago

1 year ago

It’s Monday morning. Today is your day for a fresh start. Hit that button in your mind that tells you this day is a refresh. Give yourself grace for the past days or weeks or months that you’ve fallen off track, and let’s get after the day that’s been given!

1 year ago

Let no one discourage your ambition. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.

1 year ago

“It’s so important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give people permission to acknowledge their own story”

1 year ago

Blueberries and plain oatmeal. That's it. I used to eat the sugar filled oatmeal or add spoon fulls of sugar to my plain oatmeal everyday. It wasn't easy but my oatmeal is now sugar free! I know flavored oatmeal is the bomb.. I was obsessed with peaches and cream.. but it is not healthy. When I need to change something about my diet I dont quit cold turkey. That leads to immidiate failure for me. I take it one day at a time, one grain of sugar at a time. Everyday I would use a little less sugar until I got used to the taste. I don't mean going from one spoon full to half a spoon to no sugar. I used maybe a pinch less. It takes time but it always works. Dont forget to play around with it too. I add blueberries for the sweet taste. Others use peanut butter or bananas. Don't eat oatmeal? Try this with your coffee.

1 year ago

Let's hear it babes! 👇🏼

1 year ago

Hands up if you deal with anxiety. The truth is, it's crippling & feels like sometimes I have no control. You know what is something I do have control of?! My FITNESS. Being in control of my body has been a GAME-CHANGER in helping me cope with my anxiety. So ya, it's not all about being "skinny" -- it's about being strong not just on the outside, but IN.

1 year ago

"There's nothing wrong with girls who do a lot to maintain their appearance, and theres's nothing wrong with girls who do very litte to maintain their appearance. But there's something very wrong with girls who think it's okay to judge girls who do either or. Sit down and let a girl live how she wants"