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1 day ago

🚨MOTIVATION MONDAY 🚨 I wanted to share this picture with you guys. It was taken in July 2010 straight after I just ran my first 5km race in Brighton, England. I entered it to raise money for cancer awareness after suddenly losing a very important person in my life. I had an office job at the time, I wasn’t “into” fitness, I could give or take a training session with ease - always favouriting work or socialising, I would run about 3km to and from a local gym but with no scheduled training plan as I didn’t take it seriously. • Race day was amusing in hindsight. I had more than likely had one too many glasses of wine the night before. I was totally unprepared for the weather to be so warm but I went for it. The course was trail in a beautiful park and in the respite of the woodland shade I vividly remember being so thirsty and dry lipped that I licked the back of my hand to try to satiate myself. From the wood to the finish it was a downhill to flat charge and my legs just went. As I ran down the finishing straight I heard the race announcer say my number in the same breathe as top 10 finisher; I was overwhelmed. • I had never considered myself a runner but always knew I enjoyed the motion and feeling. At this point I didn’t have a running watch, social media was extremely minimal (I joined Facebook solely to fundraise for this event!!) and the dedication to sharing fitness journeys was not common. However I knew this was the start of something I wanted to become better at and pursue other goals. So I did. • Fast forward 8.5 years and here I am. Still progressing. Still challenging myself to become better. Still running and smiling. Definitely not licking my hand to try to hydrate mid race!! • Go get after your dreams. The parameters will always change as you grow so the hustle never stops. Be prepared to dig deep. The work will never get easier, you just get stronger and challenge yourself in ways you may never have dreamed you could.

6 days ago

Motivation to lace up and get out there!! How are you guys doing this #rundecember ? Honestly today I could have stayed in my warm apartment and cracked on with work I have to do. However I know my mind is always cleared and more focused once I’ve done some cardio. That motivated me to lace up and head out for 5 miles and it flew by. My body loved it, my mind loved it and now (once I put my phone down!!!) I’m going to get super productive!! • Now I need to you all realise that rest is as important (if not more important) as training however for December I’m running everyday to try to help you guys get out there no matter what this festive month throws your way. By getting out there it can be a 10 min brisk walk, a light recovery jog, or a tempo run but make sure you manage your sessions accordingly as all I’m encouraging you to do is raise that heart rate daily. • Learn to adapt to your body and it’s needs. Let me know if you’re running daily in December with me and how you’re keeping yourself going!!

1 week ago

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Take those steps, you never know where they’re going to lead you. • Some of you may know some may not, but I used to have an office based job in Public Relations. Monday to a Friday dawn to dusk. It wasn’t my passion. My heart burned bright for running and the freedom and peace it gave me was noticed by my family who supported me to change my career path, retrain and enter health and fitness in order to inspire other people with my joy. • Fast forward and here I am. I am absolutely living a dream life. My job is to help others on their journey to loving fitness specifically running and celebrating the progress their beautiful bodies can and will make. • This wasn’t an overnight process for me to get to where I am. It’s taken years and I ensure I always continue to grow and progress. Patience is a virtue. Find that fire in your heart, focus on it and make it burn so bright you’ll never look back. • One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

1 week ago

Part of dreaming big is never stopping working hard. You’ve got to think strong to finish strong and I want to know how you guys are going to finish this year stronger than ever? • Every month you have hustled hard and pushed past your comfort zones. You deserve to celebrate. • Celebrate by making yourself one step closer to those dreams. What’s your reason to kick butt in 2019? Let me know what goals you’re working towards, let’s see this year out in style and welcome the new one with some serious pazazzzz! Bring it on, 2018!

1 week ago

Can you believe it, our @onepeloton family just got bigger! • I am so thrilled to be able to share with you guys that Peloton is launching live streaming yoga and just introduced our amazing roster of new yoga instructors @diti22 @annagreenberg and @kristinmcgee. • Get excited and get ready to flow with these new instructors on all Peloton platforms starting 12/26. • Catch you on the mat!

2 weeks ago

Yes I love to run. Getting out there to run everyday in whatever the weather throws at me this December is going to be a challenge though. But I’ve accepted it and excited for pushing my comfort boundaries. No matter what I know that each step will make me stronger and I’ll feel a tonne better once I’m back and job done. • What are your winter running schedules looking like? Is there one thing that you know is going to really try to stop you from lacing up and getting the miles in this winter? Let me know - maybe we can figure it out together!

2 weeks ago

Peering over the hump of the week with a little glisten in the eye 😜December is literally just around the corner and if you want to know what’s in my sights for the month...I have to ask you if YOU ARE READY TO JOIN ME? • I strongly believe that running is an extension of walking - it’s the same process; one foot in front of the other, it’s just turning those steps over slightly faster. You should have no expectations for each run other than to keep smiling and enjoy it - albeit I know that high often hits home when you’re done just remember it’s coming!! True progression takes time: patience, determination and motivation will help you along your journey so much. And I will do all I can too. • Let me know if you’re ready for December and we can get ourselves closer to our unknown together.

3 weeks ago

HEY YOU...yeah you..I want to hear about your goals. As 2018 draws to a close it’s wonderful to reflect on the months past but I also love to encourage people to shine their light bright on the new challenges that lay ahead. • Wake some inspiration, widen those eyes and dream until you make it real. Nothing is impossible, work for it and make it happen.

3 weeks ago

Guess what @onepeloton fam...we have released a bunch of new Outdoor sessions for you guys today. • Follow the link in my bio and check Peloton Digital out, I’m gifting you with a 30min Pop Fun Run and a 30 min Funk Fun Walk for your Thanksgiving weekend fitness fun! • Lace up, layer up and head outside to soak up some sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and let those legs roll. Let me know what you think when you take them!!

3 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving one and all 🍂🦃 • Celebrating my first holiday here in NYC and I surrounded by new friends, all of whom I am beyond grateful to be close to. In the spirit of the day, I’m making sure I cover all bases of these large elements of my life I am very thankful for - family, friends, running, food and smiling!! • What are you guys feeling thankful for? Let me know below!! Enjoy it and remember to relax a little too. Happy Thanksgiving team 👊🏼⚡️

4 weeks ago

MONDAY, your week kick starter day...or is it?! • Apparently over half the population no longer work the standard Monday to Friday week so ANY day of the week can be your jump start, your call to action to kick some goals in the butt. • I believe in creating and maintaining good habits and routines but I also believe that the body doesn’t know what day of the week it is. So if your week restarts and your reset button is pushed on a Wednesday then you rock it or if you’re more like me, give yourself the chance to wake up, analyse goals and crush them EVERYDAY.

1 month ago

Am I a runner? Yes. Do I crave the time of my day I get to run? Yes. Do I try to complete all my sessions every week no matter what? Yes! Do I like running outside at all times? Nope! • Think whatever you like, but my opinion is this - I would rather run inside than miss my workout over fear of running through inclement weather. This sudden and early snowfall in NYC has this right on my mind!! So I wanted to talk about my indoor training home - and my fabulous job as an instructor - on this beautiful @onepeloton Tread - a piece of hardware I couldn’t be more grateful for. • I’ve always done a huge amount of my speed work on a Tread rather than at the track...again just my personal preference. Either place gets the job done, either place requires good coaching and runner control to make it safe and worthwhile to your progress. Trust the process and join us on the Tread, just once...and experience our community and get sweaty. • Trust me you’ll LOVE it!!!

1 month ago

Anytime, anywhere...that’s the beauty of running. It has no constrictions other than the ones we put on the action. It’s a solo sport but encompassed within the biggest community I’ve ever known. It serves as my release. My freedom. My way of being me. • Lace up, get out there. Run with me, run with everyone, run with no one but RUN I think you’ll like it!!

1 month ago

If you believe you can, you will. • Let nothing get in your way...or at least not for too long. Rise up and above, work hard and smile my friends. You have one life so let’s live it. • Get out there, discover your uncomfortable place, run into your unknown and shine your light bright 👊🏼⚡️

1 month ago

Whilst bathing in the warm glow of the @nycmarathon love; looking around at every smile, every cheer, everyone, the penny dropped on why New York is so darn great! • You’re a city that attracts badass souls, ready to work hard, ready to support, ready to smile, ready to sweat. You showed up this weekend and you’ve inspired me beyond anything I ever imagined and I couldn’t be more grateful. • Let’s continue the community feeling, let’s keep supporting one another through our adventures in life, every single day. Smile at that stranger in the street who seems stressed out, high five another runner on your next run, tell someone they can do it even if they don’t ask. Let’s start having each other’s backs more often, it makes the world such a beautiful place.

1 month ago

Defensive? No. Focused on me. • It’s time to look inwardly and in doing so I know I have more to give. Possibly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of me but discipline isn’t my strongest skill - it comes down to having a little chat with myself and focusing what I want. Accessing my deeper well proves to myself I have more in me and I can work harder, if I get my a#$e into gear! • We all have 24 hours in the day (minus 6-8 of GOOD sleep), make the most of them. Find out what you want from yourself, deep down and give yourself the best chances to achieve it. • Run into your unknown- trust me it’s not that scary.

1 month ago

Together we go far 👊🏼⚡️ • Sunday’s are a great day to dedicate to YOU - to head for your long run, to reassess your training schedule, to plan your week ahead or to simply kick back and cold chill. But my message is this, if you’re reaching a plateau or perhaps feel like you’re at a point you want to challenge yourself a little harder...remember we are part of a team. • @onepeloton has a strong community along with the running and training world, so utilise it and feed from those who inspire you. Ask questions, learn from them in order to learn about your body - it’s the best education in my opinion!

1 month ago don’t have to run to be part of the fun. Today my awesome @onepeloton Tread fam and I have some new Outdoor sessions dropping on #pelotondigital so go ahead and check out my 30 min Walk + Core! • Take a deep breath in, engage with nature and absorb the beauty around you ✌🏼