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@becsgentry   ⚡️ @onepeloton TREAD Instructor ⚡️ Nike Running Ambassador Run into your unknown, you’ll fly; your smile is your wings.

1 day ago

❤️ Sending you all so much running fuelled love today, with a focus on the love everyday ❤️ • Not sure when I last slept properly or ate properly but I am sure I know the world is a much better place when it’s full of love. • Day 1 in Hong Kong has been epic and made me really want to encourage you all to smile more and give out more loving vibes starting right’s THE day for it!!! ❤️ •

4 days ago

The beating heart of running for me is about experience, adventure, and exploration. I love to move through locations - old and new- whilst absorbing the environment around me. After living in London for 14 years I would often discover new buildings or new streets on my runs and now NYC is offering me newness with every run. • The adventure side of running comes through travel, it immediately gets me out of my comfort zone, I run free and let my feet take me where my heart desires. • I’m so lucky to be able to embark on my next running adventure at #hkmarathon with @discoverhongkong next weekend. I couldn’t be more excited to explore this brand new city over 26.2 miles and more!!! Running into a whole new unknown here folks!!! 🇭🇰

1 week ago

Putting one foot in front of the other moving forward through space and time, seems like a really simple description of the motion of running. And I’m here to tell you that the art of running is really simple too. • We tend to over complicate things these days: whether it’s through competitive nature - having a fear of running incase you’re not as “good” as other people, or through missing the point - running because it’s “cool”. • Running is super simple, you lace up and go do it. Whether you walk faster than your standard daytime walk or run like you’re being chased, make sure you’re doing it with heart and smiling with every one of those steps. • Make no mistake. We are all able to be runners. Take the pressure off yourself to be the best runner from day’s a process, a journey, a never ending adventure of self exploration. That is something that cannot and should not be rushed. • Run for you. That’s all.

2 weeks ago

🚨 New @onepeloton Outdoor Run alert!! • Team I’m super excited to bring you my 20min House Fun Run. You’re going to take this run and really focus on how you’re feeling about it, finding your stride, connecting your body and mind. Let the music take you on a journey and challenge yourself track by track. • Tag me when you’ve done the workout and share your run with me. Keep your motivation close by and let’s go have some fun out there! • Also check out the new runs from my awesome teammates too!

2 weeks ago

Your smile is your wings. Never run without it....because you can always fly. • Self confidence, self belief and self motivation all take some time to manifest but we all need to focus on how we channel them to bring about the best in ourselves. Find your inner peace then your strength will flow. Start the week well however you start it. •

3 weeks ago

Sometimes you just have to let it all go...especially when you feel like you’ve really been challenged!! • How do you get through those super tough days? Personally I focus on the strength of knowing that when I get through that moment my body and mind will have made an adaptation. You have to experience and understand discomfort to get stronger. You have to run into your unknown to even know your unknown. It’s at that moment when you want to give up, slow down, turn around and escape, that you suck it up, you push on harder, stronger. You adapt to the moment and therefore adapt to a new level of comfort. • I know you never give up, so share your ways to conquer those moments of weakness, when negativity tries to pull you down and steer you off your journeys course. You’re never alone.

3 weeks ago

What makes you get up and go? • After receiving my acceptance of guaranteed entry to @nycmarathon yesterday I certainly got a spring in my step. This morning I woke up with a newly stirred drive to get after my goals. • Now NYC Marathon is a while away yet, and yes I have other marathons in between now and then, but it was so eye opening to realise that email gave me a confidence boost, it reinstated a rev in my engine. • Even when the body feels good sometimes a mental or emotional boost can spur you on harder than you realised. Never stop chasing your dreams friends. They’re there for the taking but you’ve got to work for them. GO GET IT!!!

4 weeks ago

RUN INTO YOUR UNKNOWN • To make progress you have to get familiar with being uncomfortable. Your unknown can be an unfamiliar, uncomfortable place but find your strength, shine your light bright and go go go. Only you can own running into your unknown. • Find the words that make you move in the new @onepeloton instructor quote collection online and available now!!

1 month ago

In progress there must be patience. • How do you rest and relax friends? As much as I love to challenge myself, I am very conscious that part of progressing means allowing my body and mind recovery time. I value my down time hugely; sometimes it involves a lot of food and putting my feet up, other times it’s walking around and exploring this awesome new city I’m affectionately starting to call home. Whatever my rest days involve I am strict about maintaining them as the benefits are immediately measurable when I crank the intensity back up!! And who wouldn’t want to feel that? • Be patient with your training. Be patient with your body. Rest days are not for the weak they’re for the strongest of us all.

1 month ago

Me, myself and I. That’s what’s going down most of the time I run. Me time. I learn about me. I think about me. I focus on me. I am alone with me. It’s not selfish. It’s not arrogant. It’s my way of running progression. I like to run alone. I enjoy discovering about my thoughts while I run. I like to hear the odd voices in my head and their even more odd conversations. I like to understand how my run affects me. • Without this would I progress? I think not. I have a deeper understanding of my running from every run which leads me to feel more confident, stronger and ready to attack my goals head on the next time I need to. • Take time for you. Become better acquainted with yourself. You are important.

1 month ago

Officially 100 days out from BOSTON MARATHON!! • It’s time to get the mental preparation solid, find the drivers and motivators that get me out the door and into my stride. • My road to Boston is already exciting me with challenges, but also knowing I have so many friends here in NYC and beyond who are on the journey with me. Together we support one another in the community and get each other to the finish line strong and fierce. • Let me know what your big race is this year and tag a friend who’s helping you achieve your dream.

1 month ago

It may feel like a dream right now but anything you put your mind to you CAN achieve. • The start of every day, every week, every month is an opportunity to self-analyse and propel yourself forwards in the direction YOU want to go. • Aim high, be strong and wake up with drive and determination to make your dreams reality. If you have friend who you can be alongside for the journey even better. Get after it team!!

1 month ago

Welcome to 2019 @onepeloton family ⚡️ Thank you all for trusting me as one of your coaches, for starting journeys with me and in doing so we have become better versions of ourselves. • You’ve all made me feel at home in NYC and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the best team in the world - PS: aren’t they all just awesome?! • We can’t wait to bring you everything and more in 2019. Let’s rock this year Peloton!

1 month ago

That feeling of deep down pride mixed with exhaustion, when you know you’ve given your best. That’s what I train for. • It’s not always the fastest. It’s not always the longest. It’s not always the toughest. It is always my best. • Times a ticking out on 2018. How are you finishing strong this year? What can you give your best to between now and the first day of 2019. Whatever it is, remember to smile, to feel proud of yourself and show love to everyone around you. Carry these elements through everyday next year and you’re onto a winner 👊🏼⚡️

1 month ago

Strong, proud and always ready to run. Counting down the days to the new year means that certain start lines are drawing closer, my determination is firing up and the excitement for the journey is growing. • Every day is a new adventure and I encourage you all to take every day as it comes. Never compare yourself to yesterday nor expect too much from tomorrow. Live in the moment and run free. • The sun is shining here in NYC and that means I’m off for an Outdoor Run. Why don’t you give yourself a belated gift; download the @onepeloton app and join me out there with my brand new 20 min Intermediate HIIT Run. • Let me know where you’re running this holiday season and what start lines are getting closer!

1 month ago

🎄Wishing one and all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅🏼 I hope you’re celebrating and filling your hearts with joy and love. • Be thankful for all you have, be thankful for all you’re able to work towards and grateful for the amazing body you live in, looking after it is the best gift you can give yourself. • Catch my @onepeloton fam on the Tread at 11am EST. Peace and love ✌🏼

1 month ago

Merry Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays. However you celebrate I hope you’re celebrating YOU. Taking some time to relax, do the things you love and plaster the biggest smile across your face that you can!! • Happiness is something you can create so welcome it into your life with open arms. Be the person who you’re proud to be. And grow in some way every darn day. • 13.1 miles of “me” time topped off with a distance PR, and I’m ready to get a little festive before hitting the @onepeloton Tread tomorrow for an 11am 60min HRZ Endurance Run - who’s with me?

1 month ago

Full steam ahead. No excuses allowed. There’s 10 days left of this year and no one ever finished strong by signing off early! • I encourage you to all make time for yourself over the holiday period, going for a run or taking a class isn’t selfish it’s - often at this time year - very necessary to have some “me” time. So jump on @onepeloton and take your time to feel the holiday exercise high with us and freshen your mind anytime anywhere ❤️