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3 months ago

Do the thing, friends! If you need help finding your polling place, LMK! Uber and Lyft are offering discounted rides today, and if you're in line when the polls close, they have to let you vote, so stay in line! #ivoted #itstilldoesnotsayrsvponthestatueofliberty

3 months ago

"Speaking of messy and complicated times, I just want to say that I'm sure, as many of yours do, on a day to day basis, my heart hurts a lot at the moment, and every day seems like a new heartbreak. I don't know if many of you feel the same, but I just want to say: please do not give up hope, please keep doing good in the ways that you can, please keep showing up because hope is an action and I believe in you and I believe in love." @florence @florenceandthemachine Florence's concert this past weekend was transcendent, as always, and I'm really glad that I got this bit on video. My heart hurts so much lately, and right now especially for my trans and non-binary friends who are being told that they shouldn't exist, that they don't deserve protections of basic rights, in an unnecessarily cruel new proposed policy. I believe America can do better than this, that we can take care of the downtrodden and oppressed populations in our country, instead of actively working to make their lives worse. Let's show this caring and compassionate side, in our daily actions, and in our votes in a few weeks. #hopeisanaction #highashopetour

4 months ago

Best Birthday Girls Weekend, Best Matching Space Llama PJs! πŸŽ‚

8 months ago

The @charleston_tea folks were right--First Flush tea really does taste different/better. It's from the first cut of the tea bushes each year and it has a really nice smoothness to it. β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ It's also fun to know that I saw this growing over the course of the year and now get to drink it just a few weeks after harvest! (This is not an #ad -- I wish, because the tin was not cheap -- but they may still have some available if you call. Or just visit me and I'll make you a cuppa!)

10 months ago

My actual favorite places in London are Emma and Melanie's couches, but this was a pretty cool runner up on this trip! Cholera is spread via dirty water, not bad air ("miasma") and this is the site where John Snow proved that, and kicked off a revolution in how we understand and treat infectious diseases! πŸ€“πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ”¬ (Check out the episode from @thispodcastwillkillyou , or the excellent book The Ghost Map for more!)

10 months ago

Science Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand! Be sure to swipe to see the different components, including a passion fruit Saturn, a macaron with injectable blueberry filling, a "make your own green tea" with lemon juice (test tube), sugar (syringe), and mango flavoring (pipette), and dinosaur treats you have to excavate from cookie crumb "dirt", plus great custom china and my attempt to troll all of England by putting cream and jam on my scones in various different orders. πŸ˜‚ So delicious and clever and fun! #latergram

11 months ago

Got to show @hannasmiled around Charleston this weekend, and we had a blast enjoying the perfect weather! Lots of wandering around the historic houses, with a stop at Rainbow Row of course, and a trip to Folly Beach!

1 year ago

A gorgeous day to rally for Electoral Justice with Women's March SC! The whole event was really well done, with multiple WOC and LGBTQ+ speakers, seating available, an ASL interpreter, and a Nursing Nook. Here's to bringing our #PowerToThePolls this year and beyond! #WomensMarchCHS (πŸ“Έ by @jara_b )

1 year ago

On Christmas Eve, on our way back to Oki, we stopped by the Cup Noodles Museum in Ikeda. It was so much fun! In addition to some neat exhibits, you get to make your own custom ramen for only Β₯300 (~$3). Decorate the cup, pick the flavors and add-ins you want, and then watch the lid get attached and the whole thing get shrink-wrapped. So cool! (And yes, those are police otters on the Ikeda manhole cover. POLICE OTTERS.) #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

Today included Osaka Castle, tiny coffees in cups made of cookie, the coolest dog I've ever met, and some shopping, including a yarn store! #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

On Friday we saw lots of torii gates (at Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto), bottles of whisky (at the Yamazaki Distillery), and beautiful lights (in Osaka)! #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

In Kyoto we did a traditional tea ceremony, ate the best ramen in Japan (according to @adpagnotta and @spag.19 ), made friends with owls and Shiba puppies, and finished off the day with Japanese-style puffy pancakes! #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

Day trip to Kobe! Kobe beef, obvs, for dinner, and Udon for lunch, with a few shrines, fancy houses, and the most adorable Starbucks in between. #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

Osaka Day 1, including okonomiyaki (cabbage+pork crepe/pancake deliciousness) and the German Christmas Market, complete with wurst, kartoffeln, und gluhwein! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸŽ„πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ #pacificpagnottas

1 year ago

Bayes catches up on the latest issue of @texasmonthly before bed. πŸΆπŸ“–