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1 day ago

Forever and always with you, my everyday Valentine. 💗 I can’t believe this is already our 4th #ValentinesDay together! 😃

1 week ago

I wish you more than just a happy birthday, my dear friend. @bombshell_bymissyblack , I wish you a happy week, year, and life. I wish you peace and joy and abundance. I wish to be as good a friend to you as you have been to me. You are one of the rare beauties in this world and I am beyond grateful to have me you and @lassiterblack. Your drive and passion are always so inspiring to me, ya little firecracker! 💥 And thank you for being over the moon with me today about my exciting news! I really can’t tell you how much it means to have such a supportive and caring friend. I love you so much and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays! 💗💗💗 (Outfit is @pinupgirlclothing )

1 week ago

Pre-manatee thigh. Gonna have to get some new leg shots with my cute little guy added now. 🙌🏻 So I had decided to leave my hair lighter u til I just found this pic. The pink @alottavagyna did this last summer is sooooo freaking pretty that I’m contemplating going back to it. 🤔 I often find I prefer lighter shades on other people with bold hair, which I find odd. Lol What do you all like best on me? Really pale blonde/coral/pink like it is now or more like this? PHOTO: @jimmygfoto BODYSUIT: @holdyourcolourrr

1 week ago

Only recently have I fallen in love with Valentine’s Day. Not just for the aesthetic, but also to remember to take time out for our relationships. I often hear people argue that it’s a stupid holiday because you shouldn’t need just one day to celebrate your love. I used to think that as well, but the older I get the busier we get as a couple, I find it really nice to have a day designated to our relationship. 💑 What are your thoughts on V-Day? 📸: @shayesanjuan 💗💗💗💗💗 TOP: @dollskill BANDANA: @sunshinebyhester BELT: @uniquevintage

3 weeks ago

Friends! We still have some spots open for the workshop with @cervenafox and @radiant_inc ! I’ll be doing makeup and hair, @radiant_inc will be doing photography, and @cervenafox will be doing pose coaching, social media training, AND MODELING WITH YOU! We’ve never opened up a workshop like this before, so if you’re interested in getting some killer shots and advancing your modeling career, I highly suggest doing this with us. 😀 We will have some wardrobe available that can be paired with what you bring. Hope to see you there! Email radiantincphotos with any inquires!

3 weeks ago

Swimming in anxiety. That’s what this last couple weeks has felt like. 🙈 It’s a pretty lame feeling and I know many of you feel it also. Mine started out about 2-3 years ago as what felt like “too much stress” and snowballed into this thing that I feel first thing when I wake up, while I’m cooking or cleaning, when I’m running errands or scheduling meetings, and even when I’m going to sleep. I’ve tried a lot of things to help with this and have found that counseling and quiet time in nature is usually the best medicine for me. Most of the time the anxiety is an underlying issue I can’t always pinpoint myself, but someone with an outside perspective can. And there’s something about the beauty in nature that makes me realize how big and beautiful this world is, and it makes my problems seem more insignificant. I’ve been focusing on gratitude a lot and that helps too. Anytime I can mentally say “thank you”, I do. And anytime I can say it to someone, I do. Being grateful for the good things and focusing on them helps me keep my mood elevated. I know a lot of this is stuff we hear over and over, but it’s for a reason. I hope that in my sharing this, it can help some of you as well. If you have anything that helps you feel less anxiety, I’d love to hear it! 😀 PHOTO: BIKINI: @uniquevintage

1 month ago

Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of support you sent through DMs in response to last night’s stories. This man right here, @mrjdscott , has helped me find my voice to speak up and stand even stronger for what I believe is right. I genuinely hope that in sharing my truth about having my body grabbed sexually without any permission by a man named Rusty Meyers here in Las Vegas, Nevada, that it inspires more people to speak out against predators. This happened two years ago and I didn’t speak up loud enough. He decided to comment on JD’s Facebook page attempting to network and JD sure told him off. Normally I don’t like to share names, but the point of this is to prevent him from doing this to others. I have heard from countless people about what a scumbag he has been in the theater and production industries for YEARS. We can’t let people get away with this anymore. Stand up for what you know is right. Support your partners and friends when they experience these things and encourage them to speak out to save others from harm. And just because I know someone will leave a comment asking why I didn’t do anything, I did let out event coordinator know when it happened and she totally blew it off. I also tried to find him once our job was done to confront him, but he had gone already. Yes, I should have raised hell as soon as it happened but I was honestly shocked as nothing like that had happened before so the rest of the event I kept trying to think of how I should handle it. My professionalism came before my safety and that is a mistake I will not make again. PHOTO:

1 month ago

Casually caressing a monsters tooth. 🙃👹🦷 I found this wall downtown in Vegas about a month ago and was stoked to shoot with it! *Quick note on the top - I wouldn’t recommend this for larger than a C cup without some altering. I’m a full C and it was borderline funky in certain positions. But it’s damn cute so I made it work! 🙌🏻💗 PHOTO: BERET: @sunshinebyhester SHIRT/SHORTS: @pinupgirlclothing SHOES: @yrushoes @yru x @dollskill

1 month ago

I was inspired for my makeup by this beautiful jewelry that was given to me for Christmas by one of my long time supporters. He is one of the few men who started following me as a model and has not given up on me because I’m posting deeper things now. He’s stuck with me on Patreon for forever and is constantly a source of joy for me. This may not seem like a lot to many of you, but for a woman who was confident in showing skin and who lost engagement once she started showing thoughts and really means the world. Jim, thank you for being one of the people who gives me hope in humanity. 💗 And to all you other men and women who care about more than appearances, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world desperately needs more people who see past the surface. ☺️ MAKEUP DEETS: *No editing AT ALL on the makeup! Just taken in different places for natural lighting. ☺️ FOUNDATION: @itcosmetics CC Cream SETTING POWDER: @pretty_vulgar Matte About It PRESSED POWDER: @makeupforeverofficial Pro Finish BRONZER: @glamourdollsmakeup Fakecation BLUSH: @lauragellerbeauty Tropic Hues HIGHLIGHT: @toofaced Diamond Highlight BROWS: @suavecitapomade Eyebrow Pomade Pencil EYESHADOW: @toofaced Clover Palette TOP EYELINER: @suavecitapomade Brush Tip Eyeliner Pen into 👇🏻 GLITTER: @urbandecaycosmetics Heavy Metal in Catcall WATERLINE: @urbandecaycosmetics Freak LASHES: @houseoflashes Boudoir LIPLINER: @bodyography Barely There LIPGLOSS: @tartecosmetics Strike Gold SHIRT: @dollskill

1 month ago

2018, you taught us so much. 🙌🏻💗💥 What was the biggest lesson you learned this year? ❓❓❓ I learned to not take loved ones for granted. With some very serious health scares the last part of this year, my biggest lesson was that we will never regret spending time with those we love. All the added travel and whatnot are well worth the small inconveniences. A lot more is shared in my stories. 🎉 2019 holds a lot of big career things, but in all honesty, I’m most excited to see my personal relationships blossom. And of course, my relationships with @mrjdscott is at the core of it all. Who knows...maybe we’ll even get married this coming year. 😉💗 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions

1 month ago

Got some time in with @ebbie_hair also while in Amarillo and she got that grody gold band almost totally out that the @trilliontones left in my hair from the hair show back in July. We’re still being very silicate with that part of my hair because it’s so brittle and has so much breakage around it. I’m super grateful I can even handle bleach in my hair right now. 🎉 This is the lightest my hair has been in idk how long. I often see it blonde when we retouch my bleach, but always end up putting pink back in. We actually had added some hot pink by @kenraprofessional at the root and @ebbie_hair really took her time to make a beautiful shadow root, but I’ll be damned if that pink didn’t wash straight out as soon as the water hit it! 😂🙈😭 Ebbie offered to redo the pink but I told her I’d try out this more champagne look for a bit. I definitely am feeling the need to add some more pink eventually, but for now this is fun. I finding myself using a lot more bronzer so I don’t feel as washed out. Lol First two pics are yesterday, and the last 3 of our before and afters from last week. EYES: @urbandecaycosmetics Shortcut palette BRONZER: @glamourdollsmakeup Fakecation BLUSH: @toofaced Baby Love HIGHLIGHT: @itcosmetics Hello Light LIPS: @suavecitapomade Liquid Lipstick in Dauntless