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6 hours ago

This moment was great for so many reasons. 💗 1. I was standing on a frozen lake. A FROZEN LAKE! 🙌🏻 I know for some people it’s no big deal but I’ve never seen a whole lake frozen over that was safe for to do this. 2. I met a really cute couple out there and took some photos for them and they took this photo for me. Ya see, we can get along with strangers! 3. Nature never ceases to amaze me and this was one of those moments where I was again in awe of Momma Nature. She’s beautiful, resilient, adaptable, calm and peaceful while still being mighty and bold. 🌍 Canada has such a big piece of my heart these days. I can’t wait to explore there more. ❤️ OVERALLS: @holdyourcolourrr COAT: @dollskill LOCATION: Lake Louise, Canada @banff_lakelouise

2 days ago

EL GATITO GRANDE! Pretty sure this sweatshirt is talking about my mom’s cat, Annabelle. Yes, I’m aware my fur sister almost has my name. 😹 (Swipe to see her adorable belly! Along with another shot of me wearing this with her. 😂) Thick meow meow as a luchador = instant favorite! 😍Rad designs aside, @armtheanimals also does a TON of work to help save our fur friends which makes me like this coziness even more. 🙌🏻

1 week ago

This adorable, comfy little set from @holdyourcolourrr went just perfectly in our little @bearandbisoninn room last week! This jacuzzi tub out in the open kinda really made my day. And I think that was the first time I ever got to do B&B! Even though I usually fast through breakfast, it was so nice to wake up and have a nice meal with @rexcable and @ismo220 and the rest of the wedding group. I could get used to that kinda thing. ☺️ OUTFIT: @holdyourcolourrr LOCATION: @bearandbisoninn

2 weeks ago

JUDGEMENT. Anyone else deal with judgment on things they can’t change? If so, I’d love to hear your stories! Such an interesting thing how so often we assume things about people or places without knowing a single thing about them. Dealing with my current acne situation has been a staunch reminder of how judgey people can be. While 99.9% of you all have been so so rad in being supportive and suggesting things to help (even when I ask that no one does lol), those few ignorant people asking what’s wrong with my face or suggesting I should cover it are half the reason I’ve stopped editing my face in photos and why I want to share bare-faced shots like this. Acne is a human experience and a lot of people deal with it without ever seeing other people be open about it. So here I am, showing it all in hopes that some of you feel empowered by knowing you’re not alone. The more we share, the more we connect, and the more we can help ourselves and others feel less alone. That’s freaking rad, my friends. I do want to say that ONLY thing that has helped clear up my face are the wonderful facials I’ve been getting from @bombshell_bymelissablack at their Vegas salon, @bombshell_vegas. Literally nothing else has helped my skin this much and my overall texture has softened sooooo much! *my nose is red from our yacht day in Cabo* 🙈

2 weeks ago

Wuv...twoo wuv.... Wedding festivities for these two lovely humans was pretty darn magical. 80s magic, an adorable B&B in the mountains, lots of yummy food, and incredible music! @rexcable and @ismo220 , you two are absolutely wonderful together! It’s not often that we get to see couples like this who truly build each other up. @mrjdscott and I were talking about how small the odds were that the two of them would ever meet and how perfect it turned out. Life is funny in how it brings us all together. One small change and a lot of us would never know each other, much less fall in love Disney style like these two. ☺️ Btw...she got her incredible wedding dress at @brilliantbridal in Vegas, where I got mine! 🙌🏻 I’m so happy with how helpful they were for me that I have to tell everyone about them. ☺️❤️ SUITS (on the rest of us, including the groom) are by @opposuits. 🎉🎉🎉

2 weeks ago

YOU GUYS!!! That’s my name credited for this photo in @people ! 🎉 As super stoked as I am about this credit, I’m even more stoked about how amazing the last 3 years of working with @mrsilverscott , @mrdrewscott , and @mrjdscott has been. I’ve grown so much as a makeup artist through working on male skin instead of female skin only and dealing with so many different climates in one year. The opportunities I’ve had through working on the tv shows, magazines, and commercials have been priceless and my heart is truly grateful. Celebrity makeup was never something that interested me because I heard so many stories of how difficult most can be. Working with these guys has totally changed my mind. I’m not only working with people I love, but also my family and some of the hardest workers I know. This trip to Cabo for @mrdrewscott ’s and @mrsilverscott ’s birthday with so many friends and family was another reminder of why I love them so much. To have an entire group of friends who can get along so well for so long is magical and I’m blessed to be part of it. The future holds so many bright things for all of us. I can’t wait to see what we all do next! ❤️

3 weeks ago

SELF CARE 💗 Our lives are always busy, but the last few months of health issues with some of the people I love the most has had me feeling heavier than usual. Constant worry on top of being busy calls for extra self care, which isn’t easy to prioritize. One of the ways I do this is by making sure I get my gym time in first thing in the morning. If I get it out of the way, that means I’ve already started my day with 30 minutes to an hour of dedicated me time. For some people it’s meditation, a healthy breakfast, a walk, time with animals, or watering a garden. Whatever your self care looks like, make sure you get it in and work even harder to get it in when things are tough. Remember, we can’t care for others the best until we care for ourselves first. 💗 Btw...I’m currently sitting in a huge mess with acne stickers all over my face, packing for Cabo, not actually looking as cute as in this pic. 😂 My soul is very much looking forward to a few days of chill time. 🙌🏻 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions BROWS: @suavecitapomade brow pomade pencil LIPS: @buxomcosmetics Va-Va-Plump lipstick in “Kiss & Tell” DRESS: @uniquevintage

4 weeks ago

@toofaced in VEGAS?! And at @ilovecafelola (one of my favorite spots)?! So much yes! For as hoppin’ as Vegas is, these events don’t happen here a ton so it was extra nice to not have to travel to LA or anything for it. ☺️ I made some new friends, ate some yummy treats, and got restocked on some of my fave @toofaced #BornThisWay products. That full coverage concealer is one of my favorite products ever for both natural and glamour makeup on men and women. 🙌🏻 BANDANA: @sunshinebyhester PANTS: @freepeople SHOES: @yrushoes @yru x @dollskill

1 month ago

Earth Day Birthday girl. 🌍 🎂 As I was looking for photos of us together, my heart was so warm. We’ve experienced so much together, more than I have with anyone aside from @mrjdscott. From foodie adventures to traveling literally around the world, from late night talks to trips to the urgent care, I’m so grateful to have shared so much with you, @imlindork. You never cease to amaze me. You inspire me to think about the earth and the people living on it every day. I’m so excited to call you my sister! I love you more than I could ever say. Happy birthday and #EarthDay ! 💗

1 month ago

Every day we have the decision to be positive or not. I know all too well that when we’re in a funk it’s easy to let ourselves be down. The more we practice gratefulness and count our blessings, the easier is becomes to be positive and feel happier. 3 things for which I’m grateful: 1) @dmrdepictions because on top of being a rad photographer, he’s a rad human! 📸✨ 2) How comfortable and cute this dress is! 👗 3) @drjustintan , for the wonderful workout and meditation this morning. It was just what my mind, body and soul needed! Plus the good convos all the time. 😃 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions DRESS: @uniquevintage HAIR: @bedheadbytigi Deep Waver then curled a few pieces with @sutrabeauty flat iron 💗 LIPS: @buxomcosmetics Va-Va-Plump in “Make it Hot”

1 month ago

Started the day having some uuuhhhmazing breakfast with @imlindork at @islandflavor808lv. They’ll be serving breakfast on the weekends starting this Saturday! I loved this place already, but I’m gonna be loving it even more now. Breakfast makes everything better. Or butter... mmmm butter. 🤤 I can’t even tell you which dish to try because they were all good, but you can watch my stories to see a couple of my faves! Thanks for the pic, @ryusauce ! 📸 My dress is @tailorandtwirl from @tatyanaboutique. 💗