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@annabeej   Based in Munich I wild and big hearted I urbanaddicted I DM me for shootings profile pic by @hrrbhn #BeanAnnaTrips

3 weeks ago

Throwback to Mallorca with the gang @hrrbhn @eskimo @kieselle @giumag @mjagielski Thank you for driving all the way along those crazy serpentines Mathäus! 😘 Btw, finding beautiful places with my googling powers still working - wohoo 😁 Oh and for those who didn‘t notice (haha), I don‘t really stick to my niché anymore bc at some point even the most beautiful timbered houses get boring... you know, #thinkoutsidethebox blabla... learned from working at amazon 😂 So if you still see this: thanks for not unfollwing! 💕 ————————————————— #welltravelled #neverstopexploring #liveofadventure #doyoutravel #natgeo

5 months ago

Finally getting done some editing to show you pictures from all my trips in the past. Currently I‘m really struggling to find the time for this stuff. I guess one blocker for me is also that I‘m trying to get used to lightroom and finding my own tones and style for this... I‘ll get there eventually 😁 Happy sunday to all of you guys! #lübeck #luebeck #hansestadtlübeck #unescoworldheritage #allthealleys #germanvision

6 months ago

Not able to think of any reasonable caption bc it‘s melting hot over here. A friend of mine @__stefaniie suggested to never write anything... great help (acc name definitely resembles her ultimate creativity) 😒🤓 — Opening the second beer now. Cheers! 🍻 — #bremen #bremenistschön #bremencity #bremenlove

8 months ago

Had a super sunny sunday in Munich 💕 Maybe I‘ll get at least slightly tanned this year 🤔