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17 hours ago

Another day, another installation! We recently launched fine art prints, available at the link in our header. 100% of proceeds go towards us distributing free art to underserved communities in 2019. Special thanks to @goodhangups for making the installation so much smoother.

1 day ago

Let the youth lead! Portrait of Edna Chavez ( @ed.naaaa ) created by @ernestoyerena in collaboration with Edna and photographer @ari.mejorado. For those folks that don’t recognize Edna she is the amazing young activist from South Central Los Angeles that spoke at the @marchforourlives in DC earlier this year. Follow @ernestoyerena to read the full artist statement.

1 day ago

With thanksgiving next week, we wanted to re-share this video of what it means to be a white ally by @tlynnfaz. TURN THE VOLUME ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Video shot and edited by @amkjourneys for #amplifierart 🔊

1 day ago

LESS LOCKS MORE KEYS! A small run t-shirt featuring artwork by Roger Peet ( @toosphexy ) made in collaboration with @cut50 will be sent to anyone donating $28 to help us move activism through art. Check out our t-shirt collection at the link in our header and become an amplifier 🗝🗝🗝 Photograph by @alexbrittphoto.

1 day ago

Who gets to be American? Congrats @forfreedoms for this @time cover! Your work at the intersections of art and social justice is powerful. We see you!⚡️⚡️⚡️

3 days ago

“The air outside is toxic smoke. Our planet is screaming out in pain. We are in crisis and change needs to happen now. 🌪🔥⚡️ climate justice is a term used for framing global warming as an ethical and political issue, rather than one that is purely environmental or physical in nature. It is a call for a transformation to a sustainable, community-led economy.⚡️” Collaboration between @__moreferalthan__ and @jetsonorama with words by @__moreferalthan__

4 days ago

Education Amplifiers, check your in boxes! We just emailed you the first lesson plan from our We The Future program created by @paul_s_john and @millionhoodies4justice about gun violence prevention. Artwork is set to arrive in classrooms by the end of this month and we are already seeing how educators are using this artwork to facilitate important discussions in the classsroom. If you are an educator, it is not too late to sign up to receive these free resources at the link in our header. #WeTheFutureNow

5 days ago

Yesterday, November 10th, history happened. #LA removed the statue of christopher columbus from grand park, less than a month after celebrating the city’s first #indigenouspeoplesday and the same week as two native women were elected into congress. #indigenousrising (Original post by @emmarobbinz with photography by @azapeach )

1 week ago

Calling all educators! On Monday morning we are launching the first of a series of free lesson plans paired with artwork through our #EducationAmplifier program. This first teaching tool is created by @paul_s_john and @millionhoodies4justice around ending gun violence. This lesson plan will support you to facilitate a powerful conversation with your students as they learn more about how gun violence impacts communities in the United States and develop strategies to reduce gun-related violence in their own communities. You can register for this free resource at the link in our header. All educators currently registered, expect an email Monday morning. Pass it on 🔊🔊🔊 . Artwork by @obeygiant , @munk_one , and @koysun. #WeTheFutureNow

1 week ago

The #BorderLineShooting in Thousand Oaks, California is the 307th mass shooting this year in the United States. This art installation by @the_escape_pod aims to spark an important conversation about gun violence and gun laws. We can do better. #2020

1 week ago

Today is a new day. Artwork by @ernestoyerena reminds us to carry on the dreams and struggles of our ancestors.

1 week ago

Attn: Georgia folks!! Tag anyone you know living in Georgia and pass it on.

1 week ago

Vote for those who can’t! . Artwork by @jessxsnow : “Vote because I literally can’t. #Vote for who will advocate for the freedom and flight of people of color, migrants and the queer & trans community. Vote because many of us migrants don’t have citizenship and this country’s laws won’t give us a voice. Vote and also make an effort in your practice to support the #QTPOC , migrant, non-citizen, indigenous and Black folks and survivors in your life by advocating for their work, their rights, their physician mental and financial well-being.🌸 This was a commission for @onepennsylvania via @recphilly 💓 #jessxsnow #poster #voting

1 week ago

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! If anyone has any issues voting please call 866-OUR-VOTE . We've teamed up with @ArtInAdPlaces and @WomensMarch to bring #PowerToThePolls art to the streets of New York to send an important reminder about the power of our vote. The photos pictured here are part of @ArtInAdPlaces ’ ongoing campaign to replace outdoor advertising with artwork. . Artist: @lsberke Curated by: @AmplifierArt in partnership with @WomensMarch Installation: @ArtInAdPlaces Photography: @LunaPark

1 week ago

Young people want to be worried about their schoolwork, their friends, and their changing futures. What they don’t want is to be worried that those futures will be prematurely taken away by gun violence. Artwork we commission by @solacilike created in collaboration with @getlitpoet for @marchforourlives - now translated into Arabic, Spanish and English and available on our website as free high resolution downloads 🔊🔊🔊 AMPLIFIER.ORG #PowerToThePolls #neveragain