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1 month ago

These majestic mountains

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Shapes in place. Detail time.

7 months ago

Cruisin' down the highway of life.

7 months ago

Starting to get some of the basic shapes and colors into place before doing detail work. This is the most beautiful place I've been... thus far #Havasupai in the grand canyon. After about 10 miles of hiking through grand canyon desert you get your first glimpse of this blue green water that looks like it belongs in the Caribbean. After carrying heavy backpacks in the heat for that long you feel like you're hallucinating it, but it's color is created by picking up some of the minerals in the limestone rock. This painting will be of the first waterfall you see when you descend into the campgrounds. When we reached our site everyone was tired and getting ready to go to sleep, but I threw on my bathing suit. Following a moonlit trail I reached the shore of this waterfall.. no one in sight. They told stories of people getting trapped in the undertoe* of the more powerful waterfalls and dying, but my stupidity told me to try my fear. I couldn't feel the muddy ground of the miniature lake within a couple steps into the water. The intensity of the waterfall made it difficult to swim toward it. The mist hitting my face harder and the sound of its crashing deafening. Finally the full force of the water was landing on my head, and I allowed it to push me away from it. It was sketchy, but I felt like I faced a fear head on as I floated on my back staring up at the milky way galaxy. For me it was a spiritual experience.

7 months ago

Forest sun glare.

7 months ago

Mt Timponogas.

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Backpacking Bryce

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