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1 day ago

What are you guys doing? I’m pretending I’m still on vacation.

3 days ago

Thinking about how a grown man on my flight woke up from his nappy nap and ordered Apple Juice. I still feel weird. Unpopular opinion: men can’t drink apple juice after the age of 11 😂

3 days ago

#Tulum was paradise, where should I travel to next?! Happy Valentines Day! ❤️🥀🌹

4 days ago

Happy Valentines Day!!! Don’t waste all your champagne like I did. ❤️🌹🥀

4 days ago

Currently flying home but imma post like I’m still there for the next two weeks #tulum

6 days ago

Went to a restaurant with a Michelin star chef last night barefoot. Some lady wouldn’t stop looking at me but I knew it was because she wished she made the same decision. I love Tulum, @ocumaretulum IS A MUST. 🤤

1 week ago

Just discovered free breakfast comes with my room so prob my last bikini pic #TULUM

1 week ago

Never leaving #BeTulum someone ship my dogs here please.

1 week ago

Lettin’ that #tulum air hit my pits.

1 week ago

How I look at my morning cup of coffee. Anybody else?