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People are motivated into action by one of two forces. Seeking happiness. Or avoiding pain. There's a certain threshold you reach where all you're trying to do is keep what you got. You're trying to avoid pain. And when you're in that mode, ironically, you start to suck. Other people... the ones who don't have sh-t are just going for it... reaching for the stars. That's why I'm intrigued with girls with lower follower counts. They wanna take risks. They wanna try shit that's out of the box. They don't give a f-ck. I love girls who refuse to play "the game". They use IG as expression. They update when they feel like it. They don't play for the algorithm. They'll post at 3am even if that's not the best time to post 'cause... that's when they're up. @kc_dreamz is a renegade. I wanted to shoot her for my upcoming LNPTV series 'Fifth Wave Intl Girls' because I love her mind. Instagram has made it easy to see who has a great body. But it's also made it easy to see who's lacking in the all the other departments. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

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Today I met Annie. It's her first day in LA. She's Colombian. She couldn't get "early check-in" to her hotel room so she went for a stroll... That's when she met me. She had some of her clothes in her knapsack. Including her favorite blue bathing suit... Does Annie look Colombian to you? #drivebyshooting

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Every photographer needs a muse. A muse is not a model. A muse is not trying to get TFP (“test for print”). A muse is your go-to person when you want to try new ideas. They don’t care about the results as long as you’re happy. A muse is a person you fall in love with when they are in front of your camera. It is unconditional love. You love them with or without make-up. You love them fresh or hung-over. You love them when they’re upset or ecstatic. You can photograph them even when the background music is bad Mainroom House. You’re inspired even if the only soundtrack is a broken air-conditioner. A muse gives you ideas by their mere presence. A muse will teach you things you couldn’t learn otherwise. Discoveries you will use with complete strangers later. You love your muse with clothes, without clothes and every single point in-between. But your muse is always spiritually naked with you. A muse makes you a better photographer every time they are the one in front of your camera. You never need a shot list or preparation when you photograph your muse. Even when you’re not drinking you feel drunk when you’re shooting your muse. A muse makes you run out of film, run out of batteries and run out of space on your memory card every time. That’s the only way you remember to stop. A muse knows she’s your muse and hardly ever wants to take photos with other photographers. She says “It’s just not the same.” She never gives other photographers the magic that she gives you. She knows that you make her look better than anyone else. She knows that your muse/photographer relationship is the stuff of legends.

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Since I was a kid I've been hearing people say "Don't be afraid of the unknown." Last night I learned 2 things about the unknown. #1. It's not only the BIG unknowns that we learn from. Sometimes it's the small ones. Like meeting a girl online. Like getting into her car. Like letting her picking the restaurant. "I'm already so far out of my comfort zone why stop now?" she said. That's how I knew I was with the right person. We ordered nachos. We ordered wings. I let her pick the sauce. I was being polite. She picked a spicy honey sauce. Gross. But when the food arrived... those wings... were the best thing that I had tasted all week. The unknown. It's the little yeses that you say to yourself on Monday that will facilitate the bigger yeses that you will need to say to survive until Friday. Nod your head enough and you'll notice that it actually requires an effort to stop-- and start shaking it. #2. If you REALLY want to test your fear of the unknown here's the best trick: put all your decision making in the hands of another person for a few hours. Let someone else choose what you will wear, what music you play in the car, and what you will eat. I like to play this game with my best friends where we go out to dinner and everyone orders for someone else. It like Secret Santa with food. That's why taking pictures of complete strangers rules. It's the ultimate unknown. But you only get a few hours at the beginning before the comfortable patterns start to emerge. So learn from it quickly. You don't have to make ALL the decisions. A photoshoot is not a dictatorship. But it's not a democracy either. It's more like a monarchy. And guess what? It's your job to protect the queen. Use the energy of this new situation you're both in to find something new. Either one of you can take the lead. Just make sure she looks good doing it. (Writing: @mutualinspirationsociety ). When was the last time YOU dove into the unknown?