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Moody, magical, life giving monsoon season

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wanna wake up with this view ☀️

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Society is afraid of alone though, as though lonely hearts are wasting away, like people must have problems, if they choose to be alone. But alone is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless, and lonely is healing if you make it. #solotravel #tinidoesaustria

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This Hardara Gate is located in the North of Bali around the Bedugul area. This #Bali gate have become crazily popular thanks to social media. As we arrived at mid-day, there was a queue there where people lined up to take that instagrammable shot in front of the gate. The trip here can be combined together with Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, and some of the waterfalls around the area. 📸: @desianaa #beautifuldestinations #balilivin #thebaliguideline #wearetravelgirls #worldnomads

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Photo by @catherineaeppel // Chris Farro ( @chrisfarro ) and Slater Trout ( @slatertrout ) skydive above Mt. Hood from a 1942 UPF-7 Waco, which was used as a primary trainer in World War II. Going into this shoot, my dream shot was to capture an image of one of the skydivers in a position that looked like he was standing on top of Mt. Hood. With the assistance of the highly skilled @tacaero pilots, and after two test runs to line us up to nail our positioning, we were able to make that shot a reality. #massachusetts #massachusettsoutdoors #bostonmassachusetts #massachusettsstatepolice #massachusettshistory #massachusetts_lovers #theglobalwanderer #sceniclocations #thediscoverer #bbctravel

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This is the hall from @bambuindah lobby area to the restaurant. Still in awe with all this bamboo craftmanship. Bamboos as a structure! How did they do the construction, was there any working drawings, or a model?! By the way, look at that room divider, a giant stone coin 🙀👌🏻

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Free your mind and soul.

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Mimpiku masih sama, bisa berkunjung ke tempat-tempat indah yang ada di Indonesia, dari ujung Timur sampai ujung Barat, semoga semua terealisasi. Banyakin nabung jangan banyakin jajan. Karna mimpi kan juga butuh usaha. Taken by @geffary_rengu Pantai Adoki Biak Numfor, Papua #explorepapua #explorebiak #igersociety #biakhits_ #biak #beautifuldestinations #beach #folkdiscover #folkgreen #folksecenery #folkportraits #livefolkindonesia #thediscoverer #theweekoninstagram #instagram #earth #kindcomments #wonderfulindonesia #pesonaindonesia #indonesiantraveler_ #id_pejalan #whpgoingplaces #storynusantara

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Sometimes suffering is just suffering. It doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t build character. It only hurts. 📷 @_chaanhao

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My passports first stamps were Oman, Yemen & Dubai about a decade ago. It was never a place I thought I would experience let alone as my first international trip. I jumped on board a film trip that I really had no right being on but since the 1st photographer fell through I was the next in line.. sorta. We spent weeks traveling to remote islands, traveling through 100’s of miles of desert & exploring remote cities for surf. We didn’t find much... but got enough. . This was literally the first time my feet had left North American soil so to say the culture shock was palpable would be an understatement.. I made so many mistakes .. personally and culturally. This photograph in so many ways sums up my most cherished experience. Traveling hours & hours through the desert on what can only be described as a sand ‘highway’ we can upon a few nomadic people, literally a days drive from any type of town, some of them even identified as Bedouins. Small tents would flap in the desert wind & anytime we had a chance to stop & say hi we would. Children would flock to the car often asking for biscuits in exchange for a few smiles. More than anything they wanted to hold hands.. inspect our clothes and even mimic the act of me taking a photograph ( pictured above) . This was the first photograph I remember using to try and really illustrate what the experience was like to someone. Still using it today. #massachusettscolorist #massachusettsstatehouse #massachussets #massachusettswedding #abandonedmassachusetts #bostonmassachusetts #travelinside #thediscoverer #travelvibes #ilovetravelling

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WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY?💫 ❇ I'm grateful for everything in my life - good and bad, past and present. It all makes me the person that I am today!🙏 ❇ Take time each day to give thanks for the things in your life that money can't buy!🙂 The more you are grateful for the more abundance will flow into your life!💞 Happy people are grateful people! #travel #malaysia #travel #exploretheworld #beautifulplaces #discoverearth #roamtheplanet #travelgram #traveladdict #backpackers #travelexperience #travelbugs #traveldiary #beautifuldistinations #thediscoverer #timeoutsociety #traveltips #sidewalkerdaily #aisa #aisatravel #temple #statue #skyway #welivetoexplore #backpackwithme #travelonbudget #gentinghighlandmalaysia #putrajaya #putrajayamalaysia

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Guardian of the Square

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🎶 Because when the sun shines, we'll shine together Told you I'll be here forever Said I'll always be your friend Took an oath, I'ma stick it out to the end Now that it's raining more than ever Know that we'll still have each other You can stand under my umbrella ☂☂️☂️🎶 . . . . . #sisters #umbrella #chengdu #sichuan #china #kuanzhaialley #thediscoverer #TravelStoriesWorld #mytinyatlas #traveltagged #wanderxwonder #wonderfuldestinations #exploretocreate #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #travelbug #wanderlust #familytravel #travelgram #travel #instafollow #followtrain #traveler #traveling #destination #travelasia #travelgram #instatravel #homeschoolers #homeschoolkids #takeyourkids

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7 highlights in 7 days ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ HIGHLIGHT #3 APRIL 2019: Seeing fam and friends in Taiwan ⁣ ⁣ Went to Taiwan for 5 days with @missfloeyy and parents whilst also getting to meet up with @dexteryz , @_audza & @alantheshen during the end of April 🙌🏻 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I had never been to Taiwan before so I was super excited to finally visit! Some highlights included eating at numerous food streets, tasting my first pepper bun, devouring gua baos, visiting art museums and having a bday dinner for my mum. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Aside from Taipei, we also went to JiuFen, which is a small village town outside of Taipei where Hayao Miyazaki first got the inspiration for Spirited Away 🤗⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ It was lovely to get away from hustle and bustle of the city to be transported to a different world. However, it’s still super touristy and during the day, so you can see hoards of tourists jammed into the tiny streets and alleyways 😂

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When I knew @ellieoh26 will be coming in Ho Chi Minh later this year: consolidate all the things we learned & observed about Ho Chi Minh (food, culture, transport, must-see places, dos and don't and etc) through a small notebook with funny drawings of mine. Now, it's her turn to add some of her notes after their trip and send it to the next traveller to Ho Chi Minh. Hope you'll love the city as much as we did. #SisterhoodofTravellingNotes #traveldeeper #voyaged #vietnam

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“Shopping is fun and all, but this is my favorite kind of sail.” 🛥 🛳

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Большая Васильковская 106 К большому сожалению, короткие поиски в открытых источниках информации об этом доме почти ничего не дали. И, тем не менее, я с большим удовольствием посвящу сегодняшний пост именно ему, так как он просто великолепен, особенно на фоне здания справа. Внутрь мне попасть не удалось, хотя под входом я простоял минут 5, не меньше. Ну и ладно, будет повод вернуться. А в остальном судите сами: разве домик не настоящий красавец? Тут тебе и декор, и майолика, и маскарон! И все, как ни странно, в прекрасном состоянии! Словом, не дом, а заглядение! Будете проходить мимо — загляните внутрь, поделитесь фото! Буду безмерно благодарен!

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aloe you so bad 💕

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I didn’t jump

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Do you believe in soulmates?

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Remember when you wanted what you currently have?