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13 hours ago

It was an amazing day exploring West Virginia with my sister and her family! The grueling climb up to Seneca Rocks was so worth it! These amazing rock formations rise out of the forest 900 feet above the North Fork River. If you are in WV, you need to see it for yourself!

17 hours ago

It feels like swimming in a sea of stars💛💛💛💛💛

19 hours ago

For the women in my life who have been There in my light & shadows, My pleasure + pain, balance + wobbles, Thank you. You are my angels, my muses The essence of you, your uniqueness Is like fuel to my fire. Thank you for always inspiring me, Just by being yourself. I love you. Just the way you are. Always. ♡♡♡♡ XX Sisterhood is so important. Its been a great gift in my life, To have such deep & profound Connections w/ so many women, Whom I call true soul sisters. Our feminine connection is so important To sustain and to nourish As we grow as girls into women, women into crone. Sisterhood has given me strength In remembering who I am, And has been one of the greatest mirrors into who I am becoming. A lot of society has set us up to think We need to judge, compare + compete With other women in order to succeed.. But that is an old story & i feel there is a new story being written. More and more, I see women Celebrating eachother, supporting, And rooting for one another on their paths. It is so important to remember It is through our collaboration That we find true success . We are all in this together, Now and always. So it is so vital that we learn to sustain a healthy relationship with eachother, ourselves & this planet, If we are to walk a life of true love + peace. The bonds between us allow for Our health, our wisdom, our creations To flourish. And its valuable to remember Our vulnerability is medicine for eachother. It is through sharing all of me with my soul sisters, Ive been able to grow and deepen trust With the feminine in my life. And for that I am eternally grateful. For all of you, every one of you. It is always a blessing To cocreate & join together with women In intention, love, play, prayer, Vulnerablity + ritual. So, in honor of my appreciation for all the sisterhood in my life: . **I am hosting a Womens Circle Tomorrow night July 16th at 5pm ET for the full moon/eclipse for those in the NorthShore/Cape Ann MA. If you're curious & would like to join us, Send me a PM for more details. 🖤 all are welcome. I look forward to seeing you 😘

1 day ago

🌿PLANTS🌿 Bij ons in het dorp zit een standbouwbedrijf gevestigd. Zij hebben bijna elk weekend een grote container staan met hout dat weggegooid wordt 🧐. Deze plank viste ik eruit en ik heb er een plantenbankje gemaakt, met de poten van een oud “Lack-tafeltje” van @ikeanederland 😃. Dit is een selectie van onze plantenverzameling. De Calathea is nog steeds mijn favoriet 💚🌿. Welke vindt jij het mooist? . . 🇬🇧 Found this plank in the trash. So I made a bench for our plants. Do you like it? . . #letsjungelize #finditstyleit #scandiboho #designyourspaces #urbanjunglebloggers #currentdesignsituation #apartmenttherapy #rockmyvibe #plantsofinstagram #interiordesign #bohostyle #jungalow #myplantlovinghome #diseñodeinteriores #interior123 #driftwooddecor #myinterior #décoration #boldbohemians #spiritsoflife #myinterior #planteriordesign #modernbohemian #mybohoabode #roomporn #welltraveledhome #color_place_interior

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BLOG 🧡 Raamdecoratie inspiratie! Weten jullie nog dat ik een tijdje terug mijn blog over onze nieuwe raamdecoratie in de keuken postte? Nou.. We waren zo enthousiast over de producten van @luxaflexnl dat we nu voor op onze slaapkamers ook nieuwe raamdecoratie hebben uitgezocht! Er hangen sinds kort witte houten jaloezieën 😍 ze zijn onwijs mooi🙌 Ik heb er een leuke blog over geschreven, lees je mee? De link vind je in mijn BIO ⬆️ of online op www.jellinadetmar.nl 😁 Fijne nieuwe week -X-

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"Love. Time. Death. Now these three abstractions connect every single human being on Earth. Everything that we covet, everything that we fear not having, everything that we ultimately end up buying is because at the end of the day we long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death." - Collateral Beauty . #theparyatak . . #thailand #wanderlust #ocean #phuket #fishes #travelersdiary #travel #beach #sea #underwaterphotography #summertime #travel   #instatravel   #travelgram   #traveling   #exploremore #instagood   #natgeotravel #roamtheplanet   #spiritsoflife #travelersdiary #livinginthemoment #nomadslife #nomad   #indiaclicks #explore #travelphotography #welivetoexplore #beautifuldestinations

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“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight , that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.” ~C. JoyBell

1 day ago

First interview done! It was... interesting... lol. Onto the next!

2 days ago

Some sunny sunday kitchen refresh🍃🌴🥰 I "washed" my Dieffen Bachia (big one on the left) He does look happy right? Its still so bucking HOT here in the Provence, 35°C since over 3 weeks, so happy I got my airco instaled this year🥵so lying lazy on my couch looking at this view🏝 Enjoy your day🌞🌴🌞 . #SOdomino #cuisine #letsjungelize #kitchensofinstagram #Whiteandwood #doingneutralright #interiorbloggers #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanoutfitters #bohemianstyle #apartmenttherapy #rockmyvibe #interiordesign #bohostyle #kitchendesign #jungalow #myplantlovinghome #diseñodeinteriores #interior123 #cuisine #plantsmakepeoplehappy #myinterior #décoration #spiritsoflife #planteriordesign #modernbohemian #roomporn

2 days ago

Color is a power which directly influences the soul. 🌈✨ . the Wildflower crop top is made up of colourful square motifs creating a cute bohemian top. . Can be paired with your favourite jeans, worn to the beach over a bikini or layered on a long sleeve top as a vest. . Made from colourful soft organic cotton. Shop link in profile. 🦋 . -quote by Wassily Kandinsky

2 days ago

Saturday vibes !💜💜

2 days ago

SOUL TALK. . In a world full of people wearing masks, it is a privilege to see someone who shows their soul. . Attractiveness is the warmth radiating from that space, showing vulnerability, positive outlook on life, and bravery beating the drum of their own life, calling to do what matters most to them. . Everyone has been through some very difficult times, yet some are using it to make their lives better, seeing the world as a beautiful place, not a dark and horrible planet that bleeds bitterness. . Those are the ones that shine the most, the one you want to hang around, the ones you’d want to keep, for they will light you up, with their insights and wisdoms, or just outright positive energy, that you cannot deny you’re drawn to. . Because that is who you are. Positive energy and love. . Show me those that show their soul, I will tell you just because they wear it so well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy, they will love to meet those that meet themselves just as deep, they’d love a good company and appreciation that comes deep from the depth of the soul. . #souljourney #soulmates ❤️

2 days ago

Nina-Therése | www.ninatherese.se The beginning is the most important part of the work. 🦋 #noAD

3 days ago

Die alte Werkbank ist vielseitig einsetzbar! Mal steht sie im Wohnzimmer mal auf der Terrasse...😍 Sie kann nach Lust und Laune dekoriert werden und passt sich jedem Wohnstil an ! Also liebe Leute 😃wer irgendwo so ein Ding rumstehen hat, holt es raus ,staubt es ab und erweckt es zu neuem Leben! 😁👍💚💚💚 Schönes Wochenende liebe Leute!😘 #werkbank #upcycling #interior_and_living #outdoorliving #outdoorlivingspace #cozyliving #interior4inspo #interiorstyling #myhouseandhome #homestyle #byarmanihome #apartmenttherapy #interiordesign #bohostyle #interior123 #rockmyvibe #homeadore #spiritsoflife #outdoordecorations #bohointeriors #antique_r_us #shabbychic #hygge #hyggelife #vintage #schöneswochenende

3 days ago

I had just a tad too much fun creating this colourful piece during my down time this week✨🌈☕️

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3 days ago

These roads bring people together... 🇨🇦 It’s not just a cute caption either... Over the past few days we’ve run into @karl_shakur and @wildbonde as well as @itsbigben and @cole.lundberg along the Ice Fields Parkway... It’s led to some incredible moments, great conversations and all around good times. Can’t wait to share more from this trip!🤙🏻

3 days ago

Follow your heart in the shadows And watch the demons fall away.

4 days ago

♡Back♡to♡basics♡ After all the rooms I slept in the last few months, I finally realised white and neutral really is my jam. Could have added some plants of course, but I wanted to keep it simple and monochrome this week♡ So just some dried bark wrapped around the lightgarland ☆🍃☆🍃☆🍃☆🍃☆ Whish you all a peaceful weekend ☆🍃☆🍃☆🍃☆🍃☆ . #letsjungelize #roomporn #canopybed #bedroomdesign #bohemiandecor #bohostyle #Teamlea #bohovibes #travellovers #doingneutralright #Whiteandwood #urbanoutfitters #interior123 #myinterior #chambre #décoration #makingmyhaven #interiorbloggers #rockmyvibe #apartmenttherapy #spiritsoflife #interiordesign #uohome #homeadore #BIDathome #bedroomdesign #mybdrm #bohemian

4 days ago

Kesh / old medina is my favorite place of artvisuel, and especially Errahba l’qdima vs Jamâa El-fna square #shotoniphone 💐🥰🇲🇦🌈

4 days ago

Finally the day has come - 4 weeks of summer vacation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Äntligen kom pirret i magen som jag väntat på. Nu är det dags för 4 veckors semester. Som jag ska njuta av livet, kärleken, familjen och naturen. Ha nu en underbar fredag och sommar! 🦋

4 days ago

Everything goes on I think we should learn a lesson from it.

4 days ago

// some fairytale bliss🙈✨💔

4 days ago

Happy twelfth 🙊❤️

4 days ago

Hiked up Sanitas this morning and found a nice spot overlooking Boulder to sit and read Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" Such a wonderful simple yet amazing experience. This is one of my favorite books and there will never be a more perfect book. It is 100% on point with the nature of this world and the spiritual truths. There maybe ones that compare but never better. To me this book is perfect in every way. Reading aloud on some rocks over looking the Boulder valley was simple pure joy. Life is a grand journey and to have Walt as my companion upon it gives me deep gratitude. ⁣ ⁣ #waltwhitman #Leavesofgrass #Readingoutside #books #poetry #Spirit #spirituality #spirit #spiritualawakening #spirits #spiritjunkie #spiritualgrowth #SpiritualJourney #spiritualhealing #spiritedaway #spiritualcoach #spiritualpath #spiritsoflife #spiritually #spiritguides #spiritweek #spiritualit #spiritualart #spiritguide #spiritualism #spiritualist #spiritualguidance #spiritualLife