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14 minutes ago

with the one and only... also I won 🐾

15 minutes ago

Um mawmaaa, did ju hear dat? Is dat DUNDERR?! ⚡😳😳

22 minutes ago

they call this move “the sneaky smooch”

30 minutes ago

My sweet happy boy greeting us when we came home from our trip! He was SO happy to see Kenzie! #tot #tongueouttuesday

33 minutes ago

Testing out our new mosquito repeller. Myka remembered it was tongue out Tuesday.

35 minutes ago

Happy Birthday Aussie🌺 May God Bless you, We wish you have cheerful & bright future🐾🍀🙏 ____________________________________ Aussie 4th Barkday Giveaway ❤️💖😍 Hiii pawfriend 👋👋👋🐾🐾 Gk kerasa nih bentar lagi Aussie mau ulang tahun, sebagai tanda syukur Aussie pengen ngadain Giveaway Giveaway START today 6 juni 2019 and CLOSE until 12 juni 2019 (Aussie Barkday) Winner will be annouced at 17juni 2019❤ Syarat nya gampang aj : 1. Follow @princessaussie_ @lovie_pet_wear @trickortreatbarkery @khokhou_dogbakery @wuff_stuffs @snuupil.petcare @petshopgrosir @bubupetshop @mrchoi.petscarft @mrleedogsbakery @castle_underpad 2.Like this picture and repost this picture with hashtag #princessaussie4thbarkdaygiveaway   #princessaussie4thloveallsponsor   3.Tag Aussie, all sponsor & tag temen - temen kalian sebanyak banyak nya!!! 4. SPAM LIKE sebanyak-banyaknya foto yang ada di Feed IG : @princessaussie_ kalo udah jangan lupa comment "DONE" di foto ini ya! 5.ONLY for Indonesian pawfriends and no private and fake account We will choose 3 Winner (random) See our next post for see the prize 🎁 Woof luck pawfriends!!💖💖😘😘😘 #princessaussie4thbarkdaygiveaway   #princessaussie4thloveallsponsor   #princessaussie_   #princessaussie4thbarkday   #princessaussiegiveaway   #4thbarkday   #giveaway   #loviepetwear   #trickortreatbarkery   #khokhou_dogbakery   #wuffstuffs   #snuupilpetcare   #petshopgrosir   #bubupetshop   #mrchoipetscarft   #mrleedogsbakery   #castleunderpad   #shihtzu   #shihtzusofinstagram   #shihtzulovers   #shihtzusofinstagramusa   #shihtzulove   #shihtzulover   #shihtzunation   #shihtzu   #doglover   #dogslife   #doglover   #dailydogfeatures   #dogoftheday   #dogstagram   #ilovemydog

35 minutes ago

"I don't get older, I level up." — Unknown #meetdaisyandbella #dogsinpartyhats #wheresthecake #happybirthdayleila @nikko_leila_theweiners . . 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 We have plenty of pawsitive good reasons to double post: it’s somebody’s 3rd borkday!! Yes, it’s Leila’s ( @nikko_leila_theweiners )!!! Daisy, Sadie, and I (Bella) are going to bring my Gotcha Day party to Leila’s #leilasletslolbdaypawty ! So, let’s grab DJ Workie (aka @enzo_dachshund ) from the office and take @dackel_dackel ’s private jet to Leila’s birthday party. Can’t go wrong wif that, right? . . 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

50 minutes ago

Happy 4th Birthday to me!!!

54 minutes ago

Spot that teeth 🐶

55 minutes ago

'Cane Corso' a well known gaurd dog from Italy. Bolt has an amazing temperament, a genetically healthy replacement for people desiring a boxer or neopolitan Mastiff.

1 hour ago

I’ve been blessed with both 🤓

1 hour ago

POOPED after my walkies plus a hundred million zoomies in the garden afterwards.

1 hour ago

Came home from work today to find a dead bee on the floor & it looked slightly mangled. Is it possible that this cute fuzzy face boy is actually a fierce bug hunter? Found a dead ant last week & thought maybe I stepped on it but now I’m wondering, perhaps the boy is protecting his realm from bug invaders when I’m not home ❤️🐶⚔️ #doglife 🐾 #dogsofinstagram #shihtzusofinstagram #bughunter

1 hour ago

Hey YOU...Lady. Do you mind feeding me too? 😤

1 hour ago

“Shih Tzu brighten my day” keychain. ❤️

1 hour ago

Please, mom, get my good side. 🐶 👑

2 hours ago

Boa noite pessoAuu 🐶💙😴

1 week ago

Large spacious, cool and well ventilated kennels does this to your pups after their routine 4 play sessions a day.