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It’s kind of ironic. People are stressed out getting through their life difficulties and challenges. But once they get over them, achieve main goals, they set new ones and get stressed out over them. So, there are only a few moments left for us to feel just happy and mild. And there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just saying why it’s good to seek happiness in little things and details and value those moments. . #reviewing #vacationmemories #reflection #nature #joy #myuselessthoughts

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Want to have your own @ashleygraham photoshoot moment? Don't we have a treat for you. We're on the hunt for eight women sizes 8 - 22 to model our signature underwear styles: the boy-leg, brief and G-String! Want to find out more? Head to our #ELCRealWomenSearch post for all the info. Image via @ashleygraham

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Sbaglio spesso modi e tempi, ma in fondo è tutto indicativo

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Many of us struggle with making decisions and we all can feel overwhelmed with self doubt. Learn to control your thoughts and use your intuition to make smarter decisions. Overcome self limiting beliefs and achieve your goals quicker. How? The Silva Method is a scientifically proven program that provides you with the tools and techniques to help with all these issues and more. Our next Silva 4 day class starts September 12th to 15th. Link in Bio for all the details #powerofyourmind #subconsciousmind Thank you to @melrobbinslive for the post

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💬 La mente è uno strumento superbo, se usato correttamente. Tuttavia, se viene usato in modo sbagliato, può diventare altamente distruttiva. Non è tanto nell'uso sbagliato della mente, perché di solito non la usi affatto. È lei a usare te. Questo è l’errore. Credi di essere la tua mente. Questo è l’inganno. Lo strumento ha preso il sopravvento su di te. Le uniche cose che ti appartengono davvero sono i tuoi sogni e la libera volontà di vivere la vita nel modo in cui desideri farlo. Tutto il resto lo prendiamo soltanto in prestito. ⏳ 📷 Girovagando #life #writer #picoftheday #stillife #girovagando #riflessioni #nature #poetry #mood #poesia #viaggiare #summer #tree #goodtime #bestoftheday #reflection #artofnature

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This is what I missed about home. When you're studying abroad, you don't get a first-hand experience of Dad's wisdom and Mom's cooking 😍🤤🥰 . . . It's barely been 48 hours since I've been back home, and my mom has been spoiling me so badly 😅 She's cooking up so many delectable delicacies that I can no longer keep count! I guess I'm going to be stuffed with three months' worth of food in the next three days! . . . It does feel nice not having to make do with barely edible food 🙃 I must learn some things from Maa, or else I'm going to have major FOMO when I get back to uni 😬 . . . What's on the plate? 1. A variation of Doi Begoon, which is aubergines topped with a yogurt sauce 2. A freshly-made tropical fruit and vegetable salad, made with fresh produce and topped with Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) 3. Steamed Paneer flavoured with a mustard emulsion 4. Stir-fried chickpeas (my mom caught wind of how much I loved hummus; she couldn't make some, but this is better than any hummus I've had ❤️) . . . Have a great Wednesday! Hope the food managed to energise you in your midday lull. Almost through the week; hang in there! Make the most of it! ❤️ #thinkingoutloud #writing #blogger #blog #writersofinstagram #writer #home #homecookedfood #momscooking #momsmagic #dadswisdom #homecoming #delicious #university #unilife #warwick #universityofwarwick #reflection #pictures #pictureperfect #think

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Embrace life’s detours because unplanned trips make the best adventures! We decided halfway through our trip to change our travel route and while it could have been stressful not having anywhere planned to stay for several nights as we traveled, we decided to embrace our inner spontaneity. This hot spring spa and charming town was one of our amazing rewards!! The pool was 103 degrees that day, heated by the natural hot spring! . . . #adventure #travel #colorado #explorecolorado #exploreoutdoors #explore #ouray #ouraycolorado #travelphotography #reflection #mountains #rockymountains #sanjuanmountains #sanjuannationalforest #hotsprings #coloradohotsprings

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Presença e Escuta Já há algum tempo essas duas palavras ecoam em mim, como um convite do universo para investiga-las... mas o que seriam esses conceitos na prática, e como se relacionam entre si? Fui percebendo que, para mim, essa é um pouco a chave para comunicação e relações - estar presente e conectado a si, para conseguir estar conectado com o outro, de fato escutando e sentindo seu interlocutor. . O que você estende por Presença e Escuta?

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Learn how to walk away when you feel something is off. When you have to convince yourself to keep at it, when you find it constantly feels like work and you just can’t seem to negotiate an agreeable outcome, you know deep inside of you when it may be time to consider your position and move your focus elsewhere.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #projectyourself #meditation #mindbodyspirit #mindfulness #enlightenment #goodvibes #consciousness #loveandlight #awakening #om #spiritualawakening #innerpeace #holistichealing #infinitepossibilities #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #perception #reflection #reaction #awareness #selfawareness

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