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5 days ago

Detail shot of my new luxe albums. Delicious tan distressed leather bound fine art album with thick and heavy matte cotton rag paper. The perfect way to preserve your images from our photo session ❤️❤️❤️

5 days ago

Splash showing off what she does best during photo shoots, lol! If you think my dog’s are perfectly obedient and hold still for photos, I’ve successfully fooled you! Splash is a challenge almost always. Check out today’s story for a behind the scenes peek at this shoot I did for @earthrated.

6 days ago

What's one thing all us dog mamas & papas have in common...? A phone literally FULL of fur baby photos, of course! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But out of those 17,549 photos hidden away in your phone, nothing compares to having professional photographs of your doggo in print + displayed in your home. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Available in 3, 4 or 6 photo collages, our story frames are a stunning way to celebrate the love story of you and your best friend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Grab a copy of our Dogfolk guide to find out more. Link in bio 🐶 . . . . . . . #dogprints #dogartwork #dogart #framedprint #dogsinprint #photographypackage #furfamily #wallart #lifestylepetphotography #petphotographermelbourne #dogphotographermelbourne #doglovers #dogloversofmelbourne #dogphotography #photopackage #melbournedogs #loveyourdog #printsnotdead #printyourphotos #keepsakes #handmade #timberframe #printphotography #timberlove #melbournedogs #smallbusiness #professionalpetphotography #dogsareourpeople

1 week ago

💗💗💗UPDATE: LITTLE MANGO GOT ADOPTED THIS MORNING (NO SURPRISES THERE!) AND HER NEW NAME IS JASMINE 💗💗💗 This is little Mango. She was dumped in a box on the side of a busy road. Thankfully a kind man stopped to check the box and found her inside... petrified, riddled with fleas and worms. I met her a couple of days later at the shelter and she was kept in a quiet room in the office. She shook with fear but soon warmed to me, realising I wasn't a threat. The life she has lived in her short 14 weeks make me shudder to think what she's been through... and what about her siblings, I wonder what became of them. Not to mention her Mum. My heart breaks in situations such as these. I paid this little angel a visit on Thursday when I was at the shelter, and was very relieved to see how much better she looked and how playful she was. Yes she was still timid initially, but after a few minutes she was bouncing around and chewing on my fingers with her tiny puppy teeth. One of the staff has been taking her home each night to nurture her and that love has paid off. Little Mango is now available to adopt... however I suspect she will already have been adopted by now. I wish her the happiest life full of love and only good things... she's seen enough of the bad already. She's at Sutherland Shire Council Animal Shelter 💗🐾

1 week ago

Honouring Lei Lei 💗 Little Lei Lei was registered for the Teeny Tiny Dogs and their Stories book by her Mum Debbie, and in the booking form, Deb explained how she was near the end of her life due to the dreaded cancer. I arranged Lei Lei's session urgently due to her fragile condition. 12 days later, last Friday, little Lei Lei was given her wings. Lei Lei will be honoured and her story shared in the book. She was a shining light in her Mum's life... after being rescued at 13 years of age from one of Sydney's big pounds. Every dog has a story, Every dog deserves love... and Lei Lei received so much love in her twilight years 💗

1 week ago

Well Teeny Tiny Dogs and their Stories photo sessions are well and truly kicked off with 8 dogs photographed so far and another little one ready for her session early tomorrow morning. In the midst of this project we are also preparing to move to our country home over the next 6 months... nothing like putting a little pressure on to get things done! These little guys, Nash and Twitch, were photographed a few weeks ago before the "official" kick off of the sessions. You may recognise one of them if you are a staunch "Paws for Thought" Rescue stalker and have been for many years and you have the inaugural 2013 PFT Calendar. You may recognise the other if you are a Monika's Doggie Rescue follower. Comment if you do! You will learn more about them in the Teeny Tiny Dogs and their Stories book when it's launched late this year but for now, enjoy their happy little faces <3 #teenytinydogsbook #cherishyourpets

2 weeks ago

Here he is 💕 His name is Brax and he's an American Staffy mix and is them most gentle boy. He has beautiful manners and the most chocolatey coat and HE GOT ADOPTED TODAY! 💖💖💖

2 weeks ago

Well hello there 💗 Any guesses on what kind of dog this might be? Clearly one who still needs the snip!

2 weeks ago

"Yawn... C'mon Mum, enough of the Pupparazzi" Teeny Tiny Dogs and their Stories photo sessions officially launched today! I just got home but had to share a quick outtake of this afternoon's little man Harry being photographed by his Mum... he soon got the hang of being a superdogel. We managed to time the session perfectly after the storm and Harry's Mum Stephanie was so proud of her boy who she adopted back in 2012 from "Paws for Thought" Rescue when he was a timid little dog named Crumpet. Wow has he come a long way since I first met him at the pound. Harry and his story will be in the Teeny Tiny Dogs and their Stories book which will be out before Christmas. If you are interested in purchasing the book when it is published late in 2019, please sign up here to be kept up to date: Every dog has a story. Every dog needs love. Every personality is a piece of art. 🐾💗🐶 #teenytinydogsbook

2 weeks ago

CONGRATULATIONS to @scouterwear and @staypooched_dogwalking for participating and taking home a Commercial Pet Photography package! Thank you to everyone who took part and stay tuned, we may be rolling out more contests down the line and would love to feature your business! For more info on how we can help tell your visual story or to find out about creative ways we can collaborate, contact Heather at the link in bio 🐶🐱

3 weeks ago

Week 9 already! This year is flying by... link in bio 💗💗 #3dogkateers