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6 hours ago

only 2 dolla goodnight

14 hours ago

dark pit in the third slide just yells "DAMN PIT THAT HURT I SEE HOW IT IS LOVE YA TOO :("

1 day ago

im excited to go to Mexico and Thursday skahjsjsjs i LOVE GOING THERE despite all the urban legends like LA LLORONA OOF I WATCHED A VIDEO OF HER CRYING SUPER LOUD IN MEXICO AND OSCAR IVAN AND I WERE TOO SCARED TO GO ANYWHERE oof also la lechuza but she doesn't scare me at all well just a bit but not that much OOF la cucuy but it's just the devil so 🤧 SHIT also there's this kidnapper that goes around and kidnaps kids if they're being bad

2 days ago

♥-Cяє∂ιтѕ тσ тнє αятιѕт-♥ яємємвєя, єνєяутιмє ѕσмєσиє ѕαуѕ ѕσмєтнιиg ѕтυρι∂ gяαв тнє иєαяєѕт gυιтαя уσυ ѕєє αи∂ нιт 'єм ωιтн ιт fσя cσммσи ѕєиѕє- #kidicurusuprising #pitkidicarus #darkpit #pittoo

2 days ago

pittoo stop doing the edgy thing it's getting out of hand im shaking im crying

3 days ago

☾ (Read Right then left) ─ This shit way too funny im- ─ ©️ to rice_deity from twitter (can you tell that i love their art so much fuck) ─ [ᎠᏆᏚᏟᏞᎪᏆᎷᎬᎡ] None of the art and/or the content I post are under my ownership unless if I state it clearly in the caption. If you are the owner of one of the posts and want me to it take down, I will do so. ─

4 days ago

Dark Pit squinting right before he gets annhilated

5 days ago

i know it’s a day late, but i couldn’t help it. anyways, for this years valentine’s day, i’ve decided to self indulge and treat myself to my rarepair. dark pit doesn’t handle public affection very well (he’s more of a private person). didn’t have any idea for a background, so i felt some hearts from csp would suffice #crossover #nintendocrossover #digitalart #fanart #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda #hyrulewarriors #hyrulewarriorslana #hwlana #kidicarus #kidicarusuprising #darkpit #kidicarusdarkpit #pittoo #lanpittoo

5 days ago

he was being edgy maybe too edgy

1 week ago

♥-Cяє∂ιтѕ тσ тнє αятιѕт!-♥ нαρρу ναℓєитιиєѕ ∂αу gυуѕ! fσя тнє ѕιиgℓє ρρℓ συт тнєяє, ιт'ѕ αℓяιgнт. ναℓєитιиє'ѕ ∂αу ∂σєѕи'т иєcєѕѕαяιℓу иєє∂ тσ вє αвσυт яσмαиcє αи∂ ραятиєяѕ ιт cαи вє fяιєи∂ѕ αи∂ fαмιℓу тσσ ѕσ тяу тσ єиʝσу ιт!💖💕💝 #kidicurusuprising #pitkidicarus #darkpit #pittoo