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i like the color dynamic

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•This was the place I wanted to take you, but it was closed so we headed back to the station and we ended up kissing in the rain. // •We sat here and talked for hours. It was one of the best conversations I've ever had; I thought about it for weeks. // •We walked and talked for hours. You saw the view and said - " I'm not going to talk for a bit" and we sat in silence for a while. . . . . . #streetleaks #createxploretakeover #lensbible #streetdreamsmag #beautifuldestinations #agameoftones #heatercentral #huffpostgram #thecreatorclass #way2kill #instagood #photooftheday #visualsgang #visualarchitects #creatcommune #gramslayers #lifeofadventure #streetlife #exploreeverything #livefolk #ukshooters #streetphotography #artofvisuals #visualambassadors #killeverygram #moodygrams #liveforthestory #streetweekly #london #urbanandstreet

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My lens had a few water spots on it because I couldn't wipe it off fast enough to compete with the crazy Icelandic weather. The 1.5 hour hike back through insane wind and sleet/snow definitely made this trip memorable.

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Give me two hours a day of activity, and i'll take the other twenty-two in dreams

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Still some countertop appliances to come but almost there with the new walk in pantry in our Felsted showroom. LOVE this new colour ‘Soot’ which is exclusively made for H|M by Mylands especially with the weathered bronze quilp handles. Can’t wait to get this new kitchen all finished next month when all the rest of the dining furniture and seating is completed. #humphreymunsonkitchens

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What a wild weekend of weather in Orkney ❄ We've had wind, rain and hail, with some huge seas too 🌊 If you wrap up well enough and keep a safe distance, it's definitely worth a trip to the west coast to see the Atlantic rollers crash onto the shore 😍 #visitorkney #loveorkney

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Che poi ci vorrebbe una magia, altro che polverine. . Last day w/ Green week by @youfarmer

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Hen do? Completed it mate 🎉 〰️ the best weekend for our @mrso2b hen celebrations🍸🇲🇽🌵💃🏼

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Vscopk One Day Trip Walled City Lahore Visit Location: 1: Shahi Hammam 2: Wazir Khan Masjid 3: Lohari Gate 4: Victoria Girls High School 5: Bhatti Gate 6: New Food Street 7: Shahi Qila Registration fees 500 per person People who have will register before 20th will have the 20% discount offer on hai 😉 Including: Shahi Hammam Ticket, Wazir Khan Masjid Minar, Shahi Qila Ticket, Cold Drink Get yourself Registered before March 29th 2019 [ registration form link in bio ] Timings: 9:00am -- 5:00pm (we will wait till 9:30am at meeting point) Meeting point: Delhi Gate, Lahore Organize by @vscopk Contact: 0301-4445534 Vscopk

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"Leggenda del Pozzo dell'Amore". Si narra infatti che al tempo dell'Imperatore Massimiliano (1509-1517), quando Verona si trovava appunto sotto il dominio del Sacro Romano Impero, un giovane soldato di nome Corrado di San Bonifazio cadde innamorato di una giovane donna del tempo. La bella fanciulla per la quale il Veronese Corrado perse letteralmente la testa si chiamava Isabella e apparteneva al casato dei Donati. Isabella tuttavia sembrava rifiutare l'amore di Corrado, respingendo ogni suo tentativo di seduzione, restando impassibile ed indifferente ai suoi slanci amorosi. Fu così che un giorno quando la coppia s'incontrò nei pressi di un cortile sito a fianco della piccola Chiesa di San Marco, non lontano da Piazza Erbe, il povero Corrado esasperato dalla freddezza della sua amata che pareva non corrisponderlo, si sfogò accusandola di essere gelida, glaciale, «fredda come l'acqua del pozzo presente in quel cortile». Isabella non si scompose affatto a quelle dure parole e anzi, non paga delle numerose frustrazioni inflitte al cuore di Corrado, volle lanciargli un'ultima sfida: «Corrado, provate a saltar nel pozzo e forse vi trovarete più freddo che ghiaccio». Come è noto, il cuore ha le sue ragioni che la ragione non conosce. E così, il giovane innamorato non esitò affatto di fronte alla temibile proposta: con grande slancio si gettò nel pozzo, andando incontro, nel bel mezzo dell'inverno, alle sue gelide e profonde acque. Isabella tuttavia, la quale fino a quel momento non aveva mai lasciato trapelare l'ombra di un sentimento, venne presa da sgomento nel veder quell'uomo onesto e probo che per il suo amore si era appena gettato verso una morte certa. Anch'ella aveva in realtà sempre amato Corrado e si decise pertanto a seguirlo nell'oscurità di quel pozzo che, per l'appunto, da quel giorno venne sempre ricordato quale "Pozzo dell'Amore". . . . . . . . #buonasera #buonaserata #buonanotte #goodnight #wildfeplanet #rei1440project #exploremore #camp4pix #bestvacation #wonderful_places #warrenjc #beautifuldestinations #ourplanet #thrmountainiscalling #travelstoke #wildernessculture #greatnorthcollective #campivibes #mindthemountains #huffpostgram #lonelyplanet #t

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Was für ein Wochenende! Sonne, Eis, Sandspielen, Rhabarberstrudel, Grillen und alle gesund und ausgeschlafen... Meine Frage zum Team Rand- oder Mittelstückstrudelesser sollte man übrigens bei der Partnerwahl beachten. Ich teile seit fast 17 Jahren perfekt und harmonisch meine Strudel mit meinem Mann. #teammittelstück #butterundzucker #keinbutterundzuckeristauchkeinelösung #rhabarberstrudel #strudel #rhubarb #rhabarber #foodphotography #foodphotooftheday   @thefeedfeed.baking @thefeedfeed #feedfeed ✖️ Rhubarb strudel ✖️ @thekitchn #feedfeedbaking   #hautecuisine #lifeandthyme @lifeandthyme #yahoofood #huffpostgram #buzzfeedfood #marthabakes #igersvienna #igersaustria #gatheringslikethese @foodfluffer #foodfluffer @foodartblog #foodartblog #outsideisfree #onmyplate #buzzfeast #eattheworld

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Look out for @kayburkinshaw and I’s newest video of our trip to the Bahamas!

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Perché non riesco a conquistare l’amore..per un attimo ho pensato che fossimo una cosa sola,volevo combattere questa guerra senza armi,ho la pelle dura e un cuore elastico,ma la tua spada è sempre troppo forte,non mi vedrai mai cadere perché ho un cuore elastico..non mi hai spezzato,sto ancora combattendo.

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Você precisa planejar o futuro mas as coisas mais gostosas são por acaso. Esteja aberto a novas experiencias.

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Not just any old #sundaycarpic , it's a #sundaycarpic of the Weasley's Ford Anglia (or that's what I'm going to convince myself).

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That time between day and night when candles show, but you can still see the world too. Last night I cooked a dinner for friends that was supposed to take place while the sun was out. They got into awful traffic and arrived nearly an hour-and-a-half late. I enjoyed the mix of fire, candle, and garden while awaiting their arrival. The apple galette has a layer of almond paste under the apples. I got the idea from NY Times food writer Alison Roman. She uses it for a rhubarb galette, which I would have made had it been in season. Try adding almond paste to your fruit dessert. It is so delicious!

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Wandered into the most delicious breakfast this morning❤️🍳🥓

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took this picture at my fav park. took my fav people there. @zaeemthekhan u missed it (but i tagged u anyway)

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Jennings Beach

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Stasera Tal

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Things feel different when you look a little deeper at them. • Music 🎶 Vibes : @majidjordan - Phases

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Ryan and I’s sleepovers have come a long way from our childhood.

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Einfach herrlich ♥️

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Sleepy puppy... おねむちゃん

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Always looking for new breath-taking views. 🌞 #bled Credit: @carlita.niki of course

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endless streets of NY. foto by #kendaffon

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«Monet ha dipinto oltre duecento ninfee. Guardando lo stesso stagno. A riprova di quanto può essere bella la stessa cosa ogni giorno. Quando la guardi con amore.»

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