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Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections ✨

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voice inside my head told me, wet ‘em if they test you.

1 minute ago

I'm working on a new project. And this photograph is a good representation of its intent. In a garden in Kyoto, a young man reaches toward a maple, but the gesture is the moment before the decisive moment when he touches the leaf. This is important. Not the touch but the anticipation of it happening. His girlfriend photographs him. Another young lady, oblivious to this scene, photographs the tree. #loveinjapan #georgenobechi

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Calma, libertad y Armonía.

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Self portrait in Winter

5 minutes ago

I almost dropped my camera. courtney making tea, 2018.

7 minutes ago

ella no es solamente lo que ves, es mucho más 🤩 - shot for @chichimamerry 🍉

8 minutes ago

Continuously intrigued by the female form and energy. I feel so blessed to have such strong, independent, and loving women around me. Love you all. 🌹appreciate your goddess energy🌹

8 minutes ago

I will never get tired of all of the rainy days in Oregon. 🌧

9 minutes ago

Ensaio lindo ❤️ Vamos fotografar meninas? Solicitem um orçamento

12 minutes ago

If it wasn't for this spontaneous decision to backpack to Europe, I wouldn't be where I am today. Its the best feeling when you're going there with no agenda and having the ability to make your own choices. I challenge you to do the same. Trust me.... your outlook will change too. #dcothoughts . @beautifuldestinations . . . #passion #yeggers #yegmodel #photography #portrait #seekingtheoutdoors #nature #forest #portraitmood #ootd #beautifuldestinations #bleachmyfilm #fashionblogger #instagramskilla #passion #yegvideographer #pursuitofportaits #marvelous_shots #expofilm #edmonton #yeg #adobepremiere #ftwotw #aovportraits #exploreyeg #createeveryday #bravogreatphoto #sonyalpha #cinematography #dcofilms

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Welcome to the Upside Down 🌓

13 minutes ago

que nada nos defina 🖖🏻

13 minutes ago

this year for christmas, i just want apologies.

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Quiseram me enterrar, mal sabiam eles que eu era semente 🌿🏹 . @bibiporai 🌿

15 minutes ago

Currently working on my first photo book which I'm super excited about ! It will have my top favorite shots of 2018. Model: @thatkidsami

15 minutes ago

@Regran_ed from @zrubinphoto - Throwback to my first shoot with Jade and the beginning of a great friendship. Re-edited using some new techniques and color graded using @infinitecolorpanel for an harmonious and clean color tone. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Model: @jade_soto_ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #portraitpage #portraits_mf #hcollective #discoverportrait #thevisualvogue #buildandbloom #postthepeople #artofvisuals #artofportraits #connecticutmodels #studiophotography #aovportraits #portraitsnyc #thedarkpr0ject #portrait_vision #hvmansouls #expofilm #earth_portraits #nextvisualportraits #aovportraits #infinitecolorpanel #endlessfaces #theportraitpr0ject #jcmodels #jcmodelsct - #regrann

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No creas que lo has visto todo, no pienses que ya lo sabes todo, aún queda mucho que no conoces de mi... . . 🔥🔥🔥 @gemmacgreal 🔥🔥🔥

17 minutes ago

"Ô sol vê se não esquece e me ilumina Preciso de você aqui Ô sol vê se enriquece a minha melanina Só você me faz sorrir."

18 minutes ago

The face someone gives you when you ring at his door and you clearly don’t give a fuck

20 minutes ago

se queres saber, nunca é tarde demais para seres quem quiseres ser; não há limite de tempo, começa quando quiseres começar. podes mudar ou ficares como estás, não há regras para esse tipo de coisas. podemos encarar a vida de forma positiva ou negativa, espero que encares de forma positiva; espero que vejas coisas que te surpreendam; espero que sintas coisas que nunca sentiste antes; espero que conheças pessoas com pontos de vista diferentes; espero que tenhas uma vida da qual te orgulhas. e se descobrires que não tens, espero que tenhas forças para conseguir começar tudo de novo. // O Estranho Caso de Benjamin Button

24 minutes ago

Sneak peek from a photo session with Sruthi Jayadevan

24 minutes ago

Been down so long it looks like up to me

25 minutes ago

Time to get back to shooting again.

26 minutes ago

'The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.'⠀ #Life_is_Street

26 minutes ago

So paint it black and take it back.

36 minutes ago

Looking like a true survivor

1 hour ago

If I’m being honest here I envisioned (at least) a 4 inch mountain of whipped cream butttttt this was what was left in the can 😭 still freaking delicious and I’ll pretend it’s healthy due to the cacao and maca powder but the creamer and sugar might’ve negated that title😂🤷🏽‍♀️ #HereForTheSweets #WhatVegansEat #GiveMeChocolate

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