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Sneaking in under the wire for a proper #FireLookoutFriday ! May your long weekend be filled with mountains, nature, and adventure! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This photo was from an early season solo backpack last year to the gorgeous Miner’s Ridge. It remains one of my most memorable and favorite overnights because I didn’t see a soul for 2 days and scored this beautiful mountain sunrise all to myself. Happy trails and weekend adventures! . . . #firelookout #nwfirelookouts #thatpnwlife #cascadia #optoutside #pnwonderland #sheadventures #ourpnw #washingtontrails #seekthetrails #wildwashington #washingtonexplored #northcascades #choosemountains #wearethewild #ourwild #goatworthy #exploremore #igwashington

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Don’t ever tame the parts of you that remain wild and free.

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❤︎ Finally came back home from Iceland + Ireland trip!♥️ It was such an insanely unique experience especially in ICELAND!🇮🇸 Waterfalls, glaciers, cute horses n sheep, and more!✨ Few days spent in IRELAND was also mind blowing!🇮🇪 Definitely will come back here to explore more next time!✈️ Now we are off to HAWAII!🤙💕 Southern Region | Iceland 🇮🇸

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It's mountain time. Thanks for the heads up on this one @benmarar

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🚙 Roadtrip cont... | Alberta•BC | The sound of frozen glacier chunks crashing down the mountainside as spring temps thaw the canadian wilderness was icing on this visual cake 🤟 ⛺Tunnel Mt. Campround 📍 @bearstreettavern 🍯 ✅ Banff sharethechair adventure

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What do you do when a week before your planned camping trip you get a notice from the park saying that the park is still CLOSED as there are still patches of SNOW in the park. 😬  It is mid May, Sir! 🌿 What patches of snow ❄ are you talking about? But it was true! We actually saw them. Just 350 km North and there they were. We are not afraid of snow, especially, if it comes in such insignificant amounts but the park being closed would be a bummer! 😒 But don't worry, this story has a happy end 😊 The park opened a day before our arrival. So, here we are wearing winter jackets while setting up our tent. PS  I just realized that I don't have a single photo of #trillium flower from our trip even though we saw entire fields of it. I am just so used to it that I don't even think to photograph them. I guess we are completely spoiled, right @ontarioparks ? 🙈 . . #camping #tent #goodtimesoutside #campingwithkids #nature #keepitwild #sweatydirtyhappy #LiveFreeBeWild

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Hello Tahoe you glorious compilation of jagged mountains, giant lake and trees trees as far as the eye can see. I’m finding a spot next to Eagle Falls, it’s still fleakin’ cold and snow is everywhere just up the trails, hats jackets a must tho i have my bathing suit on underneath just in case the Polar bEar club calls. Memorial Day Weekend begins i’m stoked people #power #strength #freespirit #wildplaces ❤️❤️❤️@ Lake Tahoe, California, USA

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The mountains are calling, adventure awaits. . . I've been meaning to do this hike since I moved up island but because it can be done as a longer day hike (or as an overnight hike) I've kind of always opted to do other, longer hikes instead. Thankful for fellow shift worker friends who are willing to drive all the way up island to do an overnight hike and enjoy some steller views. This hike was definitely worth it.

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Just another wonderful day.

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This place fills in the crevices of your heart like no other. People ask me why Kasol, I'd probably say, come stay here for a few days here and then you won't ask this question again. ❤️ P. S. Did you spot the two crows in the back? 🥰

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eager for 🎒ing season to take off. Eager for those @alltrails @washingtontrails reports to start popping up giving the 👍🏼. Climbing plans were rained out at several locations, but still scoping for weather windows to have a good 3 day weekend! Got the news we’ll be doing St. Helens mid July, safe to say I’m stoked 😎

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Hill Inlet in the Whitsundays is a stunning spot located at the northern end of Whitehaven Beach 🏖 on Whitsunday Island, the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. As the tide shifts, the white sand and blue-green 💙💚 hues of the inlet blend seamlessly to create a swirling fusion of turquoise colors! 😍 The best way to enjoy this view is from the lookout 👀 at Tongue Point but we unfortunately didn’t get the boat booking for it 😕 So had to settle for the plane view, but can’t complain since the sun ☀️ shined for exactly 5 secs - so that we could capture the most beautiful view forever! ❤️ #ruchyum #nrinaus #australia #whitsundays

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Yo solo sé que yo soy su hija, y Él es mi Padre, y mi Padre me ama. 🎶🎵 . . Que bonito se siente descansar en los brazos de Dios, saber que no estas sola y que hay alguien ahí que siempre está cuidándote.🥰 . . . #nature #naturelovers #Yauli #lagunasdeyauli #naturephotography #travelphotography #trekking #hiking #mountains #landscape #adventure #wanderlust #outdoor #freedom #cometoperu #backpackergirl #choosemountains #shemovesmountains #travelphotography #travelholic

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PCT Day 33 21st May 2019 To mile 389.5 20.2 miles walked. We were woken throughout the night as the wind built up. At 0600 the forecast for the day was 40+ MPH at the top of the mountain, and at our campsite it was howling. Very sadly we decided to not summit and instead descend and road walk around the hill. Some people who went up a lot later in the day said it had decreased slightly but was still very strong. However we needed to get moving, there will be further awful weather tomorrow and all week, and we have already been delayed by days. It almost seems this area is cursed! We rejoined the trail as soon as possible. Overall we are descending towards the desert but there are still a lot of ups, including a post lunch climb to nearly 8000'. After clearing this, we set up camp. However an hour after finishing set up the wind suddenly increased massively. The tent poles were bending severely and I was extremely concerned we were about to lose the tent. Cue a 1830 very rapid packing of bags and breaking down the tent, and a quick run over the hill to a calmer area. A shame about not summiting Baden Powell but sometimes you just have to make a decision and stick with it. . . . . #pct #pct2019 #pacificcresttrail #pctclassof2019 #mexicotocanada #withguthook #hiking #thruhiking #thruhiker #thruhike #tentlife #getlost   #optoutside #choosemountains #keepexploring #keepitwild #travelstoke #travelphotography #travelphoto #explorecalifornia #instapassport   #instatraveling   #igtravel   #travelblog   #landscapephotography   #landscapes #landscape_photography #ig_landscape #agameoftones

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A year ago, somewhere in Virginia~

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The bible says I'm a triune being- 1)heart/spirit, 2)soul which is the will, mind and emotions and 3)flesh. Now the flesh is enmity against God and will rebel at every given chance. This morning my flesh didn't want to hike. I arrived at this trail head at 7 am and convinced myself to take a nap because it would be too cold. . I napped and it started to rain so I was happy that I didn't start that early, but I was worried that I would just call it a day. If your mind and flesh are in agreement you'll pretty much accomplish little in life. But when your heart and mind are in agreement, you'll do things in life that will amaze you because your flesh has to go along even though it would rather stay home, eat and sleep. . I got up around 10:30am and started getting ready and by 1pm I was enjoying Lower Crystal Lake. I had to cross Crystal Creek to get to this spot which wasn't hard, but the log was completely slick so I scooted slowly to ensure dry feet. May 24, 2019. . The 3rd pic is from last year when Chinook Pass opened on June 12.

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Let it snow ❄️

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Today: awake by 6:30, to my friends in Lynwood by 8, in the mountains by 10:00. It was pouring rain. I didn’t fill up my gas tank and I thought I’d come upon another gas station but I never did. We got to the gravel portion of Mountain Loop Highway and my tire pressure sensor light came on. Decided to drive straight to the next town to get gas and air so we weren’t stressed and stranded with a flat tire without gas. I ended up needing to get my tire patched and APPARENTLY early in the season when the road opens back up, it’s super common for the gravel to eat up your tires. So that’s what happened. Anyways. A very nice mechanic patched me up so we were on the trail by noon and back to the car by 5:30 after this 10.5 mile hike. And guess what. It stopped raining. Moral of the story is, today could have been horrible but it all turned around and was AMAZING. Thankful my tire was easily fixed and I wasn’t stranded at a trailhead. Thankful i didn’t run out of gas. Thankful it didn’t rain. Thankful this lake was magical. Amen🙌🏻• • • • • • #goatlake #mountainloophighway #pnw #pnwonderland #thatpnwlife #herpnwlife #wanderwashington #washingtonexplored #pnwdiscovered #pnwbyphone #shotoniphone #washingtontrails #wishyouwerenorthwest #nrthwst #weekendinthewoods #roamtheplanet #adventureculture #hikingculture #wildme #outside_project #choosemountains #northwestisbest #neverstopexploring #liveyouradventure #optoutside #beautifullandscapes

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Well, New Mexico, you’ve surprised me. One day we are in the desert chasing shade and the next we are crossing shin to waist deep water with fresh snow. It has been such a great experience out here on trail Thanks @cdtcoalition for everything you are doing out here to keep us safe! . . . . #CDT #thruhiker #thruhike #thruhiking #newmexico #explorenewmexico #cdt2019 #outsidelands #embracethebrutality #choosemountains #trekthecdt #thetrek #triplecrown #triplecrownofhiking #createyourtrail #cdtc #withguthook #campingdonelight #enlightenedequipmemt #embracethespace #zerolimits #takelessdomore #thegroundskeepers #wekeepyououtdoors

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Can't decide between a "vogue" joke or a "draw me like one of your French girls" joke.

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Every time I travel I leave with a deep love for the people, a respect for their culture and a desire to return ❤️ It’s the whole reason I travel as much as I possibly can-why I make travel a priority. It’s an obsession. An addiction. A way for me to learn and grow and to truly love gods children

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Got the happy windy squints 😄🤘🏻

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Sunset mountain dreams.

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22 great ways to start off a long weekend! And bonus points for finishing before the next round of storms! The flowers smelt great, the weather was nice and the creeks refreshing. Yet today was a bit of a struggle, but sometimes it’s best to get out and do what you can! Once done your always glad you put in the work! . Swipe ➡️ for stats . . . . . . #AltraRunning #ZeroLimits #EmbraceTheSpace #GoTailwind #runtoexplore #trailrunner #ultrarunner #goatworthy #getmotivated #keephammering

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Sunset tonight was mega chill.

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So to start off, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tree pictures from New York City. I was eyeballing every tree I saw 😳🧚🏼‍♂️💙

4 days ago

Oh, here come the New York pictures.... it’s gonna be wild guys.

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M O U N T S T H E L E N S 🗻5/18/19🗻 . Spectacular hike which included first glissade experience 🙌🏼 & not to mention successful summit on the anniversary of volcanic explosion activity 5/18/1980. . White out conditions at the top but heeey just means I’ll be back again for thoose views. 😎 . . . . . . . . . . Disclaimer on the awwwwful videography skills 😂 only had footy from Snapchat. Had to work with what I had! 🙈 #mountsthelens #mtsthelens #climb #hike #washingtonstate #nature #neverstopexploring #strava #garmin #nextadventure #glissade #optoutside #osprey #allday #pacificnorthwest #exploremore #pow #choosemountains @conmeds88

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It is absolutely amazing what we can do

6 days ago

Another favorite from that day.

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You’re beautiful do you know this?

2 weeks ago

From someone who nannies full time: The amount I have learned from just a toddler putting their arm around me and sitting near me. I had sad days and she was near me when I was crying. Her presence is unlike any other. She brings so much light into my path. She is such an angel. I love you Nora.

2 weeks ago

I’d like to travel with ya