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Cables Wynd House (aka. Leith Banana Flats) in Edinburgh (Alison & Hutchinson & Partners) is part of our new book ‘Brutal Britain', Out now ! – High-rise tower blocks, prefab panel housing estates, streets in the sky, new towns; some of the concrete constructions that once shaped the cityscapes of post-war Britain have stood the test of time, while others are long gone. Explore the Modern past of Great Britain and rebuild some of its most intriguing post-war edifices, from the iconic slabs of Sheffield`s Park Hill and experimental tower blocks at Cotton Gardens in London, to the demolished Birmingham Central Library. – #BrutalBritain #brutalbritainbook #arlingtonhouse #Margate #BirminghamCentralLibrary #Birmingham #CablesWyndHouse #BananaFlats #Edinburgh #CottonGardensEstate #London #HutchesontownC #Glasgow #No1Croydon #Croydon #ParkHill #Sheffield #TheToastRack #Manchester #brutalistarchitecture #brutal_architecture #brutalism #postwarmodern #modernist #architecture #popupbook #greatbritain #archilovers #illustration #zupagrafika | © zupagrafika 2018 |

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Olympic Stadium in Tallinn

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Completed in the same year, the church in the center of the Kinderdorf Bethanien in Refrath is almost like a mini version of the famous church in Neviges. Two rings of buildings form the whole ensemble. The inner one closer to the church with administration and public functions and the outer one where the foster families live with the kids. The dominant material changes the further one moves away from the central square - from an all concrete heart to residential units made out of brick. Or did you think the lead cladding of the roof was intended originally? #nrw #bergischgladbach #refrath #architecture #1968 #gottfriedböhm #brutalism #nachkriegsmoderne #postwarmodern #postwararchitecture #midcenturymodern #nachkriegsarchitektur #concrete #pritzker

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Today we proudly present you a special feature in collaboration with @oppenheimarchitecture 🏢
They currently working on a new project called „GLF Headquarters“ and looking for some feedback.
👇🏼 Please let us know in the comments below, what you think about this project.

Definitely check out their page @oppenheimarchitecture and leave some Plattenbau love ❤️ 📌 Set on the banks of the Miami River, at the junction of Overtown and Little Havana, this modern office complex was commissioned as the U.S. headquarters for international engineering and construction outfit GLF Construction Corporation. The design itself draws inspiration from its adjacent context citing both the inherent industrial and nautical overtones of the location and the heavy civil roots of the end-user.

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“Nel blu dipinto di blu”.

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Ara Estudio Identity.

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can’t be lucky everyday . . I arrived too late at the jewish museum in #wien but I was trying to see something through the key hole of the solemn Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial. The design is inspired by a library with its volumes turned inside out. This piece of concrete was designed by British artist Rachel Whiteread. . . . . . #onemandoingthings #jewishmuseum #jewishculture #brutalism #vienna_city #viennaaustria #wien #wienstagram #viennagram #visitaustria #ig_architecture #tv_simplicity #minimalmood #architecture_minimal #minimalove #minimal_shots #ic_minimal #ic_architecture #tv_colorsplash #minimalist #pocket_minimal #rsa_minimal #paradiseofminimal #mindtheminimal #minimalexperience #awesomeminimal #noicemag #tv_tinypeople

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Bauhaus backyards.

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A•W18 One-off DDH IPA v1 by Cloudwater, 🇬🇧. When I opened the can, I was blown away by the thick strawberry and peach aroma. The very best part of this beer experience. . . Taken in front of Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London. Built 1981-86 by design of Powell Moya & Partners. Straight angles, glass, steel, concrete — the building looks very strict and contrasts with the Cloudwater’s design softness. . . #craftbeer #drinkcraftbeernotcrapbeer #beerarchitecture #brutalism #brutalistarchitecture #canrelease #ddhipa #ipa #beer #atbreviews

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The former Golden Theater in Singapore, once the largest theater in town, has been divided into three screening rooms between two different companies. The Projector (first photo), Singapore's premier independent theater, has the balcony, which is now two screens. Lodge seating (second photo) has been turned into another theater run by The Rex Theater company, which specializes in Indian films. #theaterhunt #theaterhuntsingapore #theprojectorsg #rexcinema #brutalism #cinematreasures

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Brutalism Stevenage style.

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Béton brut.

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Barbican Centre #5 , London. 2018

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Barbican Centre #5 , London. 2018

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047- This shot creates a dystopian feel, with the excess of surveillance on show

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When you just happen upon a strange, concrete object without a clue about what it is, and to then encounter a rich vein of beautiful design. This fab photograph is of what looks on the surface to be a piece of public art located in the port city of Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It was take by @geertvh81 who liked it purely based on its beautiful design, without knowing what it is, he speculated that perhaps ‘It's a kind of statue, looking like a gigantic QR-code, standing on the promenade next to the sea. There was only an explanation written in Arabic on the monument’. Then @jomotopia came to the rescue, deciphering the design and shares that it is a calligraphic version of the term, ‘Barakat Mohammed’ which translates as ‘Mohammed’s Blessing.’ and that this message is frequently used locally on all sorts of surfaces. @pterolaur added, and here potentially unlocking the puzzle, that perhaps it’s a ‘Kufic’, a square form of Arabic Islamic calligraphy. Bearing in mind that Islamic art is non representational, the history of Kufics is fascinating and very detailed, but a few thoughts to ponder., one school of thought is that it evolved when the Islamic world had contact with China thousands of years ago and that the square designs inside invisible frames were inspired by the idea of fitting a message into a square Chinese wax seal mould. Another school of thought is that Kufic designs were a way of interpreting and incorporating architectural design with religious messages, commonly the facades and interior surfaces were decorated in detailed patterns. Kufic calligraphy allowed religious messages to become part of the fabric of the designs. Do add any thoughts you have as Kufic calligraphy is fascinating and there seems to be so much to learn - thx

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Brutalist Peripheries