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8 minutes ago

Alright, it is too hot everywhere and it is that time of the year, when I am finally over the summer. Bring on the #PureMichigan #winter !! 😍 Love how the quickly the sandy shores of lake #Michigan turned into massive piles of frozen waves here! Can't wait to go hang out on the frozen beaches again!

14 minutes ago

Buzzin with the bees 🐝

17 minutes ago

When Jared and I hiked to Lago di Sorapis, we had no idea the hike we were in for. We did no research about the hike, but saw pictures and figured we'd check it out. An easy breezy 2.5 hours later (completely joking) we reached the lake just in time to turn around and catch a glimpse of this cotton candy sunset. In the moment, I was a little stressed, but looking back, I'm grateful for unexpected adventures for the memories, beautiful views, and good adversity that come with them.

21 minutes ago

Race you to the top? 🌈 • Follow @traveltuxedo for more travel inspiration ✔ • 📍Batu Caves, Malaysia 📷 by @taramilktea

45 minutes ago

Now I think I understand what people mean when they tell me something like “just because you can replace nights of sleep with energy drinks to drive to Montana for only a few hours doesn’t mean you should.” Buuut the views were worth it.

48 minutes ago

Rise to the weekend, my weekend warriors! The weather is perfect in washington today. Go to a national park, ride a canoe, take that person you've always wanted to ask on a date for a picnic 😏 Such a good day today! Embrace the weekend

49 minutes ago

Looking over the edge and pretending not to be scared 🌻

51 minutes ago

Ain’t nothin but a drunkin’ sailor ⚓️

58 minutes ago

🌺GIVEAWAY🌺 It’s my birthday and I wanted to give y’all a present— a chance to win goodies from some of my favorite HAWAIIAN👏🏽WOMEN 👏🏽OWNED 👏🏽BRANDS👏🏽!!! Prizes include: a $100 gift card from @misha_hawaii jewlery, a super cute fanny pack from @sandyfeethawaii & a $75 gift card from @niuhawaii boutique!!! Throwing in a few extra surprise goodies as well 😘 To enter: 1. Follow the following pages @gypsea_angel @misha_hawaii @sandyfeethawaii @niuhawaii 2. Tag a friend (each tag is a separate entry) 3. And cross your fingers cause these goodies are too good to pass up! Winner will be announced on July 27th🌺

1 hour ago

Exploring around camp... One thing you get used to in this area is rock fields... The view is pretty much always worth the scramble 👉Swipe for pano

1 hour ago

What does everybody's weekend look like? Get out there and enjoy yourselves and all the wonders of Mother Earth. #Repost @aleyski thanks for sharing • • • • • • Spent Fourth of July gaining 3400 ft in elevation. . #hawaii 🌺 #hawaiihiking #hikingadventures #sheexplores #shewhoexplores #hawaiihike #hawaiihikes #optoutside #girlswhohike #girlswhohikehi #adventurenthusiasts #adventurehike #hikingadventure #idhikethatcrew #hike #love #getdirty #getwet #hawaii #hawaiilife #aloha #alohaallday

1 hour ago

Today I feel thankful. For small things, big things, simple things and everything in between.

1 hour ago

July 2019. 🇨🇵 La légende veut que Dieu créa le baobab, cet être immense et costaud qui devint prétentieux et orgueilleux. Pour le punir, Dieu le déracina et le replanta à l'envers d'où les branches minuscules et ridicules qui sont ses racines en fait !

1 hour ago

have cheese board, will travel. + Our mission is to build the perfect plate in the perfect settings. + Dirt roads, bonfires, and water all help craft the best settings. + Using fresh, local ingredients that support the communities we enjoying traveling through + Sometimes we’ll share the scoop on our spots, and sometimes, you’ll just have to make the journey with us to find out❤️✨ 📸 @ciprani

1 hour ago

Classic PNW mood 💚

1 hour ago

Reposting one of my fave photos this year! the little lining of clouds, light on the water, it's all👌👌. The hike is Le Morne mountain in southwest Mauritius and definitely #bucketlist worthy!!

1 hour ago

It’s our grand opening sale! New designs, new products, and right now, save 15% off all of them! Saturday and Sunday only, use coupon code JULY15 at checkout. -vegan designs -outdoors designs -lifestyle designs . Swipe left for featured product links. . Be sure to follow our page here, and while you’re browsing the website (link in bio), be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and offers in your mailbox! . . ___________________________________ #benevolentboutique #benevolence #apparel #ethicalapparel #ethicalclothing #ethicalfashion #vegan #veganlife #veganaf #naturelovers #iheartnature #getoutdoors #outdoors #outdoorsapparel #newshirts #newtshirts #adventureawaits #adventurenthusiasts #kind #kindapparel #kindness #choosekindness #nature #getoutdoors #explorers @best.of.vegans @bestofvegan @worldofvegan @vegancommunity @vegan @vegan_official

1 hour ago

The weather is finally delivering the goods, so I'm off to do some camping in the hopes of snagging a couple of secluded peaks, which means it's big backpack time! 🙃 I bought my last 60L backpack in 2014 and until I tried the @WoodsCanada Peak 60 Backpack, I really had no idea how far things have progressed and how much I was missing out on. Here are some of my favorite features that my old one didn't have: 1. It comes with its own cover that fits neatly on the very bottom in case I find myself in a storm. 2. It has a bottom pocket where I can cram in my sleeping bag snugly, so it doesn't take up valuable space in the main compartment.  3. SNACK pockets on the belt - they can also be lip balm and phone pockets or pretty much anything else I need to access frequently.. like sunscreen 😁 4. It has straps for my skis and mountaineering axe: I finally get to look cool with an A frame!!! 5. The padding on the back and the amount of adjustable straps made it really comfortable to carry. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you have a backpack that's missing any of these, make your life easier and find this one at @CanadianTire ! #ad #WoodsExplorer May 19, 2019 📷 @brandonmacmullin

1 hour ago

A few tips for your next adventure ; ⁠ - Go at your own pace.⁠ -Bring atleast 2L of water.⁠ -Take frequent breaks.⁠ -Remember to pack your essentials in your Sea to Sky pack 🎒⁠ ⁠ #Arkadia #ArkadiaAdventures #ArkadiaSupplyj

2 hours ago

Saturday’s are for exploring 🗺 📸: @jeckbruno

2 hours ago

Just stumbling onto Ancient Roman bathes and ruins in a Budapest subway station 🚉

2 hours ago

Made it to Crater Lake National Park. It has the bluest water I’ve ever seen. Reaching Crater Lake NP means we’re more than a quarter of the way through Oregon. This was my third attempt at visiting this beautiful place (the first two by car) and somehow I made it by foot. _ It’s the deepest lake in the United States with a max depth of 1,949 feet. It was formed when Mount Mazama collapsed to form a caldera that eventually filled up with water. _ #PacificCrestTrail Mile 1823-alternate

2 hours ago

I like big hats and I cannot lie. 💁🏼‍♀️ . 📷: @majeczkyvisuals

2 hours ago

Mountains of Senja, Norway ⛰ Have you ever been to Senja? 😍

2 hours ago

Watching @quentincornelius be strong on hard rock climbs this past spring. It’s HOT out there now! 🌶🔥😰 Want to drink some beer at watch strong people try hard instead of trying hard yourself? Come by Smackdown finals tonight at @earthtreksrockville - I’ll be the MC with @straub44 ! It’s gonna be one big climber party! Photo 📸 @shutterslaps . . . . #climbing #rockclimbing #summersmackdown #bouldering #rrg #redrivergorge #earthtreks #etclimbs #instokewetrust #adventurenthusiasts #optoutside #exceptrightnow #itsHAWT

2 hours ago

Happy Saturday! The first Saturday Adventures followed our trip to Dead Horse Bay on the Brooklyn waterfront, where a century of trash has piled on the shore. Was this your favorite adventure? Tell us at the address below and you could win Saturday Adventures Adventure Packs!

3 hours ago

Bird’s Eye View - Adrenal Art Series This art piece was a collaboration with the wind, as the breeze made waves in the paint. Apart from making my inner child happy, the purpose of this art work is to inspire you to think - “If this is possible, what else is possible?” As an artist, it’s my responsibility to inspire you to believe in a better world. To inspire you to dream about what would make you come alive rather than what has the best chance to succeed & keep you comfortable. To spark the courage to try something new rather than do what everyone around you does. Let’s humour that anything is possible, what would your life look like? If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands! It is the crazy ones, powered by their belief in a new world that bring it to life. @thrillophilia @goproindia @gopro #GoProPassport #GoProIndia Music: Clouds & Thorns - Everything is Possible Inspired by @impacttheory @tombilyeu @lisabilyeu #liveyourdreams #followyourdream #followyourbliss #adventurenthusiasts #skydivegram #artconsultant #abstractexpression #abstract_art #abstractartists #artadventures #skydiveamazing #surrealartist #surrealart #abstractarts #abstractart #acryliconcanvas #adrenalinejunkie #limitless #inspirationalvideos #artvideo #videoartist #videoart #lifeisagame #artvideos @extremeofficial #processart #performanceart #abstractexpressionist @redbulladventure @redbullindia @monsterenergy @bangenergy @vans

3 hours ago

I am most alive among the tall trees ↟

4 hours ago

#UnitedArabEmirates 🇦🇪 have great places for adventure as well you just gotta find them!! 😉👌🏼 . Often I hear people saying that there is nothing to do in #Dubai 🤔 . well... the truth is there are plenty of activities to do and places to go!! specially #adventure and #outdoors related like #kayaking in the #MangrovesNationalPark in #Abudhabi 🛶 but sometimes the only problem is 💸💸💸😅 as they could be pricey but when you want something you will find a way right!? 🙃💪🏼 . 🇨🇴 ESCUCHO MUCHAS VECES PERSONAS DECIR QUE EN DUBAI O EN #UAE NO HAY NADA QUE HACER! SOBRETODO EN EL DESIERTO Y CON TANTO CALOR SOLO SE VA A LA PLAYA Y AL CENTRO COMERCIAL. MI RESPUESTA SIEMPRE ES LA MISMA: YA HAS BUSCADO EN INTERNET!? 😌 POR QUÉ EL QUE BUSCA ENCUENTRA 😉 Y EN DUBAI NO ES NADA DIFÍCIL ENCONTRAR ACTIVIDADES Y NUEVAS AVENTURAS PARA DIVERTIRSE! COMO IRSE A LOS MANGLARES EN ABU DHABI A HACER #KAYAK X EJEMPLO! 🛶👌🏼 ESO SÍ MUCHAS VECES TE CUESTA UN POCO PERO DE QUE LAS HAY LAS HAY! Y EL QUE QUIERE BUSCA LA MANERA 💸🙃😬 . . . . . . . . #ichallengeher #adventurebuddies #kayakingadventures #mydubai #visitabudhabi #Abudhabilife #outdoorenthusiast #fun #smile #dubai 🇦🇪 #dubaitag #adrenalinejunkie #adrenalinelife #adrenalina #aventura #watersports #adventurenthusiasts #exploreuae #girlsquad #lifeofadventure #lifehappensoutdoors

18 hours ago

I really don't like to let people push me around. Especially dudes, who might assume that I am weaker, quieter, more timid, or less intelligent, just because I'm a woman. And just like the way I don't let people stomp all over me, I also don't let people stomp all over my beloved trails... If I see a dude cut a switchback? I'll yell at him. Litter? I'll politely ask him to please pick up his trash. Catcall me *multiple* times while I'm on a run, literally just trying to get some damn exercise? I'll tell him he's a disgusting scumbag. My point is: if you're a woman, don't be afraid to speak up against a man if he's doing something stupid. You don't have to be quiet and polite if you don't want to be. Stand up for yourself, stand up for other women, and stand up for our trails. Don't let people make you feel small because of your gender. Be a #hikingbitch , y'all. #hikelikeagirl @tandemtrekking

22 hours ago

Rare sighting: a mountain angel, in all his majesty