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“This year, I resolve to travel—outside my comfort zone.” What are your plans to challenge yourself in 2019? Share in the comments! . Enroll in a 12+ day outdoor expedition by Feb. 5th and save up to $750. Follow that bio link.

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🎶 Only you can set my heart on fire 🎶

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During the winter, while the trees are bare and everything is brown, I travel to the city. It definitely puts me in a different mind set, but it’s always so exciting. I was born in Asheville and even though it’s changed tremendously and continues to do so, I just love the place.

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It’s a pretty wild universe out there.

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It’s Monday- so let’s meet up (is that a thing?) There are some new faces here and I think it’s best if y’all get to know me and my quirks! 1. I am a morning person. I wake up ready to chat dance and get going all before I have my coffee (side note the husband is not a morning person) ☕️ 2. I am loud. Like can’t control the volume of my voice loud. It’s not on purpose (it’s usually because I’m excited) my besties have certain hand gestures they use to tell me I’m being too loud in public 😂 3. I can’t sit still. I’m either traveling or planning my next travel adventure. This year we are hitting Thailand Germany and fingers crossed Iceland!! 🛩 Do any of you have any weird quirks? Tell me some strange things about you! Photo by the beautiful @ashleyschulzephotography

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Forever dreaming of long gowns and metal crowns.

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This 20° weather outside has me dreaming of hot summery mountaintop elopements... sigh. I’m really looking forward to working with @elope_outdoors this year. Here’s to new chapters and warmer weather! #828isgreat . 📸 by @meghanrolfephotography

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If you’re not dancin, you’re not livin’

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For awhile now I have felt like I have been cornered and forced to produce work that isn’t art, but simply work. A photo isn’t art, or at least authentic art. I’m pushing myself and stretching myself in hopes to reawaken the true soul behind what I make. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In a place where so much seems to stay the same and creative minds are hard to come by, it can be discouraging. I want to surround myself with people who love life and people who see this world as a wondrous place. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s to pushing boundaries and creating art that is weird, that bursts with emotion, that inspires.

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After wanting to meet these two for basically a year, we finally got together and spent the morning shooting in the rain and chatting away over coffee. Joey and Betsabe are two souls intertwined into one.

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The universe works in magical ways... If you believe in that kind of thing 😉✨ I’m so excited to get to officiate the wedding of these two lovely ladies in April! Talk about synchronicities... we know many of the same people. AND my friends at @jcmphotographyasheville (who took this glorious engagement photo of them🙀) will be capturing their wedding at @thefarmevents ✨ sigh. #lovewins #yay

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Really missing warm weather and mountain top views. It’s been so rainy and gloomy here lately I’m having view withdrawals!! This lovely mama was part of one of my favorite family sessions last year 💚

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Lauren’s hair truly has a life of its own ♥️

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We really enjoyed exploring Maggie Valley backroads during the brief morning snow we had. Happy Friday folks, we’re ready for the weekend! #haynow

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I’m always amazed by how cold it can get just two hours west of Charlotte. With a possible arctic blast coming in the next couple weeks maybe these falls will freeze over again.

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Funny story about this session, we wanted to go to a tunnel on the blue ridge parkway. Well since the government was shut down the maps of the open parts of the parkway were not updated. So we hopped on where we could and started walking. I thought it was only about a mile away (judging by the old map) to a tunnel so not too bad.... well after walking for quite some time and no sign of a tunnel I started to get worried. We were running out of sunlight and it was getting cold. ALSO Katelyn is pregnant, I guess I forgot to mention that. So I quickly improvised and we used as much as the road as we could and actually had the best time. Things definitely didn’t go as we planned but we had so many laughs along the way. In the end I think it turned out exactly the way it should have. These two are so much fun to be around that the destination really didn’t matter!

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Hey guys, been a little while since we’ve posted, but came back to some really sweet shots! Don’t forget to tag us in your aerials for feature! 🚁🤘🏽 📸 @mitchellandrewphoto

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life is nowhere near where I’d like it to be, but I’m completely + wholly at peace through it solely because of God + all that He has placed in my life. do not allow your circumstances to rob you of the peace + joy God has in store for you today. “life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace within difficulties.” –C.S. Lewis

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This one caught our hearts! Sharing our #adventures with all of our loved ones (those with 2 and 4 legs!) is what life is all about. Don’t you agree? 🌲❤️🐶 #Repost @sbasse ・・・ It’s almost as if the calming waterfall hides the fact that he’s part dingo and a complete nutcase. . . . . . . . . . . . #mtnchicks #828isgreat #asheville #avltoday #exploreWNC #adventureasheville #appalachain_explorers #ashevilletrails #blueridgeoutdoors #blueridgemoments #romanticasheville #visitasheville #avltoday #scenicnc #ncoutdoors #getoutdoors #optoutside #outdoorwoman #keepitwild #wildernessculture #hikingwithdogs #hikingwithheelers #blueheeler #campingwithdogs #friendsofgorges 🌲 #gorgesstatepark

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There is something I love about the lines of a parking garage. I’m not a city gal, but the modern architecture and lines always draw me in.

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Baby goat at Franny’s Farm! 😍 What should her name be?

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Taking a break from your photoshoot to climb a tree is always a good idea. Forever in love with Shane and April’s session, which we did right in their backyard!

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This is a reminder we all need. With wedding “season” (though it seems the season is actually year round these days 😂) on the horizon, all the planning and coordinating can make you feel disconnected and like you’re swimming in a pool of chaos and mental exhaustion! It can be so useful for couples and vendors alike to go back to the heart of their intention— whether it’s to celebrate love, hold space in a memorable way, take heart stopping photos, or gather your favorite people together, taking a moment to pause and trust can be a breath of fresh air amongst the chaos of all of the logistics. It’s okay for things to not always be seamless. It all works out in the end. #breathe #trusttheprocess ♥️

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Anyone else doing a snow dance? I’d definitely like to see some of that stuff here in the mountains!

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Digging a little deep for this one, though I doubt I need to mention the name of this waterfall ;) I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Stay focused, stay warm, and make a positive impact on those around you! And feel free to carry on a discussion below! What is your favorite waterfall of the Carolina's? Mines a toss up between Sweet Thing and Roaring Fork (of the ones I have seen so far). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #itsHIScanvas #waterfalls #waterfallsfordays #pisgah #pisgahnational #blueridgemountains #blueridgecountry #blueridgeoutdoors #gooutsideandplay #romanticasheville #adventureasheville #explorebrevard #yeahTHATgreenville #discoversc #travelersresthere #longexposure #patience #vanguardworld #rockyboots #camping #hiking #wanderlust #canonusa #canon80d #canonnature #canonglobal #mycanonstory

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Feeling super grateful and recharged after a weekend spent exploring with my sister and nephew! We went hiking to waterfalls, ate at all the best restaurants, and tried as many local beers as we could. Having visitors is seriously my fave!

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Today, the entire exterior is covered with ice. It’s foggy, cold, and sleeting. But Inside, hubs and I are cozy, with blankies, fire going on and some carne asada tacos 😌 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #mountainlife #eastcoastcreatives #ashevilletrails #ExploreCarolina #thenortheastcollective #roamtheplanet #mtnfolk #getoutside #wildernessculture #thevisualscollective #createvisuals #ncoutdoor_inc #fall #folkscenery #scenicnc #adventureasheville #southernstatesco #winter #ice

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This weekend has consisted of me getting 80s songs stuck in my head for hours. Also, I have officially booked my flight for NYC and I’m stoked. Never been before, so send me all of your tips and tricks.

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Mount Cammerer is an 11 mile round trip hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. The summit sits at 4928 elevation offering gorgeous views like this one. This hike is a 50min drive from Maggie Valley. Let us know if you plan to hike it! #haynow ⁣ ⁣ 📷: @natorious

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who else is looking forward to long summer drives on the parkway?? I can’t stand this stinkin cold 🥶

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I’ll be officiating my besties (since middle school!) wedding in Florida in December and I couldn’t be more excited! @everafterfarmsweddings is one of the venues on the ballot, and holy moly, I just swoon for those mossy covered trees 🤩😍 #gorgeous #swoonville _ 📸 by @katirosado

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Happy New Year! Boy oh boy, it’s already been a doozy, but it sure has been filled with lots of love, thus far. I am feeling so divinely guided, and the process of creating @HeartfeltElopements has been nothing short of magical. I’ve been connecting with the most amazing couples who are turning into lifelong friends. I’m so grateful for the people that I’ve crossed paths with so far, and their raw, real, messy love. It’s inspiring, to say the least. It makes the chaos of the approaching “wedding season” exciting and so. totally. worth it. _ 📸 by the magical @emilynicholsphoto