EDIT JAN 9th: read my latest post! We may have won!!! . . Update on the #Forever21FreeThePitBull campaign. As many of you know by now, @Forever21 is currently selling a hoodie featuring a dog wearing a heavy padlocked chain around its neck. We have all been very vocal since I first posted before the weekend (you guys have been amazing actually! Keep it up, civil but firm!). Tonight, the hoodie is still sold online and I am getting reports that people are seeing the hoodie in stores all over the country. Today, it was spotted (a full rack of those) in one of their flagship stores in New York City, a tourist hotspot. I see comments from people who are tired of T-shirt controversies and think we should let it go because this is “just a hoodie”. This is not just a hoodie. It’s a hoodie that is meant as some kind of statement and targets younger generations. A hoodie that is being mass-produced and distributed in hundreds of stores by a company that has had partnerships with the ASPCA and The Humane Society, and claims to be “socially responsible”. I have no idea what the intent behind this design was. I want to believe the best in people. But the result of this design is devastating. It portrays a dog, a vulnerable sentient being, chained and padlocked like an object. How is this socially responsible? The fact that it’s a pit bull makes it worse because it perpetuates a narrative that hurts and kills hundreds of thousands of dogs every year. I am not sure why in 2019 we still have to explain this, but here we go again in case someone at Forever 21 is reading: chaining a dog is NOT cool. Wearing the image of a chained dog is not cool. Making money off that imagery, while claiming to care about animals, is a disgrace. We are asking Forever 21 to discontinue this hoodie and pull it from their stores. Keep sharing and posting. Keep telling Forever 21 that you will not shop there if this is the kind of imagery they align themselves with. Speak up! #Forever21FreeThePitBull