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1 year ago

Didnโ€™t realize they stocked lake Dillon with hogs but we were fortunate to bring One into the boat today. Straight up lake Dillon ๐Ÿท right there. Great time to be out fishing obviously and the great surface water temperatures that brought this beauty into the boat will hold true for about the next two months. Come get a line wet with us, weโ€™ll try and put you and your group on one of these too! Bring it summer!Tight lines! #lakedillon #dillonreservior #dillon #breckenridgefishing #coloradotroutfishing #keystonefishing #vailfishing #fishingrockies #fishingcolorado #repyourwater

1 year ago

Noses arenโ€™t the only thing that get plugged up when winter comes! This week, our expert crews placed a 6-ton steel plug in the Morning Glory spillway at #DillonReservoir. The plug prevents cold air damage and falling ice buildup. Weโ€™ll remove the plug in early spring to get ready for summer maintenance season.

1 year ago

Oh sweet Colorado!